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Image: color-me-rainbow.jpg   400x563 72881 bytes 2005.04.18

A picture I did to test markers out. I hope this is scanned correctly. :( If not please someone tell me! :3\r\n\r\nTaiora Jessie Van Gyzen (That's me! :D)

Image: taioratirbuteasuka.jpg   875x875 198925 bytes 2005.01.29

This is a tribute picture to the great Asuka Soryu Langley from "Neon Genesis Evangelion"--my favorite Anime. Although it's from one of her most pathetic moments, I still love her!\r\n\r\nThis picture took absolutely forever to do, the inking, coloring, shading and bg work all done in Photoshop!\r\n\r\nTaiora Yaganouchi Jessie "Taiora" Van Gyzen \r\nAsuka Langley Soryu, Neon Genesis Evangelion and all related concepts GAINAX

Image: harvester-taibg-copy.jpg   860x912 236575 bytes 2005.01.24

Taiora Yaganouchi Jessie "Taiora" Van Gyzen\r\nHarvesters Brittany Eddy and co.

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