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Image: Furbid_cubs.jpg   339x450 68290 bytes 2005.08.09

Trying to reduce my pile of art for a future move, so I'm sellling off some original artwork. This is one on Furbid, an original piece of art from my first How to Draw folio.

Image: furbid_HTD_Artica.jpg   451x600 87708 bytes 2005.08.09

How to draw Artica in 4 easy steps. This is taken from my very first How to Draw Extinctioners portfolio that featured various canine types. Now, I'm selling off the original penciled art of this on furbid.

Image: Furbid_red_modelsheet.jpg   450x338 53807 bytes 2005.08.09

Trying to reduce my pile of art for a future move, so I'm sellling off some original artwork. This is one on Furbid, on of my original Extinctioners modelsheets. This one of course is of Red Firefox. Amazing how much my drawing style is changed since then.

Image: furbid_bajer_modelsheet.jpg   450x338 56997 bytes 2005.08.09

Trying to reduce my pile of art for a future move, so I'm sellling off some original artwork. This is one on Furbid, on of my original Extinctioners modelsheets. This one of course is of Bajer, the only full bad guy modelsheet I've done.

Image: furbid_alleycat_modelsheet.jpg   500x374 60813 bytes 2005.08.09

Trying to reduce my pile of art for a future move, so I'm sellling off some original artwork. This is one on Furbid, on of my original Extinctioners modelsheets. This one of course is of Alleycat.

Image: Artica_folio08.jpg   374x500 49727 bytes 2005.07.23

One of Artica's favortie snacks is ice cream and sometimes she gets a little too into it. Problem is, she has to eat it fast before her body's own powers causes the ice cream to go from soft to hard as a rock. (Original up on furbid) Artica copyright S. Howard 2005

Image: FURBID_Radica_nude.jpg   376x500 49459 bytes 2005.07.23

This is Radica, the mechanic and handy coon that lives in a junkyard behind the Fela's home in the Extinctioners comic. The original of this drawing is up for bid on Furbid.

Image: Artica_folio07.jpg   537x700 51595 bytes 2005.06.24

This is what Artica's new costume looks like in the back. Form and function and also up for bid on Furbid. Artica (C) S. Howard 2005

Image: Artica_folio01a.jpg   549x700 75669 bytes 2005.06.21

This is the colored version of the picture on Furbid and I'll soon be offering the first print of this, signed, on Furbid very soon. Overall one of my favorite colored pictures by myself. Doing her white fur took a lot longer than you'd think.

Image: Artica_folio01.jpg   549x700 72379 bytes 2005.06.21

I decided to test the new Furbid by selling the original of this picture and testing re establishing my VCL account (since I keep forgetting my user name and password).\r\n\r\nArtica in a new costume. For sell

Image: May_calendar.jpg   1050x786 130820 bytes 2005.05.03

Here's something a little different, a bad guy, or should I say, gal. This is Harvest, a female bear character that will soon be making an appearance in the Extinctioners comic.\r\n\r\nI like this one because it gave me a chance to draw a different body type. And if you're wondering, the vines in the background and around her are an example of what her powers are. She has the powers to control planet life and can animate them anyway she pleases.\r\n\r\n\r\nHarvest (C) S. Howard 2005

Image: March_05.jpg   1024x774 116744 bytes 2005.04.15

OOps, forgot to post this one. This was March's image. Still working on Aprils (a little more detailed and involved than I originally planned.

Image: Feburary_05cl.jpg   1024x754 157697 bytes 2005.04.12

A month with much lovin' calls for a lot of cats. Max and Kat (C) S. Howard 2005.

Image: Desktop05_01.jpg   800x590 383573 bytes 2005.04.12

Lately, as an attempt to keep myself drawing,since my work load has been keeping me pretty busy, I've decided to do a free desktop calendar image once a month (Granted, I'm really late this month). Most folks talk about artists not giving anything free for the fans, well, sure we do, just sometimes with minor conditions. At anyrate, the primary spot I post these things is on DA, but since I'm actually uploading here figured I'd post here too. Artica (the O.G. artic vixen) (C) S. Howard 2005.

Image: SFOL_003a.jpg   549x800 185427 bytes 2005.04.12

I've been asked when do these strips take place in relation to the comic. They happen very prior to Extinctioners Vol.1 issue 1 (the colored one). This story was briefly mentioned in that issue, but I never really expanded on it. SO, I figured this is the best way to tell stories out side of the continuity that's currently going on in the comic (Now up to it's 14th issue with Shanda Fantasy Arts). Solarfoxes (C) S. Howard 2005.

