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Image: avypoem.jpg   400x462 32590 bytes 2000.07.20

Avyana...(yeah, I changed it to a Y)...a lost soul, half-happy about herself, half-terrified. She knows she belongs somewhere else, but can't leave (unlike myself, where I want to leave so badly but can't.) Lyrics by me.\n

Image: learntofly.jpg   587x499 79811 bytes 2000.07.18

I had to create a character to go with the song. Her name's Aviana. She's a winged fox...and a fallen angel of sorts. Lyrics Foo Fighters\n

Image: gpigguy.gif   188x253 13176 bytes 2000.05.23

Not too many anthro guinea pigs out there, thought I'd draw one. Ya know what's funny? Cartoon characters generally have four fingers on each hand and three toes on each foot...well, real life guinea pigs are laid out like that! I dunno, I just find that funny. They look like little cartoon characters.\n

Image: piper.gif   177x470 25704 bytes 2000.05.20

I got a new scanner...I got a new scanner...I got a new scanner...and guess what? It doesn't work! AUGGGH! Another trip to Best Buy for me...\r\nOh, this is Piper. She's a funky, blue-striped ferret girl who I came up with 'cuz I liked the name Piper! And if ya think she's too long and stretchy, go look at a ferret! =P Piper's (c) me.\n

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