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Image: rhythmofthenight.jpg   350x450 51775 bytes 2004.10.09

An oekaki thing I did yesterday night that took waaay too long.\r\nBut it's Domon. And he's pretty.\r\nI'm not so sure if I like the lights (or the way the glow on the glowsticks ended up looking), but I think that I do overall like this picture.\r\n\r\nDomon is Tanginello

Image: RaveOn.jpg   352x448 51779 bytes 2004.08.16

Look how cute I am :3\r\nA drawing I did with my mouse after my Wacom Graphire died and before I bought a cheap used Hyper Pen.\r\nI guess it turned out pretty good for not doing much mouseart..? I really do own a shirt like that IRL. I am wearing it now.\r\nBut I would love to get a rainbow glowstick. Wouldn't that be the best?\r\n\r\nTanginello is Lauren

Image: radioactivefashion.jpg   300x425 34787 bytes 2004.08.16

Because I know I'll never upload it to dA.\r\nBesides, a little off-topic art won't hurt me.. riiight? ~smiles cutely~\r\nAnyways, my dhampire, Daikun, wearing an imaginary brand of clothing called 'Nuclear Wings'. And a suppichan hat. :3\r\n\r\nDaikun and Nuclear Wings Fashion is Lauren\r\nThe suppichan hat is Genki Gang

Image: vanprofile.gif   300x500 21543 bytes 2004.08.16

More Van-art, this time a cell-shaded picture for his profile on NL.\r\nI want a pair of arrowpants >.>\r\n\r\nVan is Lauren

Image: vanhead.gif   172x200 5649 bytes 2004.08.16

Just a cute picture of Van's head with some glowsticks.\r\nThis image will be on a banner for a page on NL.\r\n\r\nVan is Lauren

Image: ost.jpg   300x300 62303 bytes 2004.08.09

Another coloring book picture. Because my tablet is dead and I can't draw very well without it :\\ So I color.\r\nI colored her like my old fursona 'cause she just.. looked like her. I don't know why.\r\nI need to practice coloring more :\\\r\n\r\nLineart Greenbear\r\nColoring and Oldskool Tanginello are Lauren

Image: raveII3.jpg   855x633 248212 bytes 2004.08.09

It's bigger than the usual allowed size.. isn't it? I hope it's okay. I tried scanning it smaller but it just made it kind of ew :\\\r\n\r\nAnyways, picture I entered in Neogeen's dance contest awhile ago. Didn't win, of course. There are lots of things wrong with this and the BG is just.. ew. But you know what I like? The boreder. I dunno what it is about it, but I like it XD\r\nHeavily Kirby-inspired surroundings, as you can see. Ahwell.\r\n\r\nKapu, Domon, Tanginello, and Cloud are all Lauren

Image: wavesofblue.jpg   431x594 91423 bytes 2004.07.25

It's Sheal! :D Anatomy is whack, but I really like the BG and her hair. And Sheal. I love Sheal, she's got such a pretty design n_n\r\n\r\nSheal is Lauren and Skwinky

Image: Van.jpg   466x704 140797 bytes 2004.07.25

More cardboard art.. this time of my new character, Van. His design is a little overly complex if you ask me, but it's fun :3\r\nHe's dream world's most famous vampire hunter and he's also TNK's dead lover. Yes, he's dead too. But I think he might get revived or something later.. just 'cause he's awesome.\r\n\r\nVannikerott Neheilo D'Karo is Lauren

Image: purplemage.jpg   526x574 98386 bytes 2004.07.25

Tenchiiii~!\r\nYeah, it's been awhile since I've drawn him.\r\nThere are a lot of anatomy issues, I know. And the rings in the wings look bad. Again, old art. But I <3s the Tenchi, even if he IS dead o_O\r\n\r\nTenchi is Lauren

Image: Daikun.jpg   603x799 203578 bytes 2004.07.25

This is juuuuust barely within the size limits.. is that okay? :\\\r\nAnyways, cardboard doodle of Daikun, my normally-a-dhampire character. But I drew him all ferraly with wings because it'd be fun. I kind of like the lettering and the coloring. Yes, I do realize that markers bled on the cardboard.. I like the look of it though o_o; Makes it seem somewhat graffiti-like. Or however you spell it.\r\n\r\nDaikun is Lauren

Image: armyqueen.jpg   382x620 71998 bytes 2004.07.25

Boring picture of Sierra wearing my army-style pants and my pink sweater/shirt thing.\r\nNot too fond of the BG, but I do like the way the pants turned out ~shrug~\r\nOld art. Oldoldold art.\r\n\r\nSierra is Lauren

Image: candyrainbow.jpg   300x300 43735 bytes 2004.07.15

How could I resist? XD Another lineart available for coloring on M-Tech, and so.. I colored it :3 She's my own MLP, Candy Rainbow. I think it might be fun to anthrofy her, so don't be suprised if you see some of that soon O:\r\n\r\nCandy Rainbow & Coloring are Lauren\r\nLineart is BlueLightning (of M-Tech)

Image: nolifeenter.gif   450x450 16016 bytes 2004.07.15

Banner for No.Life, my personal site that is finally coming back, I believe. And, yes, it is supposed to be that ugly. NL has always had that 'written in the margins of your science notes' sort of feel. It'd suck to break that tradition now. So.. here's Sierra sitting on the word 'Enter' XD \r\n\r\nSierra is Lauren \r\n

Image: sayhi.jpg   450x500 74874 bytes 2004.07.15

One of those 'hi pay atentoin 2 me' type pictures. First post on M-Tech Silver. Kind of blah.. just me in a colorful outfit showing off my zebra-highlighted hair XD\r\n\r\nTanginello Lauren

