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Image: hunter3.jpg   900x829 205281 bytes 2002.03.18

A human/humanimal team of hunters. Each pair will eventually show up in the Extinctioners comic. While the anthros have names, the humans I'm still working on. Work in progress. Characters copyright S. Howard

Image: hunters2.jpg   323x900 81278 bytes 2003.01.25

This is tracker Streak and her human hunter master. I haven't come up with a good name for him yet, but he's cool looking (for a human). Copyright S.Howard 2003

Image: icephoenix.jpg   457x600 60585 bytes 2003.01.25

Polarex the phoenix of ice and snow. Yes I know ice is a water element, but I felt that the properties of what they do are different enough to make a distinction. Polarex here is a snowy owl. copyright S.Howard 2003

Image: Illayerf.jpg   400x528 59314 bytes 2002.06.19

Illaroo, professional kickboxer, ready's himself for an up coming match. This print is again available on Furbid at

Image: ish2gt1.jpg   354x550 54725 bytes 2002.04.18

I think this is one of my favorite pages I've done. Mostly because it perfectly shows the anthropomorphic qualities of the character. Katherine, while trying to sneek though a vent shaft, finds she's too heavy for one of the panels and falls through. Rather than falling busting her butt and head on the ground, her cat reflexes allows her to twist and arranger herself to safely land on all four. I love the layout of this page too. Howard,Earle, Sully, Blummrich 1998-2002.

Image: ish2gt2.jpg   386x600 82224 bytes 2002.04.18

More old work from 1996. I just realized, that while'll I've done 15 issues of Katmandu, 11 issues of Extinctioners (including the Vision one), about 6 New Horizons, 2 Magic Carpets, a spot in In the Zone, the American Journal of Anthropomoprhics, a Wild Side, and a couple appearances in Hit the Beach I've still got terrible PR (heh). Folks are still asking in surprise that I do anthro art, SO I figure I need to up my net exposure more to get on some of those fav artists list. So I plan to do a lot more uploading from now on. This image from (the now published Extinctioners Vol.2 #1 minus the toning) was done by me, Max, Sully, and Blummrich.

Image: ish2gt3.jpg   386x600 71391 bytes 2002.04.18

Had this one removed from Yerf once. This joint work by me (penicls), Max Blackrabbit (inks), Sully and Blummrich (digital greytoning) was done for the second issue of Extinctioners that was supposed to come out through Vision Comics but never did (though it did come out in pure b&w through Shanda as VOl.2 #1). Fortunately the files for the whole book in its greytoned fashion was saved, but I as told that these were actually once in color but those files were lost. Darn. Anyway, Characters and art by S.Howard. Collab work Earle, Arsaunlt (sorry if I misspelled), and Blumrich

Image: kat18.jpg   319x500 50627 bytes 2002.06.17

Cover COllection: the last of the cover puzzle. Katmandu (C) Carole Curtis

Image: kat19.jpg   316x500 50767 bytes 2002.06.17

Cover collection: My least favorite issue do to so many thing going wrong for me while doing it. All I'll say about the story in this one though is, Rial shoulda got an old fashion, in the back woods of Mississippi, like he stole some money and said bad things about yo momma ass whoppin'.\r\nKatmandu Copyright Carole Curtis

Image: kat20.jpg   318x500 51055 bytes 2002.06.17

Cover Collection: Ooh, I wanted the make that guy leaning against the tree such an Evil SOB. He's still a SOB, but not the six feet under with his head in another county kinda SOB.

Image: katman10.jpg   491x750 66664 bytes 2002.06.17

Cover collection, the following couple of postings will be a collection of comic covers that I've done in announcement of the brand new Shanda Fantasy Arts and of course what better place to start with my first full time comic assignment, Katmandu 10 colored and inked by Shane Fisher (he does all the colors on all these covers btw). Characters copyright Carole Curtis. Oh SFA's new site is at

Image: katman11.jpg   488x750 52732 bytes 2002.06.17

Cover collection. Katmandu copyright Carole Curtis

Image: katman12.jpg   491x750 72397 bytes 2002.06.17

I think this will stand as perhaps my favorite cover for Katmandu I did. Looking back at it, It's funny or realize that I was only 19 when I started on Katamadu. Katmandu copyright Carole Curtis

Image: katman13.jpg   489x750 89798 bytes 2002.06.17

Cover collection: The Katmandu even I only own one copy of. Katmandu copyright Carole Curtise

Image: katman14.jpg   494x750 66630 bytes 2002.06.17

Cover collection: Though I don't know if many people noticed during this particular story arch and all the ones that interrelated with the Terrie Smith run of the book, I did a lot of cross referencing with Terrie's work to make the environment that I had to draw match that of the one she did. A lot of work, but then not many noticed. Katmandu (C) Carole Curtis

