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Image: kyle-water.jpg   385x562 38267 bytes 2000.08.25

Kyle just stepping out of the shower. ^_^ Phoenix likes this one. The studly wolf boy is (c) me.\n

Image: Lav2.JPG   335x467 36049 bytes 2000.08.25

My echidna character, Lavender, showing off what she can do with her cybernetic half. The crazy dreadlocked chick is (c) me.\n

Image: marshawn.jpg   438x658 21479 bytes 2000.08.25

A requested pic by a guy that goes to my school. He wanted to be drawn as a tiger, so, here it is. I got an inked-in version somewhere. Pic is (c) me, Marshawn is (c) himself.\n

Image: maxwell-c.gif   328x384 20534 bytes 2002.09.30

Part of my art trade with Shinigami_Maxwell from the forum. I hope he likes it!! ^_^ Shinigami is copyright his creator, and the pic itself is copyright me, like it says.

Image: me-dreams.jpg   500x300 37861 bytes 2000.09.26

I know I can't be there, but baby it's all right... I'm in love with a song off of Boyz II Men's new album. It's called 'Dreams', and the lyrics on the side of the pic are from it. The song, haunting and memorable as it is, has a special meaning for me. *PEERS at Fallen Angel* And don't go spreadin' stuff, either. ^_^;; Anywho, I'm (c) me and the lyrics are (c) Boyz II Men.\n

Image: me-kill_you.jpg   450x528 49746 bytes 2000.08.25

Ahhh. Eminem is such a stress reliever for me. So, here I am, screaming out the lyrics to Kill You. I'm (c) me, and the song is (c) Eminem.\n

Image: me-spawn.jpg   300x253 22804 bytes 2000.10.24

Well, after watching the cartoon Spawn for the first time last night, I had to draw this. :D I never knew Spawn was such a cool show...suppose I'll have to rent the movie now, to compare. This picture took me all day to ink in, and I was -so- glad when I finished! I like the chains, myself. Spawn's (c) Todd McFarland (sp?), and the pic's (c) me.\n

Image: me-tentacles.jpg   385x388 30341 bytes 2000.08.25

Don't you just -hate- when you're walking down the street, and a tentacle beast randomly attacks you? Oy. The pic, as usual is (c) me.\n

Image: me-there.jpg   385x448 42514 bytes 2000.08.25

Just a pic of me, in freak form, standing there. Weee. I'm (c) me.\n

Image: me-wings.jpg   575x300 31172 bytes 2000.09.14

It's me, in freak mode (although you can't really tell), with wings flared out. Yes, I'm naked, but smeggit you can't see anything. ^_^ Normally my hair isn't silver but I thought it was a nice touch. Scanner ate the pretty shiny color, though. *mutter* Anyways, I do like how the wings turned out. As always, I'm (c) me and whatever lab I was created in...\n

Image: millennium.jpg   287x370 23971 bytes 2000.08.29

Ahhh...the last picture. This is Harmony Bluepool, also known as Millennium, holder of the Aqua stone. She's from another world, unlike the others, who are from different time periods on earth. Harmony is (c) me.\n

Image: millennium2.jpg   335x382 29406 bytes 2000.08.29

Pic of Harmony (Millennium) in different poses. She's my fave of the five characters on the team. Harmony's (c) me.\n

Image: mine_bw.gif   448x442 20124 bytes 2002.09.16

Grrr! Cursed NECA has delayed the making of the xXx action figured! I am displeased, since work on my miniature Vin Diesel army will be pushed back. It's a pic of me in my wolfie form (no freak this time, too lazy to draw wings and scales and whatnot), about to catch one of the figures. Mine! Copyright info on picture, please do not redistribute or post elsewhere without my permission. Thank you, drive through!