Image: teachyoutodance.gif   300x425 32352 bytes 2004.07.15

Just a doodle of myself in an orange shirt. Shows off my new haircut and hairwrap :3 And gave me a chance to mess with cell-shading. Oh joy xD\r\n\r\nTanginello is Lauren

Image: vasherou.jpg   500x500 76860 bytes 2004.07.15

There's a new feature on the M-Tech oekaki, it's like a coloring book. This was just one of the pieces of lineart available and so I chose to color because I adore Tenchi's coloring :D \r\nIt's a new character, I think. His name is Vasherou, or Vash for short. \r\n\r\nVash & Coloring Lauren \r\nLineart Tenchi (Tenchisamoshi of dA)

Image: healmywounds.jpg   450x450 82281 bytes 2004.07.09

More recent oekaki work. It's TNK standing on a cliff, allowing the wind to blow the bloody bandages off her now-healed body. \r\nDidn't turn out as gorgeous as it was in my mind, but it could have been a loooot worse. \r\n\r\nTNK is Lauren \r\nBy the way, TNK (Tanginello No Kaze) is not the same as my fursona, known only as Tanginello. Just thought I'd let you all know that O:

Image: inthedream.jpg   450x400 71606 bytes 2004.07.09

The colors got very.. purple.. on the wolf when I compressed it o_O; Or, they look purple. Maybe I'm just tired.\r\nAnyways, this is.. me, more or less. The way I appeared in this wierd dream I had. I don't have enough space to explain the dream, but when I upload this to dA you can read about my lovely dream.\r\nFirst time oekakiing in a looong time. But it came out nice.\r\n\r\nMy Dream-Self is Lauren

Image: colddark.jpg   300x300 20518 bytes 2004.07.09

Wow, how random.\r\nJust messing with watercolors. It sort of ties in to this bit of story I started that I won't be finishing. Ah well.\r\n\r\nDomon (and his eye XD) are Lauren

Image: carina.jpg   300x400 56222 bytes 2004.07.09

Did this like.. ages ago.\r\nI realized after I finished it that I forgot to change the lines from black to the appropriate colors XD\r\nAnyways, new character designed for me by Skwinky <3 I love her character designs :3\r\n\r\nCarina is Lauren\r\nBut her design is still partially Swinky

Image: ohhowiruinedit.jpg   403x566 72927 bytes 2004.07.09

Erg. This is old, but it needs to be up. Why? I absoloutely LOVE his outfit here. If only Kapu himself, the MP3 player (an MPIO, if curious. They're small and easy to carry XD), and that horrible BG could be better. \r\nI acctually liked this when I first finished it. Well, 'cept for that BG. Biggest mistake EVER u_u; \r\n\r\nKapu is Lauren \r\n

Image: Cloud.jpg   480x602 89153 bytes 2004.07.09

Not a character you see very often in my gallery, huh?\r\nIt's Cloud, my rainbow-flamed fox.. er.. wtfever she is XD I own the shirt in this picture. And those pants are almost as ugly as the BG :3\r\n\r\nCloud is Lauren

Image: Solo.jpg   364x510 66116 bytes 2004.07.09

Aww.. isn't Solo cute? :3 Well, of course he's going to be cute. He's related to Kapu!\r\nThe BG is like.. bubbles or something o_O\r\nDid you know that Solo's markings change from picture to picture? :P\r\n\r\nSolex is Lauren

Image: sierra_beachtowel.jpg   417x633 96367 bytes 2004.07.09

Am I the only person who thinks that BG looks like a really tacky beachtowel? XD\r\nMindless doodle of Sierra with a horribly drawn gun. Ye-augh.\r\n\r\nSierra is Lauren

Image: tripod.jpg   509x548 83714 bytes 2004.07.08

TRIPOD! In his lovely updated form.\r\nDon't you just want to hug him? He's so cute and brightly colored o_o\r\nA friend on the mission trip helped me pick the colors for the BG. I think I like her choices, though I ought to have use a darker red.\r\n\r\nTripod is Lauren

Image: striderongreen.jpg   494x682 113756 bytes 2004.07.08

Well, he's someone we haven't seen in awhile, eh? Formerly know as 'LightningWolf90' (Or just, Wolf), it's Strider!\r\nWierd pose, bad BG, but there's a lack of Strider art and he deserves a picture or two more up here O:\r\n\r\nStrider is Lauren

Image: shinji_freakout.jpg   482x641 104364 bytes 2004.07.08

I think I like this picture, with Shinji's freaked out expression and the BG's disgustingly loud colors :3\r\nShinji happens to be Shinjikuya Foxz, Sierra's twin brother. O:\r\n\r\nShinjikuya is Lauren

Image: dansusuru.jpg   589x678 143786 bytes 2004.07.08

Some really, really old art. Like, seriously old. From.. February or so.\r\nBut I still like it, even if it is old and stuff. I own all the clothes in this picture, which is kind of cool. I don't normally do pictures of clothes I own o_O\r\nKanji/Hiragana (I think it's Hirigana) on the side reads 'Dansu suru' which litterally means 'to dance'.\r\n\r\nTanginello is Lauren

Image: poofles2.jpg   595x482 81037 bytes 2004.06.11

Picture that I didn't send to Iraq. Didn't like it enough to send it, so.. I didn't o_o\r\nFirst picture EVER of Poofles. GO POOFLES O:\r\n\r\nPoofles is Lauren

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