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Image: colortest.jpg   649x752 122490 bytes 2005.09.09

Remember the last 'taurified sketch I did? It was ink-transferred directly to cardstock yesterday. I'm not happy with how this came out, but I learned from it and this is the first time I've used -just- Prismacolors in a very long time. I like verithins better than the thick-leaded pencils not just cause they're better for detailed work, but since my drawings are never very big. I swear, I'm forever doomed to have anatomy issues :(\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire

Image: sketchies.jpg   1490x953 486718 bytes 2005.09.08

Various quickie sketches from August to early September. I could do a lot with these but would rather hold out for now. Plus I got a new lightboard which I am very excited about but I'm still studying anatomy so I can produce decent lineart. Yes, in the full-body manic-depressive sketch, manic Tacoma has a weird looking hand. So fuck you bitches. <3 \r\n\r\nFeatured are Jaye (Lunati), my rats Sage and Raven and hedgehog Romeo, Icarus wolf, and I forget who else but yeah. Lots of Tacoma. Wheee. :) \r\n\r\nOh and Donkey too! \r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire. \r\n

Image: silver-maximus.jpg   590x542 95532 bytes 2005.09.04

My tradehalf for silvermaximus on DA :3\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: tat-concept.jpg   592x604 75814 bytes 2005.08.23

Little tattoo concept I doodled out in my bathtub tonight. Considering my second tattoo to be of Tacoma, preferrably on my back. This remains a concept for now, awaiting critique from various sources and hoping to fix it up a little better.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: passionate.jpg   599x271 60408 bytes 2005.08.22

First yiffy pic done in a long time. A personal favorite.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire

Image: magical.jpg   673x495 106212 bytes 2005.08.22

I'm partial to this one. Inked in the bath, so a quickie done between trades and anatomy pracitce. Mhmm.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire

Image: boobierub.jpg   761x552 94143 bytes 2005.08.19

I've just been working on this in between trades. Probably needs some fixing up, and ink.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire

Image: passion-sk.jpg   712x311 56766 bytes 2005.08.19

Ah, some long awaited yiff. It's been too long, I need to do more :(\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: ratsong-bw.jpg   550x500 60422 bytes 2005.08.19

"Song of the Rat"\r\n\r\nI really like this one. Hopefully I'll color it.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.\r\n\r\n

Image: dead-groupie.jpg   638x584 129007 bytes 2005.08.18

Just a little tradish bit for dead-groupie of DA.\r\nDeadsie gives Tacoma petpets *purr*\r\nHope she likes <3\r\n\r\nDG her player. Image Tacoma TigressFire

Image: dead-groupie-bw.jpg   566x515 117889 bytes 2005.08.15

Inked tradehalf for dead-groupie of DA.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire

Image: gryffe.jpg   696x747 131399 bytes 2005.08.07

Tacoma in gryffe form. Drawn/colored last march, forgot to scan X3\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire

Image: gelchan.jpg   634x545 75006 bytes 2005.08.01

Finished tradehalf for miss Gelchan! *yays*\r\n\r\nI'm proud of this simply because this is the first piece I've been able to shade yellow properly. I've always had trouble pencil-shading with yellow, so this made me feel really good. I hope Gelchan enjoys this as much as I had in working on it <3\r\n\r\nGel her player. Image Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: gelchan-bw.jpg   538x451 81366 bytes 2005.08.01

Inked tradehalf for Gel-chan of DA.\r\n\r\nGel her player. Image Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: puppylove.jpg   974x600 134675 bytes 2005.07.28

Finished trade half for Tainted Kitten of DeviantArt :) \r\n\r\nMoon and Artizar their players. Image Tacoma TigressFire

Image: puppylove-bw.jpg   731x443 68467 bytes 2005.07.26

My half a trade for the talented Tainted Kitten. Her character Moon the wolf/collie hybrid and mate Artizar the Azawakh breed. Transferred about 5-6 times today, but this simplified lineart should do just fine. Their markings are unique and I'm still a bit rusty on shading so this one could take awhile to complete x.x;\r\n\r\nCharacters Tainted Kitten. Image Tacoma TigressFire

