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Image: surrealmentality011.gif   542x472 45771 bytes 2001.09.18

Heya folks! This will be my last comic upload of Surreal Mentality here, because frankly I don't want to swamp my archive with comics. If you enjoy my strip (check the rest of my archive for the previous ten) then you can see a new one weekly at If it doesn't work, run with it, seems to be my motto here. Let's see how far I get.

Image: hope.jpg   610x720 54746 bytes 2001.09.14

Watching he vigil on television right now, amazed at how much faith people have through the fear...but thinking about how many people have let their fear turn into anger and hate. Anyone who as said that they hate anybody...has let their fear run too deep. Don't. We will get through this. Have faith. Hope.

Image: itchy.gif   540x597 35381 bytes 2001.09.10

He could use the pick-up line, "Hey, baby, wanna see my frog?"

Image: surrealmentality010.gif   388x508 45160 bytes 2001.09.07

Don't ask how he got to Number 1 so fast with a song that goes, "I am an almond, a mighty mighty almond!" Knowing the people who listen to music today(which pretty much consists of twenty-somethings and mid-life crisisers), you shouldn't be surprised. Just deal with it so I can end this storyline quickly, it's bugging me.

Image: betoony.gif   525x623 46482 bytes 2001.09.07

Well...I don't want to brag or anything...but I feel I've summed up being a cartoonist pretty well with this one piece.\r\n\r\nCall it impulsive, call it compulsive, call it insane, but when I'm surrounded I just can't stop =)

Image: surrealmentality009.gif   386x431 36742 bytes 2001.09.06

Gads, been a long time since I updated the ol' comic strip (like anyone's paying attention, heh). This is why I do not have an online comic, and why I'm not syndicated. I'm too lazy. Anyhoo, enjoy the spiffiness of my continued storyline, which is wearing my patience thin, but I will keep it up.

Image: joyseyfawx.gif   282x607 22478 bytes 2001.09.03

“Jersey, represent!” This is a character concept for about three different comic strips I’m writing in no particular order. His name is Elvis, or as I like to refer to him, The Joysey Fawx. He’s a simple fellow, like any other late teens/early twenties guy, and he’s either sharing a house with a bitchy cat and a fat raccoon, sharing a dorm with a human, or on his way across country as a hitchhiker in the back of a Volkswagen Bus with a destined kitty and a horny chihuahua. And please don’t think I’m making fun of people from New Jersey by saying “Joysey”...I was born there, afterall.

Image: sbsmall.gif   182x333 19565 bytes 2001.08.27

Har. Color schemes for Rin and Xi. I dunno if it was boredom or curiousity that lead me to coloring them. Anyway, I told you Xi was based on a super-intelligent shade of blue, so of course he's that color. Weeha, I'm so original. Vectored goodness.

Image: chazzyboy.gif   348x604 22350 bytes 2001.08.27

Chaz, the lovesick gay chicken boy.

Image: losergrope.gif   466x623 34731 bytes 2001.08.24

Jonathan, overall creepy guy, groping his ex-girlfriend, Gloria. She wasn’t his ex when he did this, but I have a feeling even if she had been, he would do it anyway. You know he’s getting off on it.

Image: spaced01.jpg   472x769 101049 bytes 2001.08.22

Ahhh, my project inspired by my new obsession with comic books. It's "Spaced", starring Rinny the cat, a fur from planet Earth who only wants to help the Universe...and meet cute guys in the process. This was drawn as a quick add-on to my college application, showing that I had a microscopic amount of talent and geek prowess.

Image: spaced02.jpg   447x758 90480 bytes 2001.08.22

Here we meet Xi, a nine-balled critter from some planet I haven't discovered the name of yet. He was inspired by the super-intelligent shade of blue in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (much of this comic was inspired by that book). Ten nerd points if you can name the shade of blue's species.

Image: spaced03.jpg   446x742 73241 bytes 2001.08.22

This is my favorite of all of these pages, by far...there's something to be said about repetition.

Image: spaced04.jpg   452x745 82914 bytes 2001.08.22

If that little robot thing looks like GIR from Invader Zim, it's because I was out of ideas. But it is *NOT* GIR fom Invader Zim, it is just a little AssignmentBot.

Image: spaced05.jpg   491x781 112697 bytes 2001.08.22

I have no idea whether it will be continued...this was sort of to show that I could put a story together...however, who knows. Hope you enjoyed =)

Image: AvyNOrion1.gif   812x635 94665 bytes 2001.08.04

Lyrics belong to Fuel, from the song "Bad Day". Art and characters are mine.

Image: AvyNOrion2.gif   812x634 84345 bytes 2001.08.04

Page 2.

Image: AvyNOrion3.gif   811x636 79251 bytes 2001.08.04

I sort of lost the whole meaning of the song here. But I don't care.

Image: AvyNOrion4.gif   815x636 85724 bytes 2001.08.04

Last one. Hope you enjoyed.

Image: IncenseNPeppermints.jpg   459x562 79523 bytes 2001.07.27

Crayola is my friend. Meet Incense & Peppermints, my yiffy skunk (with names like that, what else would they be?) couple. Colored in crayon to get their schemes down because at the time I lacked anything else to color them with. Steff needs to work on anatomy, no? I&P (c) me, with credit given to Strawberry Alarm Clock for their names.

Image: avyorionhalf.gif   494x595 45190 bytes 2001.06.14

Boredom and Ranma 1/2 will get to you. Avy and Orion switch sexes. Isn't Orion just the cutest as a girl?

Image: candles.jpg   647x520 69305 bytes 2001.06.14

"It's been awhile...since I've seen the way the candle lights your face...and it's been awhile...but I can still remember just the way you taste..." Avy (c) Steff, who wants her MTV.

Image: srad.gif   415x499 23348 bytes 2001.06.13

Lately I have not been able to draw worth anything. So here's an older piece, uploaded for the sake of uploading. He's a ferret character named Srad, which means "fire" in Gaelic, and he's spifftastic, what with the ability to throw flames and all. Yeah, not a very original idea, but you know, I don't care.

Image: dragonwill.gif   368x581 39148 bytes 2001.06.08

The accomplished (really) graphic artist, Will Newell, as a dragon, courtesy of someone avoiding all these requests. Hehe, sorry folks. I'm workin' on 'em. Anyways, Will's (c) himself (I'm pretty sure) and you can see his neat-o art @

Image: alisa.gif   375x683 29300 bytes 2001.05.22

"Do not question what Life has given you. Embrace it." --Town motto; Adogenus, California

Image: rouge.jpg   454x591 48188 bytes 2001.05.19

My half of an art trade with Megon Chan! It's her nifty character, Rouge, doing a Tarot reading (the cards ARE based on actual Tarot cards...). Rouge (c) Megon Chan...

Image: jade.gif   507x624 67176 bytes 2001.05.13

My half of an art trade with Becky Sparks, of her charcter Jade Devine (how can you resist drawing a green punk hyena?)...she did an awesome rendition of my fursona, TabbieWolf! Jade is (c) Becky Sparks, art (c) me, if ya couldn't guess.

Image: roadkill.gif   488x516 27321 bytes 2001.05.10

Toldja I drew Roadkill. He's (c) Jim Russo.

Image: surrealmentality008.gif   536x414 47057 bytes 2001.04.29

Dodge is not the brightest crayon in the box, but he makes up for it by being hyper and annoying. I love TG's comment in the second panel.

Image: avydropsofjupiter.jpg   506x754 59502 bytes 2001.04.20

"Tell me...did you sail across the sun? Did you make it to the Milky Way? see the lights all faded...And that heaven is overrated..."

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