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Image: specterandsweetypop.jpg   522x700 86389 bytes 2003.01.25

Specter and Sweety Pop. Two more fan Extinctioners characters. These were fun to do cause I like doing herps and I need to work on my rabbits. Though, I just realized I forgot the two stripes on Specter's nose so I'll have to correct that and eventually rescan. Darn. Characters copyright their respective creators. Art and Extinctioners copyright S. Howard 2003.

Image: Spitfire.jpg   595x711 75199 bytes 2003.01.25

One kick ass Kimono dragon. Spitfire is my favorite herp I've drawn to date. Don't give this guy a kiss. copyright S.Howard 2003

Image: step2.jpg   697x1027 99240 bytes 2002.04.16

Satoru Aka, a character I play on Tapestry and soon character in my comic. He's a bit of a playboy this redpanda. Always gunning for the ladies with his charm and wild ways. His pet snake at his side for protection, a theft of hearts and cash. Satoru copyright S. Howard 2002.

Image: tamar_sheveVD.jpg   1523x1484 224020 bytes 2003.02.13

This is what I call class doodling. Yup, drew this while in a very boring grad class. I liked how this came out. I'm not usually into chibi drawing, but this ended up looking a lot cuter. Just me daydreaming again. Tamar (C) S.Howard, Sheve (C) A. Kruger

Image: tamarmad.jpg   391x497 42810 bytes 2003.04.18

A new picture I did for my LJ. This one expressing the emotion of angre and envy. Tamar SMASH! Copyright S. Howard 2003

Image: tamarouchiesm.jpg   368x401 28363 bytes 2003.04.18

Another Icon for my LJ, this one expressing the emotions of pain and disappointment as well as not feeling good. And baby, there's no pain worst to a man than that kind of pain. Copyright S.Howard 2003

Image: tamarVD.jpg   862x1531 124360 bytes 2003.02.13

You know what VD means. What the hey, when in Rome. :D\r\nTamar copyright S.Howard 2003 (sporting the new Bills jersey with a number worthy of replacing my old #12).

Image: teampinup.jpg   632x800 132748 bytes 2003.03.08

Started out as a simple pinup of Phenix turned into a really interesting group pinup. I left the inking and lines very loose and open to make computer coloring easier. May see about making this one a poster or t-shirt design. Extinctioners copyright S. Howard2003

Image: techmice.jpg   900x636 147626 bytes 2004.06.16

This is a very special picture. This is a pic of Micro and his 3 brothers Slash, Flash, and Short. His bros were the dream children of my good friend Larry Wise who created them in a very moving fan fiction that I now consider part of his actual history. To read it you have to be a member of Club Extinctioners. This was a very fun picture to draw and hope to color it soon. Micro (C) S. Howard. Slash, Flash, Short (C) S.Howard & Larry Wise 2004.

Image: trackergroup.jpg   545x700 114439 bytes 2003.03.08

Finally a group shot of my future bad guys in the Extinctioners comics. Collectively they are called Trackers, one's how hunt out other metapowered humanimals and brings them in for their masters. In order clockwise from the top left hand corner: Eve (monkey), Twister (zebra), Farsight (giraffe), Seek (german shepard), Harvest (bear), Bajer (ratel), Spitfire (kemodo dragon), Streak (cheetah), Wylde (lynks),and Trojan (pegasus). Open line art for computer coloring. Characters copyright S.Howard 2003 (check for more stuff).

Image: tyrranie.jpg   451x700 64713 bytes 2003.01.07

I'm thinking of adding some dinosaurs to my comic. This is my first design. I'm so far using the working name for her as Tyranne Majestrix. Copyright S. Howard 2003

Image: uniform_alleycat.jpg   709x999 87203 bytes 2005.09.17

Alleycat (c) S. Howard 2005

Image: uniform_artica.jpg   518x973 76710 bytes 2005.09.17

Artica Lagopus copyright S. Howard 2005

Image: uniform_Blaquestrype.jpg   469x700 74935 bytes 2005.12.05

Bajer Blaquestrype is an unusual humanimal in the ranks of the Hunters. He, unlike his other humanimal collegues, has reached a higher ranking of Beta Hunter rather than a Tracker. This means he is given more freedoms and perks that the others don't. His primary responsibility is finding other 'recuites' and bring them in. He is also granted independent agent status, being able to freely come and go as he pleases because he's proven himself to be loyal. And why not? He's got it made, luxury, authority, perks, and power. \r\n\r\nPrior to his current position he was a mod boss anyway, so ordering people around and doing under handed things is nothing new to him at all. He'd sell his mother for a profit.

