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Image: trixieraver.jpg   500x604 74667 bytes 2002.11.23

Trixie Raver.

Image: trixster.jpg   554x795 70457 bytes 2005.03.24

One of my oldest characters, Trixie Raver the golden lab. Haven't drawn much of her in ages. Not too happy with this. The symbol on her shirt is from one of my runestones - it means fertility.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: ugly1.gif   479x758 51577 bytes 2002.02.26

I used up a brand new pen inking the stripes and feathers on this piece. It was relaxing to take my time with it, for once I didn't feel rushed. I also colored the original which looks pretty tight. Whitney the tigress now has orange fur and rainbow wings. So if anybody wants to color her, go right ahead! I'm taking submissions for the contest anytime.

Image: ugly2.jpg   487x757 98140 bytes 2002.05.26

An older picture, a sharper, cleaner scan. ^_^

Image: uninspired.jpg   366x268 26187 bytes 2005.06.23

A random head 'cause I've been so uncreative lately.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: vampire.jpg   406x677 84684 bytes 2003.10.01

A nice bloody bite for the evil bitch. hehehe.

Image: verycute.gif   340x364 26946 bytes 2002.11.21

This came out of me last summer. I was trying to make something quick for the banner on my homepage. I didn't even bother to sketch it first, I just let the pen wander...I never did use it on the site, but it's still cute.

Image: wallpaper1.jpg   1024x768 113685 bytes 2003.08.26

Unlikely lovers. Something quick I whipped up in Picture It! 2000.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire

Image: wallpaper2.jpg   1024x768 118040 bytes 2003.08.26

Wallpaper of my favorite characters.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire

Image: watching-over-me.jpg   644x615 45255 bytes 2005.03.13

This sketch was laying beside my bed for a long time, so I figure she was watching over me while I slept. Inked perfectly thanks to Xanax.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: weapons.jpg   776x797 162229 bytes 2005.03.01

Tacoma poses with her staff and katana in some weird concept art. I love her plump little ass in the second one, but not too pleased with how the katana came out. My hands were shaky :(\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: whit.gif   1048x533 87422 bytes 2002.02.26

Whitney wanted some ideas for a tattoo...hopefully these might be able to help her out.

Image: willow.jpg   813x555 69226 bytes 2003.08.15

Bridget the snow leopard, or Willow. This picture is actually very small.

Image: willow1.jpg   874x1258 225443 bytes 2002.07.24

A birthday pic for Bridget. ^_^\r\n\r\nI'll admit, I haven't really drawn many snow leopards before so it was super hard to get the coloring and shading right. My main goal right now is to practice drawing leopards and otters, since I'm not too good with either at the time. I guess I can say I'm proud of this one, it's a descent first attempt at B-chan's furry form. Glad she liked it ^_^ I'll probably do a few more of her tonight.

Image: willow2.gif   775x1083 17544 bytes 2002.08.22

The original scan of bridgiepole.jpg

Image: willow3.jpg   681x994 232729 bytes 2002.08.22

This began as a quick sketch. I scanned it, converted to a 16-color bitmap and then converted back to 24-bit. I colored it in Paint and made the background in Picture It! 2000. Took about three hours. Really wanted to save it as a gif, but the background has too many colors. Either way, it's nice. And Bridget is hot.

Image: willow4.gif   767x764 130113 bytes 2002.11.08

Bridget's new form...very cute...It's going to be fun filling in all those spots ^_~

Image: willow5.gif   262x600 31842 bytes 2002.11.22

Here's Bridget looking adorible as ever. :-)

Image: willow6.gif   320x305 25856 bytes 2002.11.25

Bridget's second profile pic. Love how this came out.

Image: willow7.jpg   480x512 75838 bytes 2003.07.31

Bridget's "snow leopard" I drew on the inside of her bday card.

Image: willow8.gif   350x349 43713 bytes 2003.04.16

Remix time! Mwahahaha. \r\n\r\n'Tis Bridget the snow leopard.

Image: willowfox.jpg   411x830 73731 bytes 2003.08.05

I dunno...I just thought she'd be cute as a fennec. Joe says this is my best picture to date, but I think he just likes it because it looks more like anime. Blah.

Image: willowtaur.jpg   600x692 76961 bytes 2003.08.19

Working on chakat anatomy.

Image: winterscene.jpg   576x421 111616 bytes 2003.03.21

I know it's not furry, but I do happen to like this painting. Watercolors and prisma pencils guessed it, printer paper.

Image: wintry.jpg   500x857 83113 bytes 2005.03.03

Tacoma dressed for winter.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: wolf-sketch1.jpg   736x362 81897 bytes 2005.03.02

The nicer of the two wolf sketches done last year.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: wolfdeath.jpg   980x419 68669 bytes 2006.05.03

Tasmin's hunt was a great success. \r\n\r\nI decided to kill off Icarus for various reasons. Every tradehalf I've done has been of someone's wolf or canine "fursona" & I've gotten way too many wolf requests. No longer a challenge for me or as exciting the way giving life to Tacoma is. My final tribute to Icarus who wasn't too great to begin with. But y'know, seems like everyone needs a damn wolf these days. Sad how many artists have to give them weird colors & patterns to avoid being called a copycat. Furry drama is fucking unreal, so the spectrum of huskies & wolves will continue. My time with this guy is over though.\r\n\r\nHaving a fursona should not be about trying to be popular or fitting in, it should be as much a reflection of you & who you feel like as much as it should be fun.

Image: wolfsketch2.jpg   467x601 102040 bytes 2005.03.01

Portrait of a wolf. This one is a year old...don't like it too much anymore but I was really pleased with it at the time..\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: worg.jpg   700x543 78353 bytes 2009.11.30

Riding Worg

Some lineart of an Orgrimmar Riding Wolf from WoW.\r\n\r\nWorgs are copyright Blizzard Entertainment. Art is Tacoma TigressFire.

Image: worried.jpg   546x361 66243 bytes 2005.03.17

Haven't been feeling too good about myself lately. This is a quickie, little therapy art. Simple but cute and reassuring.\r\n\r\nImage Tacoma TigressFire.

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