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Image: bicentennial.jpg   300x463 36434 bytes 2000.08.29

Pic number one in a set of five, each displaying a different character from a comic book I've been planning for about a year now. This is Asazi Davis, a black widow fur...well, read the profile on her picture. The comic's basic idea deald with five people, all from different time eras and worlds, who must come together to defeat evil!'s cliched, but the comic really is nifty. Too much detail to put here. Anyhow, her and the comic idea are both (c) me.\n

Image: windsongv2.jpg   585x654 57360 bytes 2000.08.25

My most famous Beast Wars character, Windsong, in another reincarnation. I play her at various MU*S, and this just happens to be a sketch of her BWShadow World self. Nifty, eh? I didn't draw the feathers in her wings because..I'm not that talented. ^_^;; Windsong is, and forever will be (c) me.\n

Image: wes.jpg   650x1614 66302 bytes 2000.08.25

It's Wes of Limp Bizkit, as a bunny. Nothing special here. Wes is (c) himself, the pic's (c) me.\n

Image: violence.jpg   420x303 23091 bytes 2000.08.25

My scanner FUBARed up the colors. Bah. They're prettier in RL. Anyways, drew it after another fight with my mom. *grumble* Can't stand that...anyways, the pic, and myself, are (c) me.\n

Image: todd.jpg   320x399 24051 bytes 2000.08.25

It's a Pikamorph. Named Todd. Who has a flare for brightly colored clothing. >o^_^o< I should be sketching out the rest of this guy's family sometime soon. If not, blame it on the fact that I'm lazy. :P Anyways, this neat little fellow is (c) me.\n

Image: spazz-napster.jpg   439x530 34972 bytes 2000.08.25

My multi-colored snow leopard char, Spazz, supporting Napster. Weee! Napster's (c) itself, and Spazz is (c) me.\n

Image: sleep.jpg   600x520 37758 bytes 2000.08.25

I was majorly having a bad day when I drew this. -_-; Some random furry girl, dead after using her own blood to write on the wall. She's (c) me, as is the picture.\n

Image: shock-jigglypuff.jpg   439x488 33994 bytes 2000.08.25

Aftershock of BWTM MUSH, doing what he does best. Beating up on helpless Jigglypuffs. Shock's (c) himself, the Puff's (c) Nintendo or something, and the pic's (c) me. Done on request.\n

Image: rach-rich.jpg   335x389 41781 bytes 2000.08.25

Requested pic of some girl from my school and her boyfriend. They're (c) themselves, and the pic is (c) me.\n

Image: rabid_twinkies.jpg   673x427 27906 bytes 2000.08.25

Inside joke between me and Fallen Angel. *giggles* Anaconda, the evil snake goddess, torturing my Utahraptor character, Velise, by making a hoard of rabid twinkies attack the poor dino. The pic and characters are (c) me.\n

Image: pictures.jpg   452x623 66150 bytes 2000.08.25

Me, just looking over some old pictures from my past. Hmm. I'm (c) me, and the guy in the pic is (c) himself, wherever he is now...\n

Image: pain.jpg   395x402 33943 bytes 2000.08.25

Shifting into my freak mode is a painful ordeal, due to the fact my internals and externals change. *wince* But after the pain's all over, it's worth it. I'm (c) me.\n

Image: moomba.jpg   462x640 32248 bytes 2000.08.25

It's a Moomba! I'll be apping her at FFMUX sometime soon, hopefully, once I get an idea. o_o;; She's (c) me.\n

Image: me-there.jpg   385x448 42514 bytes 2000.08.25

Just a pic of me, in freak form, standing there. Weee. I'm (c) me.\n

Image: me-tentacles.jpg   385x388 30341 bytes 2000.08.25

Don't you just -hate- when you're walking down the street, and a tentacle beast randomly attacks you? Oy. The pic, as usual is (c) me.\n

Image: me-kill_you.jpg   450x528 49746 bytes 2000.08.25

Ahhh. Eminem is such a stress reliever for me. So, here I am, screaming out the lyrics to Kill You. I'm (c) me, and the song is (c) Eminem.\n

Image: marshawn.jpg   438x658 21479 bytes 2000.08.25

A requested pic by a guy that goes to my school. He wanted to be drawn as a tiger, so, here it is. I got an inked-in version somewhere. Pic is (c) me, Marshawn is (c) himself.\n

Image: Lav2.JPG   335x467 36049 bytes 2000.08.25

My echidna character, Lavender, showing off what she can do with her cybernetic half. The crazy dreadlocked chick is (c) me.\n

Image: kyle-water.jpg   385x562 38267 bytes 2000.08.25

Kyle just stepping out of the shower. ^_^ Phoenix likes this one. The studly wolf boy is (c) me.\n

Image: kyle-fight.jpg   610x626 31130 bytes 2000.08.25

Kyle smacking some panther fella around, after the feline insulted his girlfriend. Yep. The pic and characters are (c) me.\n

Image: k-squall.jpg   371x698 26239 bytes 2000.08.25

Just a sketch of my wolf character Kyle dressed as Squall from FFVIII (that's 8, for you non Roman numeral people). He's (c) me, and the whole Squall concept is (c) Squaresoft.\n

Image: kod-attack.jpg   650x1077 66896 bytes 2000.08.25

Me, in freak form, about to unload a can of whoop-aft on some poor dude shifting into a full cheetah form. Wee. The pic's (c) me.\n

Image: hannah.jpg   415x622 43162 bytes 2000.08.25

Bwahahahaha! A pic of one of my alter-egos, Hannah. ^_^ She's a female version of Hannibal Lector. Yet another crappy computer colored pic. Anyone got tips on how to computer color? They're be appreciated.. *puppy dog eyes* Anyways, Hannah's (c) me.\n

Image: freak-kid.jpg   315x478 33739 bytes 2000.08.25

A pic of my...uh.. child(looooong story) when she was a little fetus-freak-thing. Yep. Her name's Lusus. She's a hybrid of gerbil, leech, hyena, bat, wolf, goldfish, and tiger. She's (c) me.\n

Image: Erzai2.jpg   500x430 30169 bytes 2000.08.25

A pic (computer colored, how ucky) of my only Star Wars character, Erzai. Her left eye is all colored in like that because she's blind in it. Yeah. And yes, she is carrying a double-bladed lightsaber. :) She's (c) me.\n

Image: Elle_Jay.jpg   320x461 33737 bytes 2000.08.25

A cute pic of my main characters, Elle (Jupa) and Jay (James) in civilian clothing. They're actually behaving, for once. Wow. :) The two wolves are both (c) me.\n

Image: busride.jpg   747x674 50615 bytes 2000.08.25

Erf.. *eartwitch* Darn choir field Florida even last year... This is what I spent the entire trip thinking about. ^_^; Darn my friends who set me up to sit with the cutest guy in choir, who -just- happens to sleep in nothing but a pair of boxers.. o_o The pic, and myself, are (c) me, the fella's (c) himself.\n

Image: burn.jpg   515x443 35951 bytes 2000.08.25

A Crow-inspired picture, drawn during one of my depression days. :P Picture (c) me, lyrics are (c) The Cure. I think I have a colored version lurking around here somewhere...\n

Image: boys.jpg   602x657 69384 bytes 2000.08.25

Just a pic of two random guys, who probably go to my character Kyle's school. Yep. These two nameless fellows are (c) me.\n

Image: BladeL.JPG   473x807 37189 bytes 2000.08.25

Pic of my one lupine character, Lupa (or Elle) as Blade. Nifty! She's (c) me.\n

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