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Image: festivus.gif   748x250 51111 bytes 2000.12.25

Surprisingly, I can throw together an okay comic strip if need be. Merry Whatever!\n

Image: falalalala.jpg   339x450 24131 bytes 2000.12.23

Don't worry, I'll upload a more jolly holiday pic tomorrow or Monday. And please don't take offense at this, it is not meant to insult religion/Santa Claus/Christmas/Hanukkah/The North Pole/those hats or anything else that would take offense from it. It's just some guy who's thrilled [sarcasm] that it's Christmas. At least I made an effort to write the word "expletive" =p. If anyone knows what species this guy is, tell me, I'd like to know.\n

Image: loser.jpg   504x800 61136 bytes 2000.12.20

I've had most of these lying around the hard drive for a while, thought I'd throw them together and share. This guy (who's quite nameless, I'm thinking maybe his nickname will be Syke though) was inspired by the song "Loser" by Beck. He's a cocky sonuvagun, lives in a one bedroom apartment in the bad part of town, works at Rob's Bagel Shack (kind of), and I'm thinking about writing a comic with him in it.\n

Image: walkingonair.jpg   367x520 38654 bytes 2000.12.14

I dunno 'bout you, but this catwolf woke up with a smile on her face. It's the apocalypse! Quick, get to the bomb shelters! AUGH! I'm scaring myself o.O \n

Image: neemis.jpg   425x615 25477 bytes 2000.12.14

Neemis da fox! He be (c) his player.\n

Image: babyonboard.jpg   255x516 20829 bytes 2000.12.14

With all the unprotected sex that goes on in the furry world, you'd expect to see stuff like this more often...\n

Image: decolor.jpg   695x572 59875 bytes 2000.12.01

Someone asked me to draw something he could put on a t-shirt. THIS is why I do NOT draw political cartoons, you see?! Oddly enough it's on a shirt now. Algore, W., and Florida are all copyright them lovely selves, image copyright myself.\n

Image: whale.jpg   932x514 27444 bytes 2000.11.25

Inspired by that song "Wind on the Water" by Crosby, Stills, & Nash. I think I drew a pretty decent whale.\n

Image: someday.jpg   668x531 71595 bytes 2000.11.14

"Someday...when my life has passed me by...I'll lay around and wonder why you were always there for me..." (Lyrics (c) Sugar Ray...image and characters (c) me)\n

Image: penny.jpg   638x825 155261 bytes 2000.11.03

Wow, a comic that I actually spent time on, inked and colored! Call the history books! No, wait, don't. Anyways, comments, opinions, and leftover Halloween candy are always welcome ^_^\n

Image: beaten.jpg   447x201 16604 bytes 2000.10.30

This is probably the most violent thing I've ever drawn...or at least the bloodiest. I was actually in a good mood when I drew it. Anyways, his one leg doesn't end 'cause I ran out of paper. Oops.\n

Image: autumn.jpg   514x629 32534 bytes 2000.10.29

Because it's Fall. Do you honestly need another reason? ;)\n

Image: hamlet.gif   497x497 62888 bytes 2000.10.27

Because I don't draw enough rabbits. I'd just like everyone to know that this drawing is PERFECTLY SQUARE! It's an insignificant and stupid fact, but it's true!\n

Image: fwtr.gif   500x400 14739 bytes 2000.10.26

Introducing the newest album by Ferrets with Tennis Rackets, "Quiet Oblivion"! It includes such songs as "My CD Skips", "Internet Girl", and "Character Obsession". Go down to your local music store and buy it today!\n

Image: hippierat.jpg   516x477 56370 bytes 2000.10.24

Astrologically, in Eastern culture I'm a rat and in Western culture I'm an Aquarius. So I give you the peace-lovin', tree-huggin', VW-drivin' hippie rat! ^_^\n

Image: artemis.jpg   409x667 79566 bytes 2000.10.19

My first request! ^_^ Artemis Panthar (c) himself.\n

Image: catfish.gif   339x482 83690 bytes 2000.08.24

Ooh, pencilly.\n

Image: sethz.gif   508x470 100767 bytes 2000.08.19

"Birth of a Character" Meet Seth Zimmerman, your typical chihuahua of doom and gloom and coffee addiction. An artist by trade, at night Seth removes his black and becomes the Caped Avenger, saving Metropolis from certain doom! Okay, not really. He's just a starving artist. =p\n

Image: thingie.gif   376x334 42227 bytes 2000.08.18

I have NO idea what this guy is, but he's darn cool-looking!\n

Image: help.jpg   324x353 31238 bytes 2000.08.18

His name's Orion. And he has a past that he'd really rather not talk about.\n

Image: bluferret.jpg   263x412 16734 bytes 2000.08.16

It's a blue ferret guy! Decided blue jeans would be a bit too much blueness, so I opted for grey jeans. Hehe.\n

Image: avydress.gif   282x530 40161 bytes 2000.08.16

It's Avy! And she's wearing a dress! With only one sleeve! Yeah!\n

Image: cactusflats.gif   579x448 83906 bytes 2000.08.16

My attempt at a comic. Actually, I have a TON of these. I'm just uploading this so I can plug my webpage. VISIT IT, DARN YOU! VISIT IT!\n

Image: hippieme.gif   265x430 40147 bytes 2000.08.14

I was born a few decades too late, darnit.\n

Image: twitch.gif   262x288 22471 bytes 2000.08.10

Please ignore the cat-wolf with the mallet. We're pretty sure she's not insane. Pretty darn sure.\n

Image: avyrose.gif   400x253 22589 bytes 2000.08.10

"But you looked at me like maybe...I'm an angel underneath...innocent and sweet..." Just a sketch of Avy inspired by that song I've been hearing over and over on Fox. Kill your TV! Kill it, kill it now! Lyrics (c) Meredith Brooks, I believe. Avy (c) you-know-who.\r\n\n

Image: dustinthewind.jpg   443x656 59840 bytes 2000.08.01

"If I close my eyes...only for a moment and the moment's gone...all my dreams...pass before my eyes, a curiosity...dust in the wind...all we are is dust in the wind..." Lyrics (c) Kansas, Avyana and the image (c) Stephanie K.\n

Image: phoenix.gif   410x532 77761 bytes 2000.07.30

Behold the Phoenix! Alright, influenced by one of my favorite places in the West, (not to mention these mythical birds are pretty dang cool) I drew a phoenix. Yes, I stuck that writing on his tail on purpose so no one steals the took me FOREVER to do and I'm darn proud of it. Thank you, oh Smudge & Burn tools! And thanks to David who helped me learn how to computer color properly.\n

Image: avylaugh.gif   340x237 30252 bytes 2000.07.20

Avyana collapses and starts laughing hysterically as she suddenly realizes the world is insane.\n

Image: avyana.jpg   416x451 47028 bytes 2000.07.20

Phun with Photoshop.\n

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