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Image: onice.jpg   340x400 26065 bytes 2002.04.16

Last year I had this little spurt with working with colored pencils, wish I'd stuck with it. But here's a more realistic looking Artica in a blue phase (or the start of one). Copyright S.Howard 2002.

Image: pandora05_01.jpg   528x700 86411 bytes 2005.11.01

Happy Halloween, Pandora in a Chun Li costume, pose inspired by Akimon from the Capcom Design Early Days art book. Pandora Lee copyright S. Howard 2005

Image: phenixinflight.jpg   556x700 107660 bytes 2003.01.25

Last but not least, Phenix, the phoenix of fire. My first phoenix, and maybe the best. As you can see, her design NOW is much different than before thanks to events in Extinctioners #6-10 (expect previews of 12 tomorrow and 12 to be in stores next month). What to see more of her and other avian morphs? Check out her own fan group on Yahoo Groups or the various Extinctioners groups on Yahoo (where I post the bulk of my art). Hey, what do you know, for the first time ever I'm out of upload spaces for the day. Phenix copyright 2003.

Image: Picture_255.jpg   681x500 68516 bytes 2004.10.05

A reminder of perhaps the most physically painful year in my life. I had serverly injured both my wrist, typing. I couldn't type let a lone simply hold a pencil in my hand properly for almost 8 months if not more. To this day they still do get stiff if I draw or type for any given time and I can't draw as fast as I used to. Don't remember what anthrocon this is from though. This marked too the last time I had a badge done. I never get around to making one for myself. Tamar (C) S. Howard 2004

Image: Picture_274.jpg   1052x619 127116 bytes 2004.10.05

Old comic strip back when I made an attempt to continue my college paper strip online. A very weak attempt, but figured I mind as well keep the files online somewhere. This was back when I got my first computer, so that inspired a lot of these 2 strips. Ebony Tales (C) S. Howard 2004

Image: Picture_275.jpg   1200x432 124848 bytes 2004.10.05

And tis the end. Yup, I was attempting to build the world and make it interactive with Eric's SOL, but I came to realize the confinds of strip comics just weren't for me. that and I was no comedy writer. I like action and drama and doing short strips was too restrictive for me. I did have the next 2 strips penciled, but I lost them, which really put the nail in my strip attempt. (C) S. Howard 2004.

Image: Picture_276.jpg   781x226 36994 bytes 2004.10.05

More old Ebony Tales. And again dated jokes. Boy looking at these I also see just how much I DIDN'T know about using photoshop. Especially computer coloring and lettering. (C) S. Howard 2004

Image: Picture_277.jpg   1213x365 76295 bytes 2004.10.05

Darn those beer commercials. Ebony Tales (C) S. Howard 2004

Image: Picture_278.jpg   1275x981 287465 bytes 2004.10.05

This one was loosely (Very loosely) inspired by being made the best man of one of my best friends weddings, maybe a week before it took place (It actually was probably in even less time than that). Evidence in my improving compture coloring, but ah, the lense flare. (C) S. Howard 2004

Image: Picture_279.jpg   1148x450 135911 bytes 2004.10.05

Ah, so many characters with potential all victim to a short attention span. (C) S. Howard 2004

Image: Picture_280.jpg   850x301 70867 bytes 2004.10.05

You ever go to someone's house for dinner and have to pretend you like what they cooked? Well, I liked this page, drawing in a more cartoony style is a challenge for me since I like more detail. Thanks to E. Schwartz for doing a Tamar modelsheet for me, because I actually like the way he draws him better than I do. (C) S. Howard 2004

Image: Picture_281.jpg   1200x451 123265 bytes 2004.10.05

Ah, the beginning of the end. I had this elaborate story all cooked up where Tamar would take Rob to this club where things would go oddly weird and Tamar would meet Darke Katt and a very interesting relationship would develop, and then, I lost interest in doing the comic strip. (C) S. Howard.

