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Image: _dogsofwar.jpg   958x599 115273 bytes 2008.11.07

A line-up I did of indies rival band, Dogs of War. I happen to love these guys, even if they are major douchebagles when it comes to dealing with Our Fearless Leader.\r\nSo be it!\r\n\r\nMarc, Floyd, Wesley, Justin, Dogs of War, Art Tanginello\r\nBrush from v-brush

Tags: mac floyd wesley justin dogs of war dow  
Image: _ID.gif   489x801 61897 bytes 2008.11.07

Created because I felt, with a huge change in my life, I needed a new ID.\r\n\r\nI happen to own that ace tie and be in need of a haircut.\r\n\r\nTanginello + Art Tanginello

Tags: Tanginello  
Image: _ravin.jpg   707x719 121056 bytes 2008.11.07

Recently compelted image of Domon and Sierra. They are probably my least drawn couple, even though they are the oldest and most essential to the OFL story. Oh well.\r\nDomon's horrible shirt is based off some rainboots I own.\r\n\r\nDomon, Sierra, Art Tanginello\r\nTexture from\r\nBrushes from v-brush

Tags: domon sierra our fearless leader ofl  
Image: _fujitori.jpg   626x853 84258 bytes 2008.11.07

Older image of my Fujiwara (coyote/dragon on the left) and Casey's Tori. One of our many couples.\r\nI <3 Fuji. A lot.\r\n\r\nToribio Casey (Mochizuki @ devART)\r\nFujiwara, Art Tanginello\r\nBrushes probably from vbrush

Tags: fujiwara tori  
Image: _sunrise.jpg   941x556 72628 bytes 2008.11.07

Lee Jin and Masahiro, back when Masa was still in Korea.\r\nThey are like, one of my favorite couples ever. Also they are adorable and I love sunbursts.\r\n\r\nLee Jin, Masahiro, Art Tanginello

Tags: Lee Jin Masahiro Our Fearless Leader OFL  
Image: _spacetravel!.jpg   664x778 90035 bytes 2008.11.07

Old lineart from May or so of Solex. Figured I'd color up something of him since a lot of people seem to like him.\r\n\r\nSolex, Kayorin, Art Tanginello\r\nBrushes from v-brush

Tags: Solex Kayorin Space Pirate  
Image: _MxRx1000.jpg   492x852 76115 bytes 2008.11.07

Casey's Mark on the left and my Regome on the right.\r\nOoold lineart from May that I colored and cleaned up.\r\nThese two are super cute together.\r\n\r\nMark Casey (Mochizuki @ devART)\r\nRegome + Art Tanginello\r\nBrushes from v-brush

Tags: regome  
Image: schemingtricks.jpg   797x641 124808 bytes 2008.08.24

Finally, some personal art.\r\nFeatured here are two bffs, Artemis and Dytremi, united by their crush on NYC architect Lance Dragonstarr. Also probably their love of posing in front of Victoria's Secret bags, I don't know.\r\nBut they're cute and trendy and go clubbing and I love them, so.\r\n\r\nArtemis design by ~Warreh\r\nDytremi design by ~crocosmile\r\nArt & Characters © Tanginello

Tags: artemis dytremi cat wolf  
Image: Happy_Holidays_by_Tanginello.jpg   1029x720 236569 bytes 2008.04.03

My 'Happy Holidays' piece from December '06. Featured are the ten most main characters from the Our Fearless Leader story project, tentatively called 'All the Young Dudes'.\r\nFROM LEFT TO RIGHT THEY ARE: Masahiro, Domon, Sierra, Kazuki, Takeru, Hideaki, Solex, Zander, Lance, and Kapu.\r\nI have no idea why their legs are so awkwardly long. Also, some of these characters have seen some design overhaul since this was created, so. Not a very accurate picture.\r\nBut man did it take FOREVER.\r\n\r\nAll characters, art, etc Tanginello

Tags: Masahiro Domon Sierra Kazuki Takeru Hideaki Solex Zander Lance Kapu OFL  
Image: kitsumasa_copy_2.jpg   511x573 77204 bytes 2008.04.03

