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Image: Reike-Nighty.jpg   600x450 56423 bytes 2005.06.17

it's Reike and Nightstars birthdays today so as usual I'm gift arting.

Image: Reike.jpg   480x480 83805 bytes 2004.11.03

gift art for Reike (Corsac here on VCL) 'cause her mom was upsetting her.\r\n\r\nReike Katja "Reike" Grah

Image: Reike_Birthday.jpg   800x800 95669 bytes 2006.06.17

it's Reike's birthday today. as usual birthday art from me ^^.\r\n\r\nyes she has a Talyn voodoo doll because they're cool toys and everyone wants them. XD

Image: Reike_pain.jpg   450x500 71417 bytes 2006.03.27

gift for Reike\r\n\r\nReike Kat G.\r\nArtwork Talyn.

Image: RoA.jpg   350x450 51497 bytes 2005.07.08

random gift art for Rose of Aurora

Image: Rogue1717-bday.jpg   350x450 50190 bytes 2005.05.25

gift art for Rogue1717, it's her birthday today.\r\n\r\ngo give Roguey birthday love now!\r\n\r\nRogue1717 Rogue1717

Image: Sakki-sit.jpg   450x450 61801 bytes 2005.08.17

gift art for my freind Sakki.

Image: sakkinude.jpg   350x480 63482 bytes 2004.06.23

quick digital drawing of my freind Sakura nekkid!\r\n\r\nI mentioned possibly doing this to her last night but I think she didn't take me seriously so I'm kinda doing it both cause I love her to bits and cause I want to prove her long\r\n\r\nSakki belongs to Sakki

Image: Sayh.jpg   480x480 62357 bytes 2005.03.05

gift art for Swandogs hubby Sayh as he dosn't get much gift art.\r\n\r\nSayh Sayh\r\nartwork Talyn Greywolf

Image: Seelin.jpg   500x500 64461 bytes 2006.05.29

long overdue art for my freind Seelin.\r\nI didn't know what she wanted so I went for a simple corset peice.

Image: SHEY-B-DAY.jpg   300x300 34992 bytes 2004.11.03

gift art for Sheyenne it was her birthday and all and I love Shey!\r\n\r\ncharacter Stephenie "Sheyenne" Leong

Image: spare-parts.jpg   640x480 64932 bytes 2005.04.29

poor CyberTal, he's been replaced by a newer model, and now he's a shadow of his former self, his bodyshells been scaveneged for the good parts and he's lost some limbs and other parts to salvagers, now he just lies around waiting for his battery to run out or someone to just take him in and fix him again.\r\nCyberTal Talyn Greywolf

Image: Spirit-Talyn.jpg   350x500 49261 bytes 2005.06.27

I tried to draw myself as a spirit using the colours used for the spirits in brother bear, I'm happy with this and I'm not.

Image: splodies.jpg   500x450 79285 bytes 2005.06.03

a preview of my idea for some head exploding jhonen styled art I might do this weekend.

Image: Starfindergift.jpg   480x640 134934 bytes 2003.11.08

todays StarfinderX's birthday and I completely forgot so this is kind of a last minute jobbie but I think it's alright.\r\n\r\nhappy birthday St@r

Image: Summer_Jackel-gift.jpg   350x450 59709 bytes 2005.05.16

another part to the series I'm doing og Tasteful as possible. this time for Summer Jackel.\r\n\r\nSummer Jackel Summer Jackson

Image: Swandog-bday2.jpg   550x450 65301 bytes 2005.05.26

todays Swandogs birthday, I did something for her even though she told me not too. but it's her Birthday Swannie needs art regardless.

Image: Swandogmotorcycle.jpg   450x450 68988 bytes 2005.05.19

Swandog posts many random things on her LJ sometimes, XD this time she found something that makes me draw something nutty.

Image: Synnabar.jpg   450x689 83582 bytes 2005.12.19

my first real attempt at someone else character. I'm guessing there's flaws but with more practise I'll snag em all.\r\n\r\nSynnabar Synnabar

Image: Tal-head.jpg   350x450 33831 bytes 2005.07.31

a simple headshot to tie in with the new ref sheet as some people found my nose marking hard to see.

Image: Tal_Alone.jpg   450x450 34790 bytes 2005.08.01

I've been feeling lonely for a while now..\r\n\r\nat least I get to show off my new markings in anthro form.

Image: Tal_Refsheet.jpg   480x640 138159 bytes 2003.10.19

this is a quick digital sketch I threw together on my tablet. it's supposed to be a character sheet for my char. but I will make a better one later one honest.

Image: tala-birthday.jpg   480x480 53557 bytes 2004.12.08

art for Tala's birthday, I'm not gonna go into the I'm sorry thing\r\n\r\ncharacter CJ

Image: Talhead.jpg   450x450 44680 bytes 2005.09.02

I have no idea how I managed this beleive me...but it is my own work.

Image: Talyn-ref_05.jpg   640x480 80256 bytes 2005.07.29

my new ref sheet with some new markings along with the old.\r\ndon't ask about the 'pull' tab, you'd have to be someone who went to cabincon to understand, Illahie knows what it's about though XD.\r\n\r\nTalyn/artwork Talyn Greywolf

Image: talyn_neat.jpg   500x912 102572 bytes 2005.07.21

I learnt about line weight at cabincon, big improvement no?

Image: Talyn_refsheet2.jpg   640x480 112327 bytes 2004.11.03

my new ref-sheet which is ALOT better then my old one (that one sucked more then a leech on steroids)\r\n\r\nImage/Character Talyn Greywolf

Image: Talynanime.jpg   480x480 48983 bytes 2006.05.10

I tried to draw anime-ish again....why is it when I try for anime I always do cute? why can't I do gorey?\r\n\r\nlol anyways\r\ncharacter and artwork Talyn\r\n\r\nif anyone cares I'm alwys open for art trades.

Image: talynflamer.jpg   1081x600 95560 bytes 2005.07.21

another cabincon drawing.\r\nI got swarmed by bugs...I really needed a flamethrower.

Image: talynpredmask.jpg   400x400 42517 bytes 2004.08.23

I was bored, and I've been on an AVP hype and ended up making a quick pic of a pred mask based on my char markings.\r\n\r\npredator 20th century fox

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