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Image: masturbation.gif   410x544 38733 bytes 2003.03.31

Aside from the obvious, I have no idea what's going on here.

Image: maumee.gif   454x678 34291 bytes 2001.12.20

Stephanie, stop sexifying the cat. Stephanie...Steff, stop sexifying the cat. Stephanie! STOP! Dammit.

Image: maxie.gif   351x511 23946 bytes 2004.01.14

Maxie the seahorse! He's the intellectual property of his player. Yes, he's a guy.

Image: melody01.jpg   710x663 58059 bytes 2001.02.21

It's her strategically placed leaves THIS time, however...but she looks like she'd like a tummy rub! Anyone care to lend a paw? Melody the vixen/dragontaur (c) yours truly.

Image: minafletch.jpg   548x800 84998 bytes 2009.05.20

Mina the arctic fox and Fletcher the fox/boa constrictor hybrid embraced. She looks up at him, pure admiration and love...he looks down at...her butt. Pure admiration and love, there ;)

Image: minimalist.gif   400x400 4604 bytes 2005.05.19

I'm not an artist, I just play one on TV.

Image: miri.jpg   540x687 108989 bytes 2002.09.09

My half of an art trade with Miri, who did this absolutely wonderful rendition of a character I'd never expect anyone to do in an art trade. Hopefully my silly mess of linear gradients can even compare to it...

Image: misery.gif   510x488 31422 bytes 2001.01.23

Oh, look everybody, it's a typical DEPRESSED TEENAGER picture! Every depressed teenage artist needs to draw one of these...I'm just noticing now that he's holding the razor the wrong way...d'oh.

Image: misha_amira_commish.jpg   446x665 80369 bytes 2005.02.07

My latest commission.\r\n\r\nMisha the fox goes for a walk in the freshly-fallen snow, only to have his mischevious lover, Amira the ferret, pants him and smack his butt with a snowball. But he gets his payback...\r\n\r\nThis piece is actually considerably larger in person -- it's done on two seperate 9x12" Bristol board sheets. The detail shows up extremely well when it's made smaller, however.\r\n\r\nBoth Misha & Amira belong to Jonah Seaman.

Image: misha_spiders01.jpg   550x806 99191 bytes 2005.03.22

Why, yes, I do comic commissions!\r\n\r\nMy latest attempt at that, done for Jonah Seaman, are the Chronicles of Misha & the Fuzzy-Footed Tickle Spider(s).\r\n\r\nI actually love the perspective in the first panel here. I always seem to draw better when I'm drawing for someone else...

Image: misha_spiders02.jpg   510x770 96330 bytes 2005.03.22

Misha soon learns that the fuzzy-footed tickle spider is not to be messed with, as a whole posse end up invading the living room.\r\n\r\nSketching, inking, and coloring 27 little spiders on a 7x10" space of paper = brain explodey.

Image: misha_spiders03.jpg   548x774 117104 bytes 2005.03.22

And the final page.\r\n\r\nMisha the fox, fuzzy-footed tickle spiders, and the wording and concept of this comic all belong to Jonah Seaman. Art be mine, of course.

Image: mitch.gif   375x558 26020 bytes 2001.11.17

I should be building a portfolio, but instead I'm talking about magarine. Bad me. No, really. This guy can turn into a cactus, ya know. But not under his own will.

Image: mochamink.gif   512x604 33627 bytes 2001.10.31

It's MOOOOOCHA! Mocha be a mink. Yep. She's the intellectual property of Sue Katowich, whose artwork is so cute you'll become diabetic, or if you're already diabetic, send your blood sugar toward the heavens. Weeeha! Check out Sue's website,, and gape at all the too cute art. But don't blame me ^.^

Image: morningperson.gif   674x443 54666 bytes 2002.01.13

I could never sleep my way to the top\r\n'Cuz my alarm clock always woke me right up.\r\n\r\nAnd Ron, I sure hope you're referring to some other Steff =p

Image: myheart.gif   538x318 16895 bytes 2002.02.03

You're still a mystery\r\nBut there's something so easy in\r\nHow you're sweet to me\r\nI feel completed like\r\nSomething I needed for this heart...

Image: mysterygirl.gif   384x627 43914 bytes 2003.04.20

If you look through my archive, you'll find an older pin-up of this girl. She looks a bit more modest here, I think.\r\n\r\nI still don't know what the hell she is, tho.

Image: neemis.jpg   425x615 25477 bytes 2000.12.14

Neemis da fox! He be (c) his player.\n

Image: nocomment.gif   340x512 25083 bytes 2002.03.02

Peter Griffin: "OhmyGAWD, it's the Children of the Corn!"

Image: nysom01.jpg   651x850 176241 bytes 2006.05.23

I've been doing this thing for over two months and I've made no mention of it except in my LiveJournal. I should change that.\r\n\r\nNew York State of Mind -- because everyone and their grandma has a webcomic so I should have one too.\r\n\r\nUpdated Mondays, brought to you by LiveJournal:

Image: nysom02.jpg   648x850 124955 bytes 2006.05.23

I can't draw cityscapes worth a darn, yep.\r\n\r\n

Image: oddcouple.gif   506x665 45557 bytes 2002.09.14

Because I can't resist mushy couple stuff =)\r\n\r\nRavyn and Mal are the intellectual property of their players/owners/creators/whatever.

Image: olderthanany.jpg   600x570 232571 bytes 2002.08.08

I really hope this looks better on your PC than it does mine; AOL messes Jpegs up tremendously when I upload them, and even tho this is set at the highest possible quality it looks like crud when I load it in AOL.\r\n\r\n"I Am Older Than Any of You" Eric Chambers (check out his archive!) and used with permission.\r\nHenbane (the dragon) & Cherrywood (the skunk) belong to the girl writing the description, but inspired by the poem =)

Image: openmikeknight.jpg   335x568 37543 bytes 2003.10.05

Meet Michael Knight, standup comedian, who tells me there's a special place in Hell for artists who name their characters really stupid obvious things.

Image: orion_relax.gif   437x570 27138 bytes 2003.03.28

I have many pinups of Avy, but none of her mate Orion...this must be changed! So here's a shot of Orion, looking handsome and proving you don't need to be naked to make a sexy pinup.

Image: ottergal.gif   426x610 26301 bytes 2002.03.21

People tell me I need to draw more body types, and they're right -- all my bodies are skinny or regular or average. To give it a shot, I gave Crystal Thorpe's otter gal a try. Hey, she doesn't look too bad, right? More places to snuggle ^_^

Image: otterpop1.gif   528x333 21332 bytes 2002.01.19

So, who here's heard of Otter Pops? Anybody?\r\n\r\nBasically they're the same as all other freeze-and-eat pops, but THEY HAVE OTTERS ON THEM! The flavors have names like "Sir Isaac Lime", "Little Orphan Orange", and "Alexander the Grape"'s my contribution. No, that's not a real flavor.

Image: palahniuk1.jpg   276x438 21705 bytes 2001.09.28

The first rule about fight club is you don't talk about fight club.

Image: palahniuk2.jpg   279x599 31144 bytes 2001.09.28

The second rule about fight club is you don't talk about fight club.

Image: penny.jpg   638x825 155261 bytes 2000.11.03

Wow, a comic that I actually spent time on, inked and colored! Call the history books! No, wait, don't. Anyways, comments, opinions, and leftover Halloween candy are always welcome ^_^\n

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