Oldoldold art drawn of Masahiro Hayashi, the lead guitarist of Our Fearless Leader. Only I drew him as a kitsune (continuing a series where I drew him as a dragon and was planning on drawing him as some other stuff)\r\nI did this to cheer myself up and to decide how I liked his left-handed flying-V, Catharsis.\r\nOriginally, there was a fiery background, but it sucked, so I cut out the part with Masa and Catharsis and put it on a piece of colored paper. I rather like it now.\r\n\r\nMasahiro & Art Tanginello

Tags: Masahiro Hayashi Kitsune OFL  
Image: sameboat2.jpg   769x653 104408 bytes 2008.03.30

For a contest held by wulfofapocalypse, we were given the theme of either sea or air pirates. My love of drawing boring little clouds of course dictated that I draw air pirates.\r\nI picked her character Shard and my character Kapu for the piece because of their similar experiences. I had fun with this.\r\nIt's interesting to see Kapu in non-spacey pirate clothes. He's a pretty bland dresser.\r\n\r\nShard wulfofapocalypse\r\nKapu, Kayorin, Art Tanginello

Tags: pirates kapu kayorin  
Image: fekulamon.jpg   552x500 88113 bytes 2008.03.29

VCL's own Magnus held a digimon fan-character contest over on dA a year or two ago. It seemed like a good excuse to do a new picture of my Fekulamon soo.. I did.\r\nI used prismas pencils, watercolor pencils, and prisma markers on this thing. It was a beast.\r\nI used it in the portfolio I sent to USC, actually. I still kinda like this one.\r\n\r\nFekulamon & Art Tanginello

Tags: Fekulamon  
Image: anthromatsu.jpg   463x820 97632 bytes 2008.03.29

Another oold piece I still kinda like, this time feat. an anthrofied version of my six-legged critter, Amatsu. It had been awhile since I worked with colors like that, so this piece was A LOT OF FUN. if not really tedious.\r\n\r\nAmatsu & Art Tanginello\r\nBrushes from

Tags: Amatsu  
Image: kapu.jpg   500x575 75897 bytes 2008.03.29

Another oekaki piece which I happen to still like quite a bit. More of those trippy backgrounds I like, and an appropriately rainbow'd Kapu. It felt good to go back and draw him on SRAO one last time (seeing as that's the board he first really came to exist on).\r\n\r\nKapu, Kayorin, Art Tanginello

Tags: Kapu Kayorin Space Pirate OFL  
Image: psyentificstudy.jpg   550x425 60910 bytes 2008.03.27

Another old oekaki (it's been so long since I oekaki'd), this time of Domon's old design. He's gotten a haircut/done away with his dye job since this pic.\r\nStill liking the outfit design. That paisley design (somewhat inspired by a guitar owned by Hideto Matsumoto) is around quite a bit these days.\r\n\r\nDomon, Our Fearless Leader, Art Tanginello

Tags: Domon Tekuya Ren Kobayashi OFL  
Image: parallel.jpg   422x618 89369 bytes 2008.03.27

An old old old old old picture of Parallel. I love Parallel. And I'm still really fond of this outfit design. I doodle it every now and then, though Para's fashion has become a lot more casual.\r\n\r\nParallel Tanginello

Image: tsukiyo.jpg   294x667 62065 bytes 2008.03.27

Another old bit of traditional media feat. TAKERU NISHIKAWA! Aka tsukiyo. The adorable bass player from my fictional band, Our Fearless Leader.\r\nI love this guy.\r\n\r\nTakeru, Our Fearless Leader, Art Tanginello

Tags: OFL Takeru Nishikawa tsukiyo fennec fox  
Image: wpbk.jpg   704x663 115077 bytes 2008.03.27

Another old picture of Solex and Kapu, before Solex's design was finalized.\r\nI was really proud of this when I finished it >_> I still like the concept/look, so maybe I'll redraw it sometime.\r\n\r\nSolex, Kapu, Kayorin, Art, etc Tanginello\r\nBrushes from and vbrush

Tags: Solex Kapu Kayorin Space Pirates  
Image: youhearme.jpg   799x494 87176 bytes 2008.03.27

Another older piece (Feb '06) of Solex and Kapu, slightly pre-OFL era. (Right when Solo shows up on Earth)\r\nThis is from before Solo's design got finalized, which is why his look is different here.\r\nKapu has about two seconds before he gets punched in the face, I think.\r\n\r\nSolex, Kapu, Kayorin, art, etc Tanginello\r\nBrushes from Beautiful Sin

