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Image: bad_day.jpg   400x300 34791 bytes 2004.01.08

"Broadcast me a joyful noise into the times, Lord..."\r\n\r\nToo much REM? Too much REM?! You can never have too much REM.\r\n\r\nTabbieWolf's new look, which is...pretty much just a haircut.

Image: geckopinemarten.gif   276x502 16435 bytes 2004.01.06

Gecko/pine marten. Sure, why not?

Image: flamingriffin.gif   473x595 40452 bytes 2004.01.04

The front half be flamingo, the back half be Florida panther. Certainly an interesting griffin, I expect you'd find him in the Everglades or something.

Image: holidaze.gif   392x549 32775 bytes 2003.12.24

May your holidays be filled with compliments.

Image: synnth.gif   220x528 19655 bytes 2003.12.21

"It's a flamingo thing, you wouldn't understand."\r\n\r\nI realized I had no pin-ups of Synnth. Which is just not right. But perhaps bird pin-ups are odd anyway.

Image: romancingmaryjane.gif   518x520 27932 bytes 2003.12.17

Just one of those odd things that crawls around in your brain going, "Draw me! Draw me!"\r\n\r\nA fox smoking a joint and being romanced by his addiction. Or something.

Image: ichneumonfly.gif   456x623 28888 bytes 2003.12.13

Add the appropriate curves and you can make anything sexy.\r\n\r\nAn Ichneumon fly. Because you simply don't see those all anthropomorph'd all that often. Why she has boobs, I have no idea. Call it artistic license.

Image: thoe_butterflyundies.gif   406x531 22453 bytes 2003.12.08

I just wanted to draw someone in that underwear, which are actually available for purchase someplace...only they're black, not purple, but black clothes don't really work for Thoe =p

Image: raptorcat.gif   386x524 23257 bytes 2003.12.06

I just wanted to draw something with those feet. So you get a feline-velociraptor...thing.

Image: idodge.gif   500x300 6535 bytes 2003.12.05

This was, of course, really not necessary.

Image: sabine_postcard.jpg   250x500 32769 bytes 2003.11.28

A shot at the Yerf trading helps if you've read the "Griffin & Sabine" series of books.\r\n\r\nSabine belongs to Kelly Peters.

Image: dante_demons.jpg   463x600 45540 bytes 2003.11.24

"Won't it be dull when we rid ourselves of all these demons haunting us to keep us company?"\r\n\r\nDante takes on his personal demons, who are...quite freaky-looking, I think.

Image: littlegreykittiesinblackberets.gif   540x496 24947 bytes 2003.11.22

Beatnikish grey kitty, looking snazzy in her turtleneck and black beret and accompanied by a Jeff plushie.

Image: workingstiffs.gif   430x528 33022 bytes 2003.11.21

All my weird mixes certainly must do something with their here's my skunk/raccoon and cobra/mongoose puzzling over some paperwork in cubicle hell.\r\n\r\nDrawn on the assumption that mixed breeds would stick together, no matter what their species combination.

Image: lucien_jenna_snuggly.jpg   628x720 65648 bytes 2003.11.19

Say it with me now, "Awwwwwwww!"\r\n\r\nLucien and Jenna, characters from the fantastic comic strip "Carried By The Wind" (, all warmsnuggly. Done as a gift for the author's birthday (check out his archive here, too, under the name Mariner), and one of my rare marker-colored endeavors.\r\n\r\nWarmsnuggly, awww.

Image: diablossisters.gif   431x534 39788 bytes 2003.11.18

Diablo, the Fire elemental, looks relatively perturbed as his older Earthen sister, Gaea, lectures him about the meainings of love, life, and all that poetic nonsense. Saniya, the Time elemental (the one wearing all the watches if that's not terribly obvious), listens on with amusement -- she barely ever speaks, but gets a kick out of Gaea's tendency to irritate Diablo.

Image: piper_ryu.gif   379x629 44186 bytes 2003.11.07

Some new drawings of characters I found floating around in my archive. Piper, a blue-striped ferret girl...and Ryu, a Japanese dragon guy. I managed to be redundant not once but twice with the dragon: his name means "dragon" in Japanese and that's also roughly what his shirt says.

Image: heythereyou.gif   454x629 39335 bytes 2003.11.05

Naveen Sidonie Diamante (also known as Sid), the marmalade-colored French-Canadian skunk girl, wraps her tail suggestively around the closest male -- the rebirth of a guy I last drew in "skunkfox.gif", with his hair color changed to reflect his vulpine heritage a bit more. If she was a bit more straight-forward, maybe she'd ask him "Comment allez-vous dans le lit?" but then, he doesn't know French anyway, so it wouldn't help much.

Image: thoesrents.gif   528x633 39443 bytes 2003.11.03

My free-spirited and rather insane character Thoe had to come from somewhere, didn't she? Meet the folks who're behind this spotty-tailed catastrophe (both are spotted skunks themselves, really).\r\n\r\nHer father is a minister and her mother used to be a stripper. The story behind this meeting is fascinating, I'm sure.

Image: thursdayschild.gif   308x623 24544 bytes 2003.10.28

Another addition to my list of weird hybrids, inspired by a certain lizard. Meet Thursday, a skunk/macaw.\r\n\r\nAin't she neat?

Image: thoe_realism.jpg   339x502 41321 bytes 2003.10.16

Trying a new method of style (it's all in the eyes) and coloring...failing miserably, but you live and learn.\r\n\r\nMy character Thoe in a standard pin-up pose thing. Done entirely as practice, but then, isn't everything?

Image: openmikeknight.jpg   335x568 37543 bytes 2003.10.05

Meet Michael Knight, standup comedian, who tells me there's a special place in Hell for artists who name their characters really stupid obvious things.

Image: batouttahell.gif   473x563 25697 bytes 2003.10.04

Maybe bats like it in Hell. Maybe they just want to stay there. Maybe have a barbeque.

Image: thoe_shirt.gif   482x622 24277 bytes 2003.09.18

Thoe, my pin-up girl, posing for a commission.

Image: savetheday.gif   435x638 46378 bytes 2003.09.04

If wearing purple jeans is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Image: allamericangirl.gif   379x617 26011 bytes 2003.08.30

SHAMELESS CLEAVAGE.\r\n\r\nI have absolutely no excuse for this.

Image: ftb.gif   269x682 29893 bytes 2003.08.23

Because contrast is cool! And I've wanted to draw a cheshire cat for some time now.\r\n\r\nFade To Black belongs to her player =)

Image: skunkbull.gif   511x613 32232 bytes 2003.08.19

All of the kids who made fun of his heritage in elementary school came to regret it when puberty hit...for a variety of reasons.

Image: brainfreeze.gif   403x602 43659 bytes 2003.08.14

Definitely one of those "Owwwwww, dammit!" moments.

Image: thoe_modelsheet_clothed.gif   600x700 52386 bytes 2003.08.07

Tho it's not exactly what the Animation Industry would consider a suitable model sheet (lacks expressions and complete turnaround), it at least gives you a rough idea of what Thoe looks like in her entirety (including her spot pattern) -- how rare for me to draw a character and have them *not* cut off at the knees =p\r\n\r\nThis is the clothed version of the modelsheet, the nude version can be seen in the Adult section of my archive.

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