Image: SFOL_002.jpg   575x800 155551 bytes 2005.04.12

The comic continues. The neat thing about how I'm doing these comics. None of them are actually inked. They're drawn with blue lead pencil, scanned, cleaned up, and colored. Like what you see? Then check out the comic these characters came out of. Solarfoxes (C) S. Howard 2005

Image: SFOL_001.jpg   536x800 81016 bytes 2005.04.12

Yes, I'm still around and still doing art, but my primary posting location has changed since the closing of Yerf to Deviant Art. BUT, this has been a little project I've been working on. Decided to start a little mini online comic between Extinctioners issues. Eventually it'll have a website of its own, but for newer updates check DA, but for now I'm posting them here too. Solarfoxes (C) S. Howard 2005.

Image: Vague_pounce2.jpg   549x700 92309 bytes 2004.11.07

Anatomy study of the skeletal structure of a feline morph. Not easy to do (bones are a pain in the ass) and again a lot of cross referencing of cat skulls and human skeletons. Vague (C) S. Howard

Image: Vague_pounce1.jpg   549x700 140013 bytes 2004.11.07

Picture one of a series of anatomy studies as well as a project for my first t-shirth design. Vague Copyright S. Howard 2004.

Image: Picture_738.jpg   851x1052 145458 bytes 2004.10.05

I made this character for the first male portfolio I ever did and then did nothing with him. In fact, this is the only time I ever drew him and he's still nameless. The idea behind him was he was going to be some kind of ganster/mob boss. Eh, I may use him someday, though probably not. (C) S. Howard 2004 (Old picture)

Image: Picture_255.jpg   681x500 68516 bytes 2004.10.05

A reminder of perhaps the most physically painful year in my life. I had serverly injured both my wrist, typing. I couldn't type let a lone simply hold a pencil in my hand properly for almost 8 months if not more. To this day they still do get stiff if I draw or type for any given time and I can't draw as fast as I used to. Don't remember what anthrocon this is from though. This marked too the last time I had a badge done. I never get around to making one for myself. Tamar (C) S. Howard 2004

Image: Picture_275.jpg   1200x432 124848 bytes 2004.10.05

And tis the end. Yup, I was attempting to build the world and make it interactive with Eric's SOL, but I came to realize the confinds of strip comics just weren't for me. that and I was no comedy writer. I like action and drama and doing short strips was too restrictive for me. I did have the next 2 strips penciled, but I lost them, which really put the nail in my strip attempt. (C) S. Howard 2004.

Image: Picture_281.jpg   1200x451 123265 bytes 2004.10.05

Ah, the beginning of the end. I had this elaborate story all cooked up where Tamar would take Rob to this club where things would go oddly weird and Tamar would meet Darke Katt and a very interesting relationship would develop, and then, I lost interest in doing the comic strip. (C) S. Howard.

Image: Picture_280.jpg   850x301 70867 bytes 2004.10.05

You ever go to someone's house for dinner and have to pretend you like what they cooked? Well, I liked this page, drawing in a more cartoony style is a challenge for me since I like more detail. Thanks to E. Schwartz for doing a Tamar modelsheet for me, because I actually like the way he draws him better than I do. (C) S. Howard 2004

Image: Picture_279.jpg   1148x450 135911 bytes 2004.10.05

Ah, so many characters with potential all victim to a short attention span. (C) S. Howard 2004

Image: Picture_278.jpg   1275x981 287465 bytes 2004.10.05

This one was loosely (Very loosely) inspired by being made the best man of one of my best friends weddings, maybe a week before it took place (It actually was probably in even less time than that). Evidence in my improving compture coloring, but ah, the lense flare. (C) S. Howard 2004

Image: Picture_277.jpg   1213x365 76295 bytes 2004.10.05

Darn those beer commercials. Ebony Tales (C) S. Howard 2004

Image: Picture_276.jpg   781x226 36994 bytes 2004.10.05

More old Ebony Tales. And again dated jokes. Boy looking at these I also see just how much I DIDN'T know about using photoshop. Especially computer coloring and lettering. (C) S. Howard 2004

Image: Picture_274.jpg   1052x619 127116 bytes 2004.10.05

Old comic strip back when I made an attempt to continue my college paper strip online. A very weak attempt, but figured I mind as well keep the files online somewhere. This was back when I got my first computer, so that inspired a lot of these 2 strips. Ebony Tales (C) S. Howard 2004

Image: EX14_p03.jpg   362x560 47792 bytes 2004.08.24

I really wish this one was a little bigger, cause I personally love the facial expression I give CeeCee in panel one. The look of contempt is priceless. Anyway, nothing like living in a household with housemates with powers. (Last preview, wanna see more join one of the yahoo groups). (C) S. Howard.

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