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Image: Soun.JPG   350x286 16138 bytes 2004.11.28

Enhanced detail from Prep for harvest page 10.

Image: blush.GIF   400x382 44899 bytes 2004.11.27

Detail from morning_follies.GIF

Image: closed_chapter.GIF   400x351 30997 bytes 2004.11.27

The romance is over, she said that I have to move on... \r\n\r\n*sigh* \r\n\r\nI can only hope that I really can...\r\n\r\nIf I do another pic about my love life, please just shoot me...

Image: morning_follies.GIF   500x647 91064 bytes 2004.11.27

I really should stop doing these things to my otter girl, but the inspiration struck me and I had to do this...sorry...

Image: walk_on_by_(her_side).GIF   600x429 68555 bytes 2004.11.27

She told me once that she wished I were older...she said she felt like Stella in "How Stella got her groove back"...*sigh*\r\n\r\nThe character in the background is from my quaint_setting.GIF pic uploaded not too long ago.

Image: Duna_Mohan.JPG   285x375 14603 bytes 2004.11.14

Detail from prep_for_harvest_unfinished2.JPG

Image: mousie_model_pose.GIF   500x548 66265 bytes 2004.11.14

I don't think she's wearing anything underneath that chemise...

Image: tired.GIF   400x429 25750 bytes 2004.11.14

Man, I'm tired...\r\n\r\nThere are some emotions that just drain a person, mentally and physically, I'm just tired of them all...\r\n\r\nLove life troubles still yet again...

Image: Vana.GIF   440x482 62801 bytes 2004.11.14

This is the first picture of Vana all by her lonesome. She hasn't even been introduced or mentionned in the Io-astra comics as yet. *Sigh*\r\n\r\nThis is the 100th pic in my home directory. Whee!!

Image: Syren.JPG   600x712 30774 bytes 2004.10.17

This is Syren's first coloured pic.

Image: no_taxi.JPG   336x500 27058 bytes 2004.10.17


Image: newspaper_follies.GIF   700x584 74519 bytes 2004.09.25

And the lesson learned by my otter girl is, always walk with the house keys when going outside in your undies (I seem to like putting her in embarrassing situations). This was the other pic I had wanted to do for Dainties. \r\n\r\nIdea taken from a Guiness (the alcoholic drink) commercial.

Image: aftermath.GIF   700x405 88808 bytes 2004.09.25

T'was obvious I'd do a follow-up to caught_in_the_act!.GIF. My brother has a shirt the same colour as the wolf does.\r\n\r\nSlightly updated.

Image: Randome.JPG   404x600 23198 bytes 2004.09.24

She looks pretty pissed here, I wonder why?

Image: quaint_setting.GIF   500x674 86538 bytes 2004.08.21

The background was coloured in Open Canvas. Perhaps the building is too yellow...

Image: prelude_to_a_kiss.GIF   500x425 58646 bytes 2004.08.21

A drawing of two characters for a love story that's currently on hiatus.

Image: ninja_fox.GIF   400x469 38426 bytes 2004.07.04

I finally cleaned up the sketch.

Image: happy_cat_(altered).JPG   300x285 14995 bytes 2004.06.10

Altered and coloured pic of my sketch. Coloured in Opencanvas (NOW, I understand Levels)!

Image: Greer5.JPG   602x704 42737 bytes 2004.06.10

Trying Greer at another angle. There are some errors on her though...

Image: east_of_Main_Island.JPG   581x749 97827 bytes 2004.06.10

Spontoon island website submission. I referenced a dugout sailing canoe for this pic.

Image: Greer4.JPG   518x786 29835 bytes 2004.06.10

Trying out, Greer at a different angle. The result is only slightly passable at best, but she still looks cute!!

Image: caught_in_the_act!.GIF   600x511 81784 bytes 2004.05.22

I hope this will never happen to me...

Image: maybe_I'm_stupid.GIF   900x633 128995 bytes 2004.04.25


Image: yes,_can_i_help_you.GIF   490x750 88772 bytes 2004.04.18

I wonder what she was doing before she got disturbed (that's funny, she doesn't look dishevelled at all)\r\n\r\nOriginally this was an idea for Dainties (you know the furry version of Victoria's secret?) I was only able to translate this to paper this year.\r\n\r\nThe true title of this is "yes, I was in the middle of something"

Image: walk_on_by.GIF   600x486 74820 bytes 2004.04.18

"If you see me walking down the street, and I start to cry as soon as we meet..."\r\n\r\nIt's probably painfully obvious that the black fox is now my fursona (yeah but he doesn't wear glasses!)\r\n\r\nLove life troubles again...

Image: my_avatar2.GIF   245x245 3223 bytes 2004.04.18

Detail from my as yet to be uploaded "maybe I'm stupid" pic

Image: Karu_mousedrawn_colour.GIF   400x400 28394 bytes 2004.04.18

First pic coloured totally in Open Canvas (I still don't understand Layers...)\r\n\r\nI like it, and I still have alot to learn...

Image: i_wonder....GIF   550x368 41077 bytes 2004.04.18

I wonder if I'll get the courage to stop doubting myself and actually start going out instead of staying home; I wonder if I'll actually say what I mean to people instead of just keeping things to myself; I wonder if I'll stop letting people taking advantage of me; I wonder if I'll ever start fitting in...

Image: by_the_shining_stars.GIF   410x411 46853 bytes 2004.04.18

It's funny. They say that one is looking into the past when one views the stars; that one is really looking at how the stars looked hundreds of thousands of years ago, depending on their distance...\r\n\r\nIt's really hard to totally grasp, but easy to understand...

Image: bunny_night_sky.JPG   528x734 63599 bytes 2004.04.18

I'm begining to see why, some people have white haired and "dark" furred characters. I like how she looks and with the background, she looks even better.

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