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Image: jump.jpg   800x1035 144786 bytes 2005.03.02

Ok, something a little personal here.\r\n\r\nI feel like this picture represents the darkest side of my life and how fear has allowed me to grow..\r\n\r\nBesides, it's part of the storyline. This is actually how Tacoma earns her wings. Once she jumps off that cliff and falls at just the right speed, two beautiful wings parachute from her back and send her gliding into the clouds. Damn crazy scientist that Skylion is..\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: kindred.jpg   700x606 90329 bytes 2006.04.22

My little tradebit for Kindredblue of DA :D\r\n\r\nI decided to draw her fursona in feral because my brain was stuck and those were the only refs she gave me. Didn't take too long shading, that was the fun part. Such pretty colors and markings, her character is just too cute. So I made her in a kind of moody and defensive posture, still practicing and shit. The scanner totally raped most of its prettyness though which makes me sad. But it basically turned out okay, I like it and I hope Kindred does too :3\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: kiss.gif   457x467 43813 bytes 2002.02.22

Tacoma and an otter femme. Anatomy issues.

Image: kittyhug.gif   635x436 78854 bytes 2002.10.29

Tacoma and her mate Bridget giving each other kittie love. :-) \r\n\r\nJust in case you were wondering, this is Tacoma's first and true style. I plan on drawing her like this more often as it not only suits her personality well, but it's just a lot less confusing for me. \r\n

Image: knight.jpg   480x693 78067 bytes 2006.04.10

Tacoma as a shiny knight :3\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: lioness-sketch.jpg   817x485 81409 bytes 2005.03.07

And just because I was on this wildlife-drawing kick last year, here's a lioness. Gnarr. Don't like her too much :(\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: losers.jpg   474x650 44619 bytes 2003.10.11

\r\nDamaged goods of 2003, the reason why I should stop dating (or trying to date) younger girls.

Image: loseyou.jpg   560x510 81404 bytes 2003.08.05

"I'm just afraid to lose you." A remix of the last drawing I made in 2002. What if I could go back in time...what if I had never lost the best love of my life...

Image: lost-and-found.jpg   552x420 129084 bytes 2005.09.10

Tacoma wades through a flooded area searching for pets who had gotten lost in the storm.\r\n\r\nAs a Florida native, I've witnessed the devastating effects of hurricanes firsthand. In fact last year, a tree fell through our roof and I was trapped inside alone w/o electricity for almost three days. But I could not imagine for a moment something like Katrina happening here. My heart goes out to the people and the animals separated from their families, and those who had lost their homes.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: lovecircle-bw.jpg   383x427 69288 bytes 2006.07.08

Awwwww. Tacoma and Lunati in a cozy little lovecircle <3 Murrr. Inspired by our time on furcadia tonight.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: lovecloud.jpg   533x572 88095 bytes 2003.08.05

It's about damn time I get this up here. This is pretty old, I was going to add a background but I'm afraid I'll just ruin it.

Image: lovejob.gif   692x933 97527 bytes 2002.07.27

I'm so screwed.

Image: lovers.gif   578x403 28039 bytes 2003.05.05

Tacoma and Willow (Bridget) in chakat form. Soon to be colored.

Image: lunadea-bw.jpg   966x558 65243 bytes 2006.04.27

Lineart of a soon-to-be colored tradehalf for miss Lunadea wolf on DA. This is an edited variation of my sketch wolf-sketch2.jpg. Muchly improved here.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: Lunadea.jpg   940x542 94082 bytes 2006.05.01

Completed tradehalf for miss Lunadea wolf of her lovely white wolf fursona.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: lunataur.jpg   700x638 68227 bytes 2006.12.01

Lunati (as a mousetaur!) holds a beautiful opium poppy. \r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: lunati-furc.jpg   799x806 167462 bytes 2006.07.19

Some cute lineart of my mate Lunati, based on her furcadia description :3 I thought it would be a neat idea and it came out kinda nice. Shrooomies X3~\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: lunati.png   504x797 222139 bytes 2004.08.30

A picture for a friend :o)

Image: lurve.jpg   609x705 162865 bytes 2005.05.07

OMGSOFUCKINGCUTE!!1\r\n\r\nThis little stoner doodle has been sitting around forever. So I finished it up, made Lunati look more femme, gave her decent hair, gave myself hair, and lookit the fluffypuff on the end of her tail ^.^ \r\n\r\nk, I'm done. I feel nauseous now.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: lusting.jpg   451x829 114345 bytes 2005.06.18

Tacoma glares at something lustfully...\r\n\r\nThis sketch is actually from right before I moved, and my complete lack of motivation+patience has made it hard for me to get anything good drawn lately. \r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire

Image: maggie.jpg   1056x741 117055 bytes 2002.06.08

Request for Maggie. Species unknown.

Image: magical.jpg   673x495 106212 bytes 2005.08.22

I'm partial to this one. Inked in the bath, so a quickie done between trades and anatomy pracitce. Mhmm.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire

Image: maxcutie.gif   1023x496 60571 bytes 2002.11.08

Max is a stud. Chicks dig Max. Actually I hate this picture and refuse to color it...oh well.. \r\n

Image: me-raven.jpg   502x480 68454 bytes 2006.05.21

I drew it last night but I feel even worse tonight.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: mediocracy.jpg   300x384 51156 bytes 2006.05.05

Five minute meaningless sketch while waiting for the xanax to kick in. I honestly don't know how I feel tonight. Just that I'm not all here and wish there were harder drugs in my possession.\r\n\r\nNothing is going to change.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: meep-sketch.jpg   479x647 29082 bytes 2005.03.07

The sketch of the original, which I like even better than after I ruined it with ink.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: meep.jpg   455x647 64003 bytes 2005.03.07

Male Tacoma and Lunati share a passionate moment.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: memories.gif   1029x1041 108039 bytes 2003.08.09

Something cute I plan on coloring later tonight.

Image: memories.jpg   762x760 134511 bytes 2003.08.12

A Remembrance of special times with the girl I loved...\r\n\r\nI cried when I began coloring this, there were some tear stains at the base of my tail...barely noticable after scanning.

Image: mink.jpg   806x612 79517 bytes 2002.07.19

Random mink femme.

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