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Image: Anthrocon_trip1b.GIF   526x400 35180 bytes 2006.05.30

...and after I missed my flight...

Image: Anthrocon_trip1a.GIF   400x624 50234 bytes 2006.05.30

Me at Miami airport, before I missed the flight to Philadelphia on my way to Anthrocon last year.

Image: Adella2.JPG   450x651 26087 bytes 2006.04.16

This was just a experiment to see whether or not my cheap-ass markers had died yet (so far one did). I haven't drawn Adella since 2002! I even had to reference her costume colours! Still this is a cute drawing.

Image: searching.GIF   800x350 84846 bytes 2006.03.31

Hemol is searching for the one man who killed his father. How does this relate to Shun-garre and Shasta remains to be seen.\r\n\r\nThis is the product of many hours on Photoshop/Open Canvas and Microsoft Paintbrush. This pic is actually made up of four separate drawings (Hemol, the distant trees, background trees and two layers of snow). I'm still learning Photoshop, but I'm very happy with this one.

Image: ladies_night.GIF   513x740 117467 bytes 2006.02.28

The background to the Luka pic. This is supposed to be the inside of a stripper club on ladies' night. \r\n\r\nSee if you can find the only guy in the picture (it's not too hard).

Image: faces.GIF   441x500 51310 bytes 2006.01.22

The male characters from my Selene V2 pic for Michael Arctic. Typical male reactions of seeing a member of the opposite sex.

Image: Randome3.GIF   448x500 56666 bytes 2005.12.22

Merry christmas! A very quick drawing of Randome that I like. She looks so cute.

Image: losing_my_centre.GIF   392x550 36366 bytes 2005.12.22

The result of struggling to use a new program and working on two very busy (and hectic) desks at work because of a staff shortage! I was this close to snapping at a few co-workers. This drawing was also converted from a sketch.\r\n\r\nI love the expression!

Image: window_to_the_stars.JPG   700x425 38130 bytes 2005.12.22

The result of fooling around in Photoshop! At last! I know how to combine different drawings into one! Randome's looking out of a window at a planet. I had the original drawing on the PC for at least six months before I figured out how to do this.

Image: one_of_those_days4.GIF   345x500 36107 bytes 2005.12.22

I'm notoriously skinny. This happened last week.

Image: Nancy.GIF   455x600 81240 bytes 2005.12.22

A minor character from my comic series Outer Rim. Nancy is the sixteen year old spoilt daughter of businessman Ralston Grebber (who hasn't been shown as yet). This drawing was converted from a sketch.

Image: burden.GIF   600x366 40458 bytes 2005.12.22

Since last April, I've been given a shitload of responsibility by my father in order to take care of his business while he's out of the country (i.e. Power of Attorney).\r\n\r\nIt's a tremedous responsibility, and I'm just about burnt out...

Image: Hannah_&_Midori_colour.GIF   500x555 70295 bytes 2005.12.22

It's about time I had a coloured pic of Hannah & Midori in this archive! \r\n\r\nI'm happy with this one...but maybe I should have shown Midori's eyes (they're green BTW).\r\n\r\nReupload: Forgot Midori's ears are black!

Image: my_neo_fursona.GIF   259x500 26410 bytes 2005.11.27

I've finally updated my fursona! He's now a dog with glasses. I have a cap that colour...

Image: Shasta3.JPG   374x600 35682 bytes 2005.10.22

She looks so cute! Here's Shasta in Cierra's outfit from the Riviera: the promised land game for Gameboy Advance.\r\n\r\nI'd no idea her hair was so long! This is a pretty quick drawing and colour job that I like.

Image: Randome2.JPG   335x400 25136 bytes 2005.09.23

just a quick drawing of Random that I like.

Image: Randome_coloured.GIF   500x823 77599 bytes 2005.09.23

Finally! I was able to colour this in Photoshop. Minor editing on Randome's face was done as well. I'm just happy to have finished this.

Image: Greer6.GIF   400x450 36312 bytes 2005.09.23

I've finally figured out how to convert sketches into drawings I can upload! Wheeeee!\r\n\r\nThis was done on Open Canvas.

Image: Tina3.JPG   300x354 33636 bytes 2005.08.27

This was really a test to see whether or not my cheap markers had died yet. This was meant to be uploaded around the same time as the Saruko pic.

Image: Shasta2.GIF   380x348 34046 bytes 2005.07.04

An old(ish) pic of Shasta that I forgot to upload. I didn't really like the drawing but with the colouring job, she looks much better.

Image: Saruko.JPG   430x600 38357 bytes 2005.07.04

Pose taken from the "Hot Butts" 2K5 issue of the "Sunday Punch" a local weekly akin to Britain's "Weekend Sun". \r\n\r\nIt's about time I drew someone else from the Ioastra serial I'm doing. I'm very proud of this one. See? Saruko's not always a bitch.\r\n

Image: memories.GIF   600x344 56233 bytes 2005.07.04

Deleted panel for a comic I'm working on.

Image: Kinu.GIF   380x400 44455 bytes 2005.07.04

Kinu in a purple dress.

Image: jumbie_bird_reaper.JPG   600x540 40054 bytes 2005.07.04

The owl, in many countries, is believed to be the barer of death. This is no exception in my own country, where it is said that the hoot of the jumbie(spirit) bird warns a person of his impending death. \r\n\r\nInked with India inks. Tried to sign with the brush too...I'll never do that again.

Image: black_cat_moonlight.JPG   250x252 26592 bytes 2005.07.04

A rather quick drawing and marker exercise.

Image: mousie_t-shirt.GIF   360x575 52061 bytes 2005.04.14

I saw a girl wearing a t-shirt like this one last year and laughed. I just had to draw it.\r\n\r\nMy current best computer coloured pic!! (Done in Open Canvas and MS Paint.)

Image: dilemma.JPG   355x500 30344 bytes 2005.04.14

You're in a stag party, and all of a sudden, one of the strippers asks you for your phone number...\r\n\r\nWhat do you do?\r\n\r\nThis happened to a friend of mine recently.

Image: that_magic_feeling.GIF   276x500 36993 bytes 2005.03.28

You can shoot me now. Yet another love-life inspired pic. You know that feeling you get when after you've talked to a girl you like (but you're not dating yet)?\r\n\r\nInteresting...

Image: Relle3.JPG   500x636 46899 bytes 2005.03.20

My second attempt at inking with a brush (done yesturday at inking class). It's much better though not by much. The swords were done using Sakura microns (I'm not using a brush on those!!)

Image: Shun_garre_in_pink.JPG   400x557 24253 bytes 2005.03.12

This was done at work, in early February. One would think that Shun-garre'd be embarrased to be drawn on pink paper.

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