Image: Picture_738.jpg   851x1052 145458 bytes 2004.10.05

I made this character for the first male portfolio I ever did and then did nothing with him. In fact, this is the only time I ever drew him and he's still nameless. The idea behind him was he was going to be some kind of ganster/mob boss. Eh, I may use him someday, though probably not. (C) S. Howard 2004 (Old picture)

Image: prev11p1.jpg   453x700 71696 bytes 2002.04.18

Ever wonder what one of my pages look like before its inked, well here it is. I used to, once blueline sketched, go over the work with a regular leaded pencil. Now, i just do all the detail with an either .5 or .7 mechanical pencil blue lead (which ain't the easiest stuff to find mind you).\r\nThe artwork is done on llx17 Pro Blue Line pages, which are 2ply bristle, with an actual art drawing area of 10x15. I buy these pre-bordered paper from my local comic shop. No, I don't have to use these for doing comics, I could just get normal bristle, line and cut them to size, but its more time saving already having guidelines ready for borders. Since the image was larger than my scanner I had to piece two halves together thus the faded center. Art S. Howard characters Ken Singshow.

Image: Prev11p4.jpg   453x700 69149 bytes 2002.04.18

Bumbling no more and often falling prey to her own scheme's Zora is a calculating, visious and darn sexy hottie now. Now that she wasn't before, but when I started writing the character she just started getting meaner and meaner with each panel and boy I gotta tell you I like it. She's the boss and there's no questioning it, get in line or get stomped on. Its funny how sometimes characters write themselves without even trying. I do hope I'm doing Ken proud with my version of her. Go to his VCL account under Ken Singshow to see her and the rest of her crew. Andorozons copyright Ken Singshow and Karabiner copyright Den.

Image: prev11p8.jpg   453x700 100683 bytes 2002.04.18

Its turning Japanese, yes Its turning Japanese I really think so. From issues 11 to 13 Extinctioners will have a bit of a Japanese flavor. That is there'll be a crossover with Japanese Artist Ken Singshow's Andorozons and each issue will sport a cover done by 3 well known Japanses Artists in the fandom (the first by Ken himself, the second by Karabiner and the third is still in the negotiation phase). I love having the chance to draw and play with the Andorozons and their foes the Evil Cat Sisters. Normally they all play off like a comedy, but my version will sport a very more intense version of these happy go lucky characters. I already think I'm falling in love with Zora as a Class A villianese. Meyow. And getting the chance to draw the amazing Den's fursona Karabiner is also a treat. Action from over seas. Yay (and yes, I've already got 11 pages done of the 28 mainstory pages so this issue will actually make it out for its June release on time for a change unless my hands fall off this time, now that they're feeling better to draw). Characters copyright Ken Singshow and Den, art S. Howard 2002.

Image: Richard_Greytail.jpg   513x700 61891 bytes 2005.12.05

This character was originally supposed to be someone else, but the visual design was not accepted, so I recycled him into a character I had not yet drawn in any form, nor named for that matter. This is now, Richard "Dick" Greytail, Sly's father. It's never really mentioned in the comic what exactly happened to Sly's parents and I had never really drawn them before so this was a good excuse to start. Sly is half greyfox and red fox afterall.

Image: samplethis.jpg   450x891 89569 bytes 2002.04.16

Heh, don't ask what inspired this. Lets just say someone had issues with me putting the word "sample" over some art I was auctioning and I put up on an archive as notice. Done back prior to my wrist injury when I could really play with photoshop a lot more.

Image: satorusgarden.jpg   1113x1400 219582 bytes 2002.11.18

My favorite picture of Satoru_Aka and his pet snake. This was a 14x17 pen & ink and marker drawing done for AC acouple of years ago. I had forgotten to take a picture of it, but the buyer was nice enough to send me scans in pieces. I had to put it together again and think I did a pretty good job. Oh, and there are AUCTIONS up on FURBID. Go see

Image: scardraw.jpg   546x800 82496 bytes 2002.02.15

Another pic for my How to draw portfolio, this one various poses of Scarlet. Scarlet Ann Starfox copyright S. Howard 2002 do not redistribute.