Image: katman15.jpg   490x750 77960 bytes 2002.06.17

Cover Collection: I like the effects Shane managed to get with this cover. this cover design also marked the first time I ever had a piece of my work copied and posted somewhere as somebody elses. They turned Liska into a fox. I was actually flattered. Heh, I had become noticable to be copied. Katmandu copyright Carole Curtis

Image: katman16.jpg   487x750 71726 bytes 2002.06.17

Cover Collection: Thorin solutes you. This was the first of three connectable covers which was supposed to be put together for one whole scene. The printers edged the ends a bit so it's sligthly off. The only thing I regret during my inital Katmandu run was I didn't really get the chance to work with Thorin and Leahtrah as much as I would have liked to. Katmandu (C) Carole Curtis

Image: katman17.jpg   485x750 73642 bytes 2002.06.17

cover collection

Image: labencl.jpg   755x1050 118370 bytes 2002.04.16

Ah, the souless pinup. I see so many artists do the standard pinup work with a rather awsome looking character, but then that's all you'll ever see if that character again. Just an one shot pinup. Well that was almost Laben's fate, way back when this was drawn. Now, I've decided to use her again as the blind Tracker Seek in my comic. Pinups are so much more intersting when there's a story behind them aren't they? Laben copyright S. Howard 1996-2002.

Image: LAPDOGMS1.jpg   891x700 157058 bytes 2003.01.25

At one point I was going to make model sheets for my Lost Angles Police Department's Official Guardian Squadron characters, but like many things I have a habit of having a short attention span and never got around the finishing them. The purpose was to job out the art responsibilities to other artists for backup stories in my comic, but of course visual reference would have been needed for that. I've got another penciled, but that's all. character's copyright S.Howard 2003.

Image: lilsheve.jpg   1172x1304 166935 bytes 2003.02.13

Bigger version of Sheve's icon. Cute. :) Chibi's are cool. Copyright Sheve Dark

Image: liltamar.jpg   1098x1074 133500 bytes 2003.02.13

It's me! Tamar! A newer look, sorta chibi idea I played with. Me likes. Tamar copyright S.Howard 2003

Image: March_05.jpg   1024x774 116744 bytes 2005.04.15

OOps, forgot to post this one. This was March's image. Still working on Aprils (a little more detailed and involved than I originally planned.

Image: maxfurbid.jpg   434x576 67204 bytes 2003.02.09

Max well is waiting on furbid for a new home. This tom's just relaxin' with his favorite magazine, PlayFem. Copyright S. Howard (Check it out at

Image: May_calendar.jpg   1050x786 130820 bytes 2005.05.03

Here's something a little different, a bad guy, or should I say, gal. This is Harvest, a female bear character that will soon be making an appearance in the Extinctioners comic.\r\n\r\nI like this one because it gave me a chance to draw a different body type. And if you're wondering, the vines in the background and around her are an example of what her powers are. She has the powers to control planet life and can animate them anyway she pleases.\r\n\r\n\r\nHarvest (C) S. Howard 2005

Image: metallixsm.jpg   445x564 40824 bytes 2003.04.23

A bit of gift art to Metallix. Her character is copyright to her player.

Image: Minime.jpg   90x100 8308 bytes 2003.02.13

A LJ icon for Sheve. Isn't she cute (well if you could see her clearly). Sheve Dark copyright A. Kruger.

Image: newoutfit_copy.gif   488x700 46955 bytes 2004.06.16

Pandora Lee aka Pandamonium from Extinctioners in yet another costume. I swear I just keep changing her outfits, but I think I like this one the best. Still with an Asian fell to it, but much loser for her to be able to fight, since she's more of a kick oriented fighter and swordswoman. Inspired by one of Chun Li's outfits from SF Alpha. Pandora (C) S. Howard 2004

Image: NH5.jpg   493x750 59243 bytes 2002.06.17

Cover Collection: New Horizons issue 5, SFA's anthology book. This cover sports Sega and his lioness love. Created by Mark Merlino, this character and his first story (which appeared in New Horizons 1) was my very first comic assignment and the first time I was ever published (and perhaps my most challenging 5 page story I've ever drawn). Lets just say I watched a lot of Lion King during that assignment. Characters (C) Mark Merlino

Image: onexandgirls.jpg   800x402 107752 bytes 2003.01.07

A clip from Extinctioners issue 10, a battle between the Remalon females (each of a various different race) fighting to save Umnus, the last Remalon male from certain death by the hands of Onex the Chaosbringer. All Characters copyright S. Howard 2003

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