Image: uniform_copycat.jpg   540x900 63395 bytes 2005.09.17

Maxwell Manx aka Copycat copyright S. Howard 2005.

Image: uniform_Farsight.jpg   446x700 68334 bytes 2005.12.05

Motivated by pride, self-interest, and personal gain Farsight was easy to bring on board with the proper motivation of self-fulling rewards, Of course things were more than he bargained for when he learned the real truth. Now it's debatable whether he follows orders willingly or if he too is under mental manipulation like Twister is. Farsight has the ability to project powerful energy beams from his eyes at will.

Image: uniform_forcewave.jpg   474x655 125862 bytes 2005.09.17

Walice Weazel copyright S. Howard 2005

Image: uniform_Harvest.jpg   622x849 116584 bytes 2005.11.26

To say that Harvest grew up rich and spoiled would be an understatement. The daughter of a government dictator Harvest has been used to getting her way with people. That is except from her father, who keeps his precious flower under very tight reigns. When kidnapped, one would think that she'd want to do what ever possible to get free, but instead she found it the perfect opportuntiy to get back at her over'bearing' parent. Harvest controls living plant life and can cause plants to instantly grow and animate by thought. Harvest copyright S. Howard 2005

Image: uniform_micro.jpg   800x1200 90918 bytes 2005.09.17

Micro WhiteEye AKA Micro copyright S. Howard 2005

Image: uniform_mindswipe.jpg   438x649 143233 bytes 2005.09.17

CeeCee Reese copyright S. Howard 2005

Image: uniform_pandora.jpg   847x1050 266872 bytes 2005.09.17

Pandora Lee aka Pandamonium copyright S. Howard 2005

Image: uniform_phenix.jpg   834x1050 128313 bytes 2005.09.17

Phenix copyright S. Howard 2005

Image: uniform_red.jpg   439x700 158375 bytes 2005.09.17

Redford "Red" Firefox copyright S. Howard 2005

Image: uniform_sly.jpg   423x700 51406 bytes 2005.12.05

This is Slyvester Greytail, son of Richard Greytail. Sly is also the first cousin of Redford Firefox. Sly was always a shy and quite todd, who would often bury himself in his schoolwork and his love, starship mechanics. His studies in school were that of engineering and forensics. Sly loves a mystery be it of a technological origin or humanimal made. Like Foxy, Sly was not born with any special powers like his cousin Red, but he is a very intelligent inventory and detective.\r\n

Image: uniform_starfox.jpg   938x906 130348 bytes 2005.09.17

Scarlet Ann Starfox copyright 2005

Image: uniform_Streak1.jpg   597x812 98009 bytes 2005.11.26

Growing up poor and abandoned by her parents, Streak and her two older brothers found that they had to fend for themselves in the concrete jungle of Lost Angels. But soon, even that small sense of family left her as her brothers too would soon leave her alone. Poor and hungry, Streak would learn to use her abilities of enhanced speed (even faster than that of a normal cheetah) to steal her daily bread to survive. So when the opportuntiy of a better and more stable life was given to her, she jumped at the chance to finally find purpose in her life and a warm bed to sleep in. Even if she was asked to do things that would be seen as questionable to others. It didn't matter to her, her youth taught her the rule of the world was survival of the fittest. Streak copyright S. Howard 2005

Image: uniform_trojan1.jpg   582x800 90964 bytes 2005.11.26

Once a Commanding officer in the peagus flight patrol of Maelstrom's army in Eden, he was casts out of the garden and into the regular world once Unicor regained control. Now, on Alden, he usually tries to keep a low profile, since peaguses don't just walk around (he being of a mythical race). But when the offer to join a group that could help him get revenge on those that helped bring down Maelstrom's rule (and thus his position of luxury) he jumped at it. Aside from the ability of flight his wings give him, Trojan is 4 times stronger than the average equin. Trojan copyright S. Howard 2005

Image: uniform_Twister.jpg   562x849 89511 bytes 2005.11.26

Zelda Equinus is the adopted daughter of President Equinus of the United Species. Kidnapped during the inital kidnappings by the Maker's Hunter robots, Zelda has been under the influence of her captors ever since. Now known as Twister, she follows the orders of the Makers without question. Twister can control air currents that allows her to generate strong gusts of wind at hurrican speed and force if necessary. It also allows her the ability to fly on the air currents with the aid of her costume. Twister is copyright S. Howard 2005

Image: uniform_umnus.jpg   1006x1022 133485 bytes 2005.09.17

Umnus aka Shadowstalker.

Image: uniform_vague.jpg   826x771 75474 bytes 2005.09.17

Once again doing some character studies and uniform tweeks for a future project. Many more to come after this one. Vague (C) S. Howard 2005.

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