Tags: Kapu Solex Space Pirates Kayorin OFL  
Image: 40.jpg   475x618 80836 bytes 2008.03.27

Another old piece (summer '06), of pirate-era Kapu and military-era Solex in anachronistic clothing. Done on oekaki.\r\n\r\nSolex, Kapu, Kayorin, Art, etc Tanginello

Tags: Solex Kapu Kayorin Space Pirates  
Image: zander.jpg   465x736 80077 bytes 2008.03.27

Old, oooold art of my shifter guy, Zander. Drawn in December '05 and finished in spring of '06. Uploaded because 1) I love this guy 2) I like this outfit and 3) I'm pretty behind on arts. So.\r\n\r\nZander & Art Tanginello\r\nBrushes from vbrush and

Tags: Zander   [More Info]
Image: Zander2.gif   150x200 11167 bytes 2005.03.29

Something cute I did over spring break of Zander's new design (which I adore). He doesn't have his usual symbolon his shoulder, though, or the links of chain on his collar. I didn't realize I had forgotten them until I had all the frames finished. Eee!\r\n\r\nZander and Art is Tanginello

Image: van1.jpg   450x550 70313 bytes 2005.03.05

Just Van. In a skirt. By nuclear wings (because those little chibi wings are like a designer label)\r\nThe colors on his bangs have been toned down so they aren't as offensive to the eyes.\r\nAnd.. yeah. I like it 'cause it's Van, you know.\r\n\r\nVan is Tanginello

Image: GODSPEED.jpg   600x450 83080 bytes 2005.02.12

I'm still really out of practice with oekaki.\r\nBut on the left it's younger Kapu, from his days as a pirate. On the right it's the current Kapu. I was going to draw the Flamme Falke (Kapu's ship, but then I decided I liked the space without the ship better.\r\nYeah. .. I think the coloring is pretty.\r\n\r\nBoth Kapus and the art are Tanginello

Image: clouds.jpg   450x350 32023 bytes 2004.12.27

Just some way-funky oekaki nonsense of Domon, who is adorable. Liking the coloring on his pants and the clouds.. maybe. Maybe.\r\n.. blue is a fun color.\r\n\r\nDomon is Tanginello

Image: merrychristmas.jpg   422x500 66747 bytes 2004.12.27

The very last thinf I did on my old monitor. And done in oC, too. Which is a program I'll never really get used to, so I'm immensly sorry if this injurs you in any way. I didn't intend for the red to be so.. blinding >.>\r\nBut her shirt is cute.\r\nSo happy holidays to those of you who actually look at my VCL gallery. Keep on baffling me, guys o_O;\r\n\r\nTanginello is Tanginello .. that sounds dumb o_O;

Image: anthrowings.jpg   433x671 110020 bytes 2004.12.27

This one scanned so wierd, now that I can see it on my new monitor >.> His blue isn't so.. painful to the eyes on paper. And the grey shading was less subtle.\r\nAnd even though I messed up a bit on his jewelry, he's still cute, right? :3\r\n\r\nForsakenWings is Tanginello

Image: pinkfox.jpg   501x653 88796 bytes 2004.12.27

Just something I did of Sierra over Thanksgiving break. There's a wierd line on her pants at her knee 'cause someone bumped me while I was inking >.>\r\nBut, yeah. Probably my most popular 'recent work' (I swear I'm getting worse. Or.. loosing appeal). I really do like her outfit, and the coloring isn't horrible.\r\n\r\nSierra is Tanginello

Image: blauehimmelnicht.gif   450x400 41893 bytes 2004.11.16

New character I adopted from Warui :3 Cute, isn't he?\r\nJust practicing digitgrade legs, cell-shading, my horrible German, and.. drawing Artemis ~laugh~\r\n\r\nArtemis is Warui and Tanginello

Image: sunsetprophecy.jpg   689x418 96285 bytes 2004.11.16

Experimenting with my markers (yey) It's Tripod.. looking funky and flying in front of a sunset.\r\nIf his wings look wierd, that's becayse there are three. Like his legs and tails. Yes.\r\n\r\nTripod is Tanginello

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