Image: Seek1.jpg   503x812 72546 bytes 2005.11.26

Born blind, living in a home for handicapped humanimals has made Seek a bitter young bitch. At the age of 14 she discovered that while blind to the here and now, she could 'see' into the past of any thing or person she touched and concentrated on. A skill she'd use many times to amuse herself to the embarrassment to many of her home nurses. Nothing like having dirty secrets of the night before blabbed out in public. Seek has since been, 'recuited' to use her talents for the glory of the Makers. Seek copyright S. Howard 2005

Image: sfgroup.jpg   1170x850 345468 bytes 2002.01.28

Redford Firefox, Erica "Foxy" Starfox, Slyvester "Sly" Greytail, and Artica Lagopus, the SolarFoxes a band of military brats searching for the mysteries of a time altering wormhole, seen in the pages of Extinctioners.\r\nCharacters and art copyright S. Howard 2002

Image: SFOL_001.jpg   536x800 81016 bytes 2005.04.12

Yes, I'm still around and still doing art, but my primary posting location has changed since the closing of Yerf to Deviant Art. BUT, this has been a little project I've been working on. Decided to start a little mini online comic between Extinctioners issues. Eventually it'll have a website of its own, but for newer updates check DA, but for now I'm posting them here too. Solarfoxes (C) S. Howard 2005.

Image: SFOL_002.jpg   575x800 155551 bytes 2005.04.12

The comic continues. The neat thing about how I'm doing these comics. None of them are actually inked. They're drawn with blue lead pencil, scanned, cleaned up, and colored. Like what you see? Then check out the comic these characters came out of. Solarfoxes (C) S. Howard 2005

Image: SFOL_003a.jpg   549x800 185427 bytes 2005.04.12

I've been asked when do these strips take place in relation to the comic. They happen very prior to Extinctioners Vol.1 issue 1 (the colored one). This story was briefly mentioned in that issue, but I never really expanded on it. SO, I figured this is the best way to tell stories out side of the continuity that's currently going on in the comic (Now up to it's 14th issue with Shanda Fantasy Arts). Solarfoxes (C) S. Howard 2005.

Image: Shadowstalker.jpg   362x900 68976 bytes 2003.04.23

Umnus of the Nightcreeper clan of Remalons. His race are distinct by their facial mask and their blue skin, but must importantly by their ability to teleport. Umnus has taken on the codename of Shadowstalker and is a member of the Extinctioners. copyright S.Howard 2003

Image: shepard_seek.jpg   267x700 55215 bytes 2003.03.08

Shepard the human Hunter and Seek his blind shepard Tracker. Shepard is one of the first human characters I ever made back in 89, though he's changed names (Used to be called the Crimson Commando) and has received today's current hair fashion for African American males. Copyright S. Howard.

Image: shzoe.jpg   511x700 83503 bytes 2003.01.25

Zoe another fan character. I like drawing the more unusual morphs and bats are one of them. I'm not the type that adds the wings on the bat's back or part of the wrist. My bat's wings are actually their fingers (just like real bats, but they have a thumb and one other finger for regular gripping. Zoe is just one of 2 bat characters from the fan spinoffs. They have Yahoo Groups of their own. One called GSIF and one called Extinctioners Season II. Zoe copyright her creator, art and Extinctioners copyright S.Howard 2003.

Image: SkunkExt.jpg   1078x1554 216497 bytes 2002.02.15

MFM Sketch. I don't yet know what to call her, nor do I think I may ever use her, but you never know. She's cute though and I love the costume. Character copyright S. Howard 2002, do not redistribute.

Image: solarfox2cl.jpg   1130x850 283352 bytes 2002.01.28

Scarlet Ann Starfox, The Starfox family, the Lagopus family, Mr. Firefox (parents of the SolarFoxes minus Sly's).\r\nScarlet is a member of both the SolarFoxes and the Extinctioners. Art and characters copyright S.Howard

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