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Image: trial.jpg   504x360 40498 bytes 2002.05.05

The love of my life bought me a graphics tablet yesterday as a "no reason what so ever" surprise present. Having installed it today this is the first thing I have made! :)\r\n\r\nI'm trying to design a web site and this was the trial to how I wanted part of it to look....\r\n\r\nyeah.\r\nCopyright 2002 TABRIS (s.j. Lockwood)

Image: meth.jpg   276x476 21658 bytes 2002.04.27

::sings the "PHOTOSHOP WILL MAKE ME BLIND" song:: \r\nI dunno why I colored this is photoshop when I know nothing of how to properly color something in photoshop. ::blink blink:: wassa layer? \r\nAnyway this is Methuselah, he's my hellhound. I dunno why I made him blue. I don't know alot of things tonight. I do know that eventually I will give him a pretty background and put him on my website that eventually I will buy and find a place to host it.\r\nMedia: started off with a pencil... and the photoshop corrupted it\r\n(c)2002 Tabris (S.LOCKWOOD)

Image: truckbear.jpg   524x405 27596 bytes 2002.04.25

My new hobby, drawing big fat polar bears.\r\nMeet Truck Bear, or rather what Truck Bear would look like if he were an anthro. Truck Bear (yes, I know it's a weird name) is my woobie, my childhood stuffy that I've had about 17 years now. He's a polar bear, a bit scruffy in his old age and has a spot on the top of his head where I gave him a hair cut when I was a wee lil Tabris.\r\n\r\nI dunno what he is so shocked about.\r\nMedia: Trias\r\n(c) Tabris (S.J.Lockwood)

Image: poe_angelion.gif   320x700 119242 bytes 2002.04.10

here's another pic of Billy's Character Poe, just this one look like what Billy wanted him to look like. eeeew Pony tail.\r\nmedia: TRIA markers, the greatest markers man has made that i can afford.. sort of\r\nCopyright 2002 Tabris (SJL)

Image: GeryonRed.gif   360x873 106214 bytes 2002.03.25

So I broke down and colored him with markers... and I changed his Name to Geryon. I also convinced Miz Poof to color him in Photoshop. \r\n\r\nI'm sorry about posting B&W and then colored, but in my eyes the two are very different images. \r\n\r\nCopyright 2002 Tabris (SJL)

Image: Kaoru.gif   254x937 58555 bytes 2002.03.23

I'm thinking about joining this futuristic furry roleplaying thing on Yahoo, so last night I brain stormed a new character.\r\nMeet Kaoru (not definate on the name) the futuristic red panda.\r\nI didn't intend this, but he's kinda Chad Burbridge-ish, no?\r\nI like his ears. I'm going to beg someone to color it in Photoshop now.

Image: kyeandtab.gif   468x760 213608 bytes 2002.03.22

I can't draw anymore. \r\nHere's an emotionless crappy picture of Kye and Tabris.\r\nCopyright 2002 Tabris (SJL)

Image: icehotel.gif   488x440 133446 bytes 2002.02.22

Ah, sumi ink. I told my friend Lauren that I was going to draw a picture of a woman and a bear for the Rasputina song "The New Zero":\r\n\r\n<i>...he has agreed\r\nto take me\r\nto the ice hotel from the magazine\r\n\r\nwhat we will need\r\nis a gleaming key\r\nmade of ice as well\r\nby the finest ice machine\r\n\r\nits there that no one will stare\r\nat your jaws and your long fur\r\nthe claws in your fingers...</i>\r\n\r\n\r\nExpect an updated inking soon with said ice hotel in the background.\r\nMedia: Sumi ink\r\nCopyright 2002 Tabris (SJL)

Image: Cello2.gif   318x567 157716 bytes 2002.02.21

Uh yeah, I made a background. rejoice.\r\n\r\nMedia: still Sumi Ink\r\nCopyright (c) 2002 Tabris (SJL)