Image: tacoma-icarus-bw.jpg   464x599 115240 bytes 2005.07.24

Tacoma and feral Iccy just chillin out together.\r\n\r\nI'm going to (hopefully) color this by tonight. Ugh, damn procrastination. The weekend's over and I haven't done nearly as much drawing as I planned.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire

Image: tacoma-MLP.jpg   519x510 91409 bytes 2005.07.24

Haven't been able to finish anything I've started in the last few weeks. So I decided on something simple that I hadn't gotten around to yet, and 'cause I love MLP I wanted to make Tacoma into one :D\r\n\r\nOnly problem is, I should have simplified the wings. But instinct took over and I figured that Tacoma's wings must always have that same pattern and shading and colors. Bleh. It could have been better but, this is the first 'pony I've ever done so...yeah.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire

Image: dont-panic.jpg   337x325 32518 bytes 2005.07.24

Little fuzzy headshot. Don't sweat the small stuff, my therapist said.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire

Image: drakonic.jpg   491x515 75114 bytes 2005.07.07

And the colored version for miss Drakonic.\r\n\r\nProof (as if you needed any more) that I should just stick to lineart until I learn to shade properly.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire

Image: drakonic-bw.jpg   445x474 61886 bytes 2005.07.06

Inkage of trade half with DrakonicKnight of DA. She's a wolf/fox mix but..I think I made her too wolfish x.x;\r\n\r\nI had to transfer this, because frequent erasing on cardstock makes the paper tear up quickly so I had no choice. Inked immediately upon transferring, and right on my monitor too x.x; Dammit, I need a lightboard.\r\n\r\nI should stop doing ports for digos on Furc. Instead, "I'll draw you a couple ports for a damn lightboard x.x; Digo items are around that price anyway. Oh well. Monitors make better transfer surfaces than tv's so I can't complain. Came out much better than I expected and I hope she likes when I'm finished :)\r\n\r\nStill, why the hell do erasers eat cardstock? >.<\r\n\r\nCharacter DrakonicKnight, Image Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: feralbadge.jpg   367x353 60175 bytes 2005.07.06

Finally finished my semi-new DA badge, the better version is here -\r\n\r\nShe looks slightly cubbish, but I guess it's cute o_o;\r\n\r\nYuck, quick crappy photoshop border. Just didn't feel like posting the full badge, it would just look...too out of place.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire

Image: nuzzlesnug.jpg   640x480 104361 bytes 2005.06.30

Lunati and Tacoma showing their affection for each other. Bear with my shit anatomy, I'm overstressed and way too sober -_-;\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire

Image: feralcutie.jpg   735x552 112358 bytes 2005.06.26

So I decided on coloring it. I'm happy with how it turned out.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: feralcutie-bw.jpg   675x511 93299 bytes 2005.06.26

My first successful drawing on cardstock. Used a micro uni-ball for smaller details and a fat Pilot V-ball for outlining. Almost gave up on it but I'm happy with how it turned out. I might color this.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: uninspired.jpg   366x268 26187 bytes 2005.06.23

A random head 'cause I've been so uncreative lately.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: hazy.jpg   644x946 150015 bytes 2005.06.23

And this would be me in the morning.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire

Image: lusting.jpg   451x829 114345 bytes 2005.06.18

Tacoma glares at something lustfully...\r\n\r\nThis sketch is actually from right before I moved, and my complete lack of motivation+patience has made it hard for me to get anything good drawn lately. \r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire

Image: moonstaff.jpg   471x652 86397 bytes 2005.06.12

No, I'm not dead. I moved and now have a job at a graphics factory so I'm going to be really busy. I inked this today, it was sitting around in the sketch pile. Not so good, I know, but I seriously haven't gotten enough time to draw lately :(\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: romeo.jpg   792x634 214554 bytes 2005.05.30

Just 'cause I haven't drawn my baby in awhile and it's almost our three year anniversary together :)\r\n\r\nI used to draw so many hedgehogs in school, and I haven't in so long. I'm kinda glad I got this done tonight even though the detail on the quills impaled my brain.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

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