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Image: Reike_pain.jpg   450x500 71417 bytes 2006.03.27

gift for Reike\r\n\r\nReike Kat G.\r\nArtwork Talyn.

Image: headshot.jpg   570x608 63431 bytes 2005.12.31

a headshot simply ^^

Image: Christmas_Tally.jpg   560x614 65254 bytes 2005.12.24

WHERE'S MY WHITE CHRISTMAS?!?!\r\n\r\nfor as long as I can remember I've never had a white christmas it's always snowed before or after it and to me that dosn't count as a white christmas. I'm due at least one right?

Image: Nighty.jpg   420x831 72712 bytes 2005.12.23

my freind Nightstars been after an uncoloured image of her character in anthro form so I've done one for her.\r\n\r\nI'll have to get the coloured version off of her when she's done.\r\n\r\nNightstar Nightstar

Image: Synnabar.jpg   450x689 83582 bytes 2005.12.19

my first real attempt at someone else character. I'm guessing there's flaws but with more practise I'll snag em all.\r\n\r\nSynnabar Synnabar

Image: Christmas_Naughty.jpg   560x616 84552 bytes 2005.12.18

I'm still being bad for now ;}\r\n\r\ngonna open your gift or not?

Image: Christmas_butt.jpg   600x452 79820 bytes 2005.12.17

my christmas art for everyone this year who's hurt me in one way or another. >:} *buttwiggle*

Image: Arbiter-K'tan.jpg   400x747 79106 bytes 2005.12.16

I drew this today shortly after getting my new scanner installed and working.\r\n\r\nK'tans arbiter armor is built for stronger defence of the left side as K'tans fighting style relys on using the left side of her body facing the opponent while her right sid is free for more agile defensive and offensive moves. her weapons are a pair of blade forged from lighting struck silver. \r\n\r\nK'tan Talyn Greywolf

Image: KinaBday.jpg   350x500 57873 bytes 2005.11.30

is it me or since I got a proper desk have I gotten better in a small way?\r\n\r\nanyway this is a belated birthday gift for a freind of mine. she absolutely loved it.

Image: Kalea.jpg   450x500 68938 bytes 2005.11.17

birthday art for my freind Kalea. I would have uploaded it earlier but I was indesposed of yesterday.

Image: the_librarian.jpg   450x500 60483 bytes 2005.11.15

I'm doing some art for a few of my freinds who I don't have alot of contact with, this is for my freind Wolfy and she has an insane amount of books. so to me she's the librarian.\r\nnext up are the enforcer, the shifter and maybe another one.

Image: Nightstar.jpg   500x375 51865 bytes 2005.11.07

gift art for my freind Nightstar, she's one of a few people among my freinds who's ever really stuck by me through thick and thin. \r\n\r\nNightstar Nightstar

Image: newKike_Ref_sheet.jpg   450x550 93956 bytes 2005.11.06

I decided to rework some of my lesser used characters, the first one is another female character I hold dearly, my cheetah Kike.

Image: maycontainnuts.jpg   400x500 46822 bytes 2005.10.23

hehe because I'm a bad wolf deep down. gag inspired by a film I watched yesterday.

Image: I'm_here_too.jpg   550x450 79468 bytes 2005.10.16

gift art for my freind Eluned just 'cause I <3 her to bits and such.

Image: Mazznymph.jpg   300x550 51305 bytes 2005.10.08

my entry in FAX2's masquerade ball, for my chosen one SpazzyMazzy.

Image: Inner_Machinations.jpg   400x450 46335 bytes 2005.09.25

most of what goes through my mind most times.\r\n\r\nXD yes it's a gag from tv.

Image: babyKira.jpg   300x400 70412 bytes 2005.09.25

belated birthday image for my freind Kirazi.\r\n\r\nshe wanted a puppy kira image so I made her one.

Image: nintendogs.jpg   450x350 80116 bytes 2005.09.09

I got a ds and nintendogs recently,(yesterday) so today I thought I'd hop on Sabarika's bandwagon and do myself in an attempt at nintendogs style.

Image: innerspirit.jpg   500x500 64513 bytes 2005.09.05

my first real attempt at something spiritual.

Image: Talhead.jpg   450x450 44680 bytes 2005.09.02

I have no idea how I managed this beleive me...but it is my own work.

Image: bringer_of_the_apocalypse.jpg   640x480 48559 bytes 2005.08.23

random drawing based on something Graywolf said at cabincon. "if ferrets had wings the world would be destroyed".\r\n\r\nso winged ferrets are the harbingers of doom and the bringers of the apocalypse.

Image: Dragon_Handler.jpg   400x400 47870 bytes 2005.08.22

*shrug* Talyn with a li'l ice dragon used for hunting.\r\n\r\nI like ice dragons.

Image: Sakki-sit.jpg   450x450 61801 bytes 2005.08.17

gift art for my freind Sakki.

Image: Karl-burnt.jpg   300x450 35044 bytes 2005.08.12

Karl after he was shot down, he was badly hurt but he's still very much psychotic.

Image: Karl.jpg   300x450 42983 bytes 2005.08.11

WW2 Wolfgangs arch enemy Karl before the crash. even then Karl was a psychotic morphine addict.

Image: Dormy_B-day.jpg   350x450 46506 bytes 2005.08.03

todays Sdhoirms birthday.\r\nrandom <3 and birthday for Dormy!

Image: Tal_Alone.jpg   450x450 34790 bytes 2005.08.01

I've been feeling lonely for a while now..\r\n\r\nat least I get to show off my new markings in anthro form.

Image: Rati-pirate.jpg   350x450 50485 bytes 2005.07.31

art for my freind Ratiries.

Image: Tal-head.jpg   350x450 33831 bytes 2005.07.31

a simple headshot to tie in with the new ref sheet as some people found my nose marking hard to see.

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