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Image: amocin-bw.jpg   666x889 149269 bytes 2006.06.25

Lineart of a tradehalf with an old friend, Amocin.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: amocin.jpg   777x1038 388669 bytes 2006.06.29

This took long enough and I apologize, but I really took my time on this...I wanted her markings and armor to be as close to Amocin's as well as I could do. Amocin is a longtime friend of mine, we've watched each other's art evolve so much over the years. And I wanted my half of a trade with her to be special. And here it is.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: angst.jpg   433x750 95340 bytes 2005.04.14

Cheer up, Tacoma. You'll get better.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: anika.jpg   300x315 72911 bytes 2004.12.05

Commission for ~Anika-Candeh~\r\n\r\nShe wanted a background that was kinda flamey, but as it turns out every shade of orange remaps...and what's fire without the color orange? Dithering red and yellow looked like absolute shit so I somehow came up with candles on egyptian-style pots. Seemed fitting for the best traditional feline I've been able to draw so far o.o

Image: animeish.jpg   611x1043 122260 bytes 2002.05.03

Kinda animeish. Oh well.

Image: anubis.jpg   379x683 47929 bytes 2005.05.19

I love this guy. Decided not to finish coloring it 'cause I have issues with shades of black, so the original is pretty much destroyed now. But he was good lineart...\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: apprehensive.jpg   666x848 113226 bytes 2006.04.10

I draw my fursona a lot, but I never have enough interesting situations to put her in. For nearly six months I wasn't drawing at all. She looks sleepy here, almost like she'd just woken up. So I think it's fitting. She might be also sad that I made her right hand a little too big. NO SHE IS NOT EMO you little shits.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: archives.gif   453x395 83236 bytes 2002.11.08

something old and stupid...still thought I should share...I think I was in my freshman year and wanted to make a logo for all my disturbing little journals but Tacoma didn't turn out so I ripped her out of the page! hehehe. Atleast I could draw a backpack...

Image: arlene+malcolm-bw.jpg   622x914 149064 bytes 2005.05.27

Lineart of trade half for Amo.\r\n\r\nArlene & Malcolm Their players. Image Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: arlene+malcolm.jpg   695x901 425730 bytes 2005.05.27

Finished trade half for Amo. I swear, my scanner did this picture no justice. Except the silver-sharpie stars do seem to glow on my monitor o.O\r\n\r\nHope she likes, anyhow.\r\n\r\nArlene & Malcolm Their players. Image Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: ash1.jpg   1116x1461 205154 bytes 2002.06.16

A picture for Ash 'cause it's her birthday! I used prisma pencils, watercolors and rendering in PhotoSuite3 for this to turn out so good. Ash is such a cutie.

Image: ash2.jpg   360x407 45250 bytes 2002.11.18

Ash the lioness, first true profile pic...more to come.

Image: ash3.jpg   540x300 36090 bytes 2002.11.21

This is the second scan I've done of this picture. Thankfully it looks descent now. Just one little problem, and I might go back and work on it later...the brightness!! That sort of yellow is blinding! She's actually gold, but I was drunk while coloring this so I couldn't have expected too much of myself at the time anyway.

Image: ash4.gif   420x499 26190 bytes 2002.11.22

Ash's second profile pic.

Image: ash5.jpg   626x900 56604 bytes 2003.08.13

Ash's 1st profile colored.

Image: attack.jpg   500x478 50477 bytes 2005.03.01

It would be unwise to disturb her.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: aubrey.gif   574x988 67048 bytes 2003.09.18

It's a good thing I scanned this before runing it with color.

Image: aubrey1.jpg   754x914 144281 bytes 2003.10.01

Aubrey's last profile, I swear.

Image: aubrey2.jpg   526x900 92730 bytes 2003.09.22

A re-upload 'cause my scanner sucks. This looks much nicer without the smart-blur effect.

Image: aubrey3.jpg   683x800 74818 bytes 2003.09.15

Picture of my friend Aubrey who loves swords.

Image: aubs.jpg   390x633 68408 bytes 2003.09.21

Silly Aubs.

Image: aurora.gif   423x616 38272 bytes 2003.04.17

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREA!!!\r\n\r\nThis is the first picture of her cat character Aurora, soon to be colored.

Image: awww.jpg   810x796 83496 bytes 2006.06.01

An old old cleaned up sketch of Luna and I gazing sweetly into each other's eyes. I chose not to finish this piece because I'm not satisfied with the anatomy or pose in general. Our wings change...a lot.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: babytacoma.jpg   701x612 108918 bytes 2006.05.28

Baby Tacoma meets Lunati for the first time and the tiny cub is a bit shocked to find another creature smaller than her. I really enjoyed working on this picture. Mix of Prismacolor verithins and Crayola pencils.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: bad-coyote.jpg   647x694 106387 bytes 2005.04.09

A very bad coyote shows off his meaty, decapitated squirrel. So who's hungry?\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: bear-affair.jpg   900x805 231051 bytes 2009.11.30

Tacoma's Bear Affair

Tacoma and a long-time friend share a somewhat intimate encounter. Let's just call him "The Bear" since I can't disclose his name. I don't want him to get in any trouble with his partner. He's not a furry, and was never too keen about having any sort of fursona but agreed that a black bear might suit his personality and appearance best. *shrug* Believe me, it's no one anyone here knows. I definitely took my time on this. Prismacolor Verithins and Micron Pens of various sizes on regular ol' print paper.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma Tigressfire.

Tags: tigress, black bear, tiger, affair  
Image: before-the-war.jpg   900x1096 282382 bytes 2009.11.30

Tacoma - Before the War

Let me first say this was sketched four years ago and I have just finished coloring it five minutes ago. I worked on this piece on and off in that time frame. It's called "Before the War".. a contemplative Tacoma enjoys one last night in the Twilight Hollows before her journey out on the war on the Zengre. Long story behind that one, but for now, Tacoma rests her mind in a place of peace.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.\r\n

Tags: tigress, tiger, anxiety  
Image: best-friends.gif   758x971 84813 bytes 2002.07.01

The familiar cloud9 logo for my homepage.

Image: bestest-friends1.jpg   678x576 122965 bytes 2005.03.18

Something cute that proves that there just can't be enough of Icarus and Tacoma.\r\n\r\nIcarus is a mystery character. I can't remember how this guy started, but he was named after my computer (anyone figure out what his necklace pendant is)? And the first drawing of him ever was this enormous painting on my bedroom wall. Didn't draw much of him until this past month when I figured out he was the only other "child" of Skylion's. But this does not make him Tacoma's sibling - they share no blood. Only a long history and a very sweet friendship.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: bestest-friends2.jpg   676x564 169578 bytes 2005.03.18

Could have done a lot better, even for it being 5am (I stay up all night/morning working on this stuff). But again, the wings made the picture. I love how the feathers layer over each other and will be sticking with this wing style for a long time. I'm disappointed with Icarus' fur texture and could have made his coat appear lighter and smoother but...I'm having trouble with light texturing. I need to shade it enough to show the fur texture properly but not so much that it darkens the coat. Ugh. And I like Tacoma as she is. It's hard to not want to give her wings in feral form but...she's still young here.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

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