Image: cello.gif   233x450 63541 bytes 2002.02.21

Last year when I was in Boston University's School of Fine Arts, getting the skills that would ensure a future job as a waitress... I mean Artist, I was required to buy an insane amount of different medias that have since then been sitting around unused. Say Hello to my GIANT bottle of Sumi ink! I rarely ever used any of it because I rarely went to class. Oh, to be a freshman again.\r\nMedia: Sumi Ink (redundant)\r\nCopyright (c) TABRIS (SJL)

Image: Killme.gif   600x863 181295 bytes 2001.11.18

I love this pic. I don't know why I didn't upload it the first day I got this account. Here is Gren and a bunch of lion cubs making his life miserable. :D\r\nCopyright 2001 Tabris (SJL)

Image: Circus.gif   634x587 98903 bytes 2001.11.18

This is the First contortion pic I drew of Gren earlier this year in Feb. Pencil sketch and colored. 98% of the time if I really like the pencil sketch I'll make a zerox of it and use the copy for coloring, so if I screw up, then I can try again. I messed up on the face of this colored one... well.. what else was I going to do? you loose alot of definition when you're coloring in black fur. \r\nCopyright 2001 Tabris (SJL)

Image: Contortion.gif   300x499 57381 bytes 2001.11.18

I drew this... Not a great feat but it's something to update with. Gren the Spotted skunk/ contortionist at the Cirque du Furrei.\r\n\r\nCopyright 2001 Tabris (SJL)

Image: billy_bunny.gif   359x443 50607 bytes 2001.10.31

This is a not quite finished drawing of Billy as a bunny. I like it, therefore I post it.\r\n\r\n 2001 Tabris (SJL)

Image: revampedgren.jpg   412x619 92526 bytes 2001.10.25

This is an experimental Gren Anansie Pic, inspired by some pic by someone whom I don't remember but If I do I'll write who. Began with an A, I think? I know it's significantly different so there isn't a copyright problem, but the pic did inspire me and it's good to give credit. Anyway. Here is Gren, the only thing I took from this drawing and incorporated into my normal style is the eyebrows. Up until now Gren didn't have any.\r\nCopyright 2001 Tabris (SJL)

Image: Dir_en_Gren.jpg   505x910 217488 bytes 2001.10.25

I love J-Rock, especially the band Dir En Grey, especially the guitarist Kaoru. \r\nThus, Gren as Kaoru.\r\n\r\nMedia: Radiographs\r\n\r\nCopyright 2001 Tabris (SJL)

Image: Baby-Tabris.gif   264x521 71955 bytes 2001.10.18

This poor pic. Note: NEVER USE METALLIC GEN PENS TO COLOR ANYTHING YOU WANT TO SCAN IN THE FUTURE.\r\n\r\nThis is an oldie from late summer 00' Tabris as a baby coon. Cute no? The character of Tabris the baby coon involves him being autistic, hence the kinda far off look in his eyes. Love this pic.\r\n\r\nCopyright Tabris (SJL)

Image: FirstGren.gif   477x800 106570 bytes 2001.10.18

This pic was made when I created the character of Gren Anansie on AOL. He ended up looking nothing like this as I continued to brainstorm, but this pic is cute and anime-ish. Note: A SMILE!!!! I suck at facial expressions so my characters always look kinda meh, but this one is grinning, yay me! If only I continued on that trend!\r\nMedia: Prisma colors\r\nI can skip the copyright stuff right? You know it's my drawing.

Image: finnnn.jpg   254x621 27829 bytes 2001.10.18

Old pic doctored up in Abode PhotoDeluxe Home edition v3.0 Back in the day when I wasn't a firm believer in pirated software. \r\n\r\nLet me note, I've been drawing furries since May of 2000, so it's been little over a year. Now that I have an outlet to show my drawings there might be some old not as refined as my current style drawings posted, just because I like to show progression. Finnegan is one of the first drawings I made in his anime-ish style, though really, I draw cartoons, not furmanga.

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