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Image: sparkleshine.gif   300x300 17812 bytes 2004.04.11

Well, the other day I was looking through a binder of all my old art from a few years ago and I found a picture of my old fursona. I really liked her design so I felt possesed to draw her again and, well, here she is. I used this picture to test out a new way of using tones, though I'm not too sure I'd ever want to do another picture this way again xD\r\n\r\nThe original Tanginello is Lauren

Image: sheal.jpg   300x300 28598 bytes 2004.03.20

Ewewew. It's so ugly :3\r\nBut I uploaded it because I haven't got a single picture of my poor Sheal up here, and she really does have such a nice design, which was kindly given to me by Skwinky :3\r\n\r\nSheal belongs to me, but her original design was by Skwinky soo.. \r\nSheal is Lauren & Skwinky :D

Image: omg.jpg   450x450 96896 bytes 2004.03.19

This took.. er.. 4 hours?\r\nAtleast.\r\nThey're the main characters from a story I may never write. This really was a decent oekaki.. until I added that ugly-as-sin BG in there X_X Oh well :P\r\n\r\nDaikun Takero, Tanginello No Kaze, Ethreal L'Vinn, Tripod DeMatao, and Loki of the Violet Sky are all Lauren

Image: cellmadness.gif   300x300 24811 bytes 2004.03.19

Lala. Practicing cellshading. Tangi looks funny all cellshaded.\r\nBut I like the BG :3 Such lovely shades of blue~!\r\n\r\nTangi is Lauren

Image: raveboxes.jpg   300x400 79768 bytes 2004.03.19

I got called an affront to God for this ;~;\r\nApparently one of the ex-mods of SROA is intolerant of homosexuals. He claims that I'm 'promoting a sin'.\r\nBut, anyways, ravey picture of Kapu :3 Because Kapu is fun to draw and stuff.\r\n\r\nKapu is Lauren\r\nAnd for the record, I'm Christian and do not promote sins. Being gay isn't a sin. Damn closedminded people

Image: whatyousay.jpg   300x400 55458 bytes 2004.03.19

Mindless doodle of Tanginello.\r\nEveryone on DA likes it. What the hell is wrong with them? XD\r\nI owen the stuff in this picture. The clothes, I mean :P\r\n\r\nTanginello is Lauren

Image: iBelieve.jpg   300x400 46042 bytes 2004.03.19

Uh, this got deleted on SRO by their mutant psycho-mod. Because the main character 'wasn't good enough' for the advance board. XDDD\r\nUh, for SR Idol round 4.\r\n\r\nDomon is Lauren\r\nLyrics are The Darkness

Image: openyoureyes.jpg   400x400 57911 bytes 2004.03.19

I'm having issues with compression. I compress the stupid thing, and then it's not compressed enough. Even though compression already ate it.\r\n..? xD\r\nAnyways, mindless doodle of Vaun. I was gonna make the BG look better, and the feather in his (screwed up) hand was going to be glowy.\r\nOnly I got lazy :D\r\n\r\nVaun is Lauren

Image: nofear.jpg   400x400 53474 bytes 2004.03.19

Man, compression totally ATE this. :P\r\nAnyways, it's Sierra, standing high up in a tree (real high. Nosebleed high xD) and looking out over the scenery on Estate Island.\r\nQ:Why are there mountains if it's an island?\r\nA:I didn't consider that when I was drawing thing o__O; So.. they are now extinct volcanoes :3\r\n\r\nSierra is Lauren

Image: pixenello.gif   50x200 2941 bytes 2004.03.19

Ladeda. A little bit of Tangi pixelart to blind you. I have.. a chibi dragon wing o_O And shorter hair that is dyed red on the ends.\r\nWell, IRL it is shorter. I'm going to dye it red on the ends tommorrow, I think.\r\nDunno why you care though xDD\r\n\r\nTangi is Lauren

Image: haunting.your.dreams.png   539x697 121215 bytes 2004.03.06

'5 most excelent scans'\r\n.. AHAHAA.\r\nUh, no.\r\nDoodle of Ethreal L'Vinn, a character from a story I plan on writing. Acctually, originally, Eth was just a random thing I doodled.\r\nAnyfoo, a scan from before November or so. Scanned in and then I edited in that crappy BG with PSP7 x)\r\n\r\nEthreal is Lauren :P

Image: flyaway.jpg   550x400 36226 bytes 2004.03.06

Drawn on oC 1.1, it's a random wolf with random colors randomly flyinf across a random sky.\r\nI needed practice with wings. So I did. And he has no eyes.\r\n\r\nRandom Wolf thing is Lauren :P

Image: cherryblossom.jpg   400x400 75847 bytes 2004.03.06

Well, everyone on DA liked this one. I don't, for one, but no one cares what I think :P\r\nWell, I don't like Sierra. It's supposed to look like her jacket is falling off, but it just looks.. retarded. I like the BG though.\r\nDrew this a little before Valentines, so it's not too old :P\r\n\r\nSierra is Lauren ..

Image: theshift.jpg   400x400 76213 bytes 2004.03.06

HOLY CHEEZNITZ\r\nIt's Zander, turning into a dragon.\r\nI don't like this one. At all. The lighting effects are too hazy, the linart to messy, the pose is irritating, the BG is boring and.. well, let's not talk about those wings xD They were more of an after thought. I swear they weren't on my concept-sketch when I first sketched it out on paper O_o;\r\n\r\nZander is uh.. Lauren. Yeah. That'll work.

Image: braindamage.jpg   300x300 60787 bytes 2004.03.06

More Pink Floyd induced insanity.\r\nI really do own all the clothes Tangi is wearing here. Only, my pants are like, five million times cooler IRL :P\r\n\r\nTanginello is .. the Tanginello o_o;\r\nDammit, I'm gