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Image: cuteness.jpg   706x442 80298 bytes 2005.04.19

Just another shading experiment. Move along kids.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: snuggle-bw.jpg   557x586 107163 bytes 2005.04.18

Wanna snuggle?\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: headz.jpg   370x309 36338 bytes 2005.04.14

Something...completely random. More fun stoner art, except from last night. Their heads look kinda fused together because I just happened to draw them too close to each other and thought "...might as well fuse them together at the neck." Icarus' head is...way too big but yeah, this is the product of another strange night.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: angst.jpg   433x750 95340 bytes 2005.04.14

Cheer up, Tacoma. You'll get better.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: sadness.jpg   425x754 67078 bytes 2005.04.13

Don't worry hun, you'll look much nicer with color :0)\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: doodles.jpg   808x1103 181314 bytes 2005.04.13

I was extremely high when I drew these last night. Didn't feel like getting out of my chair at all, so I grabbed the nearest pencil and went at it. Interesting stuff in my head at the time. I think...the best time to be experimental is when I'm stoned. Normally, when I'm sober, there are a lot of boundaries that keep me drawing only what looks good and not wanting to take risks. Otherwise, there seems to be nothing holding me back, no critical voice inside, and a general sense of feeling experimental and creative, more so than usual. It's kinda nice to wake up in the morning and find a bunch of little drawings that I didn't remember making the night before, but look a lot better than what I usually do.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: hotness.jpg   656x885 155196 bytes 2005.04.11

I think she looks good, maybe just cause she looks more like me. I dunno. I'm too arrogant.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: omfghair.jpg   568x779 96519 bytes 2005.04.10

Well, since the profile head went over so well on DA (I think, judging by the comments), I'm going to try out Tacoma with my hair for awhile.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: tacoma-head.jpg   422x415 74438 bytes 2005.04.10

Shiny bits colored with a silver prismacolor. It always looks horrible scanned.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: tacoma-head-bw.jpg   351x349 51646 bytes 2005.04.10

Portait of Tacoma given a few of my personal attributes (spiky hair, long bangs, piercings). Based off a little freehand doodle.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: clouded-leopard.jpg   636x505 95292 bytes 2005.04.09

My first shot at a clouded leopard.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: bad-coyote.jpg   647x694 106387 bytes 2005.04.09

A very bad coyote shows off his meaty, decapitated squirrel. So who's hungry?\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: ice.jpg   539x376 66538 bytes 2005.04.08

Elemental wolf.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: fire.jpg   533x354 65471 bytes 2005.04.08

Elemental wolf.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: northern-lights.jpg   923x596 134133 bytes 2005.04.05

Tacoma chills out on a blanket of snow, watching the northern lights.\r\n\r\nSo, this is what I've been working on for the last two weeks. Drawn and airbrushed in Photoshop 7. Little breakdown of how this was done. Tacoma was drawn first, slimmed the outlines, used a thick brush to make a base color of snow - powder blue. Took three nights to finish Tacoma. Then the real challenge - making the lights. Played around with the brushes, rotated a few times adding the wind filter, and after a few nights of pulling my hair out, I did it. Layered over the night sky, added Tacoma, and spent five days airbrushing the snow. This was exhausting but I love how it came out. About 57 hours of work total.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: hunger.jpg   757x499 92165 bytes 2005.03.24

Hey, you gotta eat.

Image: rainbowsky.jpg   562x524 101198 bytes 2005.03.24

Yay, rainbow sky *dances*\r\n\r\nLightly shaded 'cause I didn't feel like fucking up another perfectly good drawing with big waxy applications of color. Fuck prismacolors.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: trixster.jpg   554x795 70457 bytes 2005.03.24

One of my oldest characters, Trixie Raver the golden lab. Haven't drawn much of her in ages. Not too happy with this. The symbol on her shirt is from one of my runestones - it means fertility.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: trashy.jpg   414x711 85904 bytes 2005.03.23

Giftage for Velveteen of SA.\r\n\r\nThis has got to be the strangest character I've ever drawn. Her name is really not Junkie Glamour, in fact she doesn't have one yet. She's a narcotic-loving mink.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire. Character Raiden3Claws

Image: funky.jpg   576x537 67061 bytes 2005.03.23

Another fun bit of stoner art. Most of this wasn't even sketched before inking, just went right at it with the pen. Looks kinda shitty now, but just wait 'til I color :D\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: icarus-head1.jpg   247x298 32168 bytes 2005.03.21

Icarus' head. Image Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: icarus-head2.jpg   262x401 45017 bytes 2005.03.21

Icarus' head. Image Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: icarus-head3.jpg   227x349 40082 bytes 2005.03.21

Icarus' head. Image Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: cozy.jpg   619x547 81096 bytes 2005.03.21

Tacoma and Lunati (Jaye) are cozy snuggling on a cloud together. I've been working on this since last night. Started as a bored semi-chatting on aim sketch that I thought would be good inked, until I started shading out of boredom. And I tried all day to finish it but kept getting interrupted. So I just took it with me when I went to get high and finished it up a little afterwards. The clouds were originally white but...I suppose greyish smokie clouds were in my head after I got high, so had to shade them darker o.o;\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: plushie.jpg   840x489 74729 bytes 2005.03.20

Tacoma cuddles a kitten plushie.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: shake.jpg   906x629 124785 bytes 2005.03.19

Alright, so here's a fun little springtime sketch (since I'm sure plenty of you are sick to death of the extended winter, even though I could never be). So Icarus and Tacoma went for a little swim and, well, it's time to shake-dry and roll in the grass. My hedgehog, Romeo, is foraging on the ground.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: icarus-sketch1.jpg   439x462 64766 bytes 2005.03.19

Got high at around..7pm. Drew this quickie within the hour (felt like three hours, but that's just how it is). And...I really don't think it's getting inked. Way too small. Just an example of how I draw when I'm relaxed for a change...\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: bestest-friends2.jpg   676x564 169578 bytes 2005.03.18

Could have done a lot better, even for it being 5am (I stay up all night/morning working on this stuff). But again, the wings made the picture. I love how the feathers layer over each other and will be sticking with this wing style for a long time. I'm disappointed with Icarus' fur texture and could have made his coat appear lighter and smoother but...I'm having trouble with light texturing. I need to shade it enough to show the fur texture properly but not so much that it darkens the coat. Ugh. And I like Tacoma as she is. It's hard to not want to give her wings in feral form but...she's still young here.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: bestest-friends1.jpg   678x576 122965 bytes 2005.03.18

Something cute that proves that there just can't be enough of Icarus and Tacoma.\r\n\r\nIcarus is a mystery character. I can't remember how this guy started, but he was named after my computer (anyone figure out what his necklace pendant is)? And the first drawing of him ever was this enormous painting on my bedroom wall. Didn't draw much of him until this past month when I figured out he was the only other "child" of Skylion's. But this does not make him Tacoma's sibling - they share no blood. Only a long history and a very sweet friendship.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: thylacine.jpg   552x365 63555 bytes 2005.03.17

Quite possibly my favorite animal (surprise!) - The Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger. On the dead spectrum, anyway. These were carnivorous marsupials, not as quick as kangaroos but walked with a slight limp, some even jumped around on their hind legs. They were declared extinct in the early 20th century. Very few photographs and only a couple short films were taken of these animals. No reference pictures were used since I pretty much know this critter like the back of my hand :)\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

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