Image: moomba.jpg   462x640 32248 bytes 2000.08.25

It's a Moomba! I'll be apping her at FFMUX sometime soon, hopefully, once I get an idea. o_o;; She's (c) me.\n

Image: moonshadow.jpg   300x353 17462 bytes 2000.10.04

It's Moonshadow, my friend Shock's werewolf character. Eh..the pic's all right, but it's not one of my best. I might re-do it, when I get the time and motivation. ^_^ Anywho, the pic is (c) me, but the char itself is (c) Aftershock@BWTM.\n

Image: pain.jpg   395x402 33943 bytes 2000.08.25

Shifting into my freak mode is a painful ordeal, due to the fact my internals and externals change. *wince* But after the pain's all over, it's worth it. I'm (c) me.\n

Image: pictures.jpg   452x623 66150 bytes 2000.08.25

Me, just looking over some old pictures from my past. Hmm. I'm (c) me, and the guy in the pic is (c) himself, wherever he is now...\n

Image: pirates.jpg   385x300 20815 bytes 2000.10.24

Arrr, me mateys! ^_^ Just a cute pic of Velise (the raptor chick), my 'daughter' Lusus (the little girl sitting on her shoulder), and my pet tentacle beast Skippy out on a 'real' pirate adventure! This is the sketch, I suppose I'll have to get off my lazy butt and ink it in sometime.. The pic and characters are (c) me.\n

Image: purple-kanga.jpg   200x326 14055 bytes 2000.10.04

It's...a purple kangaroo! Sort of inspired by the purple kangaroo on Blue's Clues. I decided to make him Native-American, although you can't really tell.. but I like the turquoise jewelry he's wearing. The nameless kangaroo boy is (c) me. \n

Image: rabid_twinkies.jpg   673x427 27906 bytes 2000.08.25

Inside joke between me and Fallen Angel. *giggles* Anaconda, the evil snake goddess, torturing my Utahraptor character, Velise, by making a hoard of rabid twinkies attack the poor dino. The pic and characters are (c) me.\n

Image: rach-rich.jpg   335x389 41781 bytes 2000.08.25

Requested pic of some girl from my school and her boyfriend. They're (c) themselves, and the pic is (c) me.\n

Image: shock-jigglypuff.jpg   439x488 33994 bytes 2000.08.25

Aftershock of BWTM MUSH, doing what he does best. Beating up on helpless Jigglypuffs. Shock's (c) himself, the Puff's (c) Nintendo or something, and the pic's (c) me. Done on request.\n

Image: sleep.jpg   600x520 37758 bytes 2000.08.25

I was majorly having a bad day when I drew this. -_-; Some random furry girl, dead after using her own blood to write on the wall. She's (c) me, as is the picture.\n

Image: spazz-disco.jpg   217x500 18801 bytes 2000.10.04

Crazy Spazz likes the strangest things, and disco is no exception. I..don't care for the 'fro, but it's good enough for now. Yepyep. I do like the suit though. And the rose-tinted glasses. Spazz the insane, drug using, multi-colored snow leopard is (c) me.\n

Image: spazz-napster.jpg   439x530 34972 bytes 2000.08.25

My multi-colored snow leopard char, Spazz, supporting Napster. Weee! Napster's (c) itself, and Spazz is (c) me.\n

Image: tasmanian_wolf.jpg   300x445 20530 bytes 2000.10.24

It's just a random, nameless Tasmanian wolf girl (even though Tas. wolves aren't really wolves, they're marsupials...) who looks like she'd be friends with Fallen Angel's character, Gwen the chessie cat. ^_^ I should name her. Ah well. All in due time... She's (c) me.\n

Image: timegroup.jpg   335x447 37481 bytes 2000.08.29

Group shot of the time furs. No official team name for them yet. :P But I'm sure I'll come up with something. Hopefully. The characters are all (c) me.\n

Image: todd.jpg   320x399 24051 bytes 2000.08.25

It's a Pikamorph. Named Todd. Who has a flare for brightly colored clothing. >o^_^o< I should be sketching out the rest of this guy's family sometime soon. If not, blame it on the fact that I'm lazy. :P Anyways, this neat little fellow is (c) me.\n

Image: turbulence.jpg   310x421 36826 bytes 2000.11.14

Actually colored in/inked the sketch I did of Turbulence. Fun with colored pencils and gel pens! Weee! *peers* I'm trying to teach myself to use one of those blending pencil things, and I think I did a pretty good job. Woo. Turby's (c) Snowdrift@BWTM and the pic's (c) me, just like it says on the pic. Oh, before I forget, he's supposed to be an eagle! NOT a hawk! ^_^;;\n

Image: violence.jpg   420x303 23091 bytes 2000.08.25

My scanner FUBARed up the colors. Bah. They're prettier in RL. Anyways, drew it after another fight with my mom. *grumble* Can't stand that...anyways, the pic, and myself, are (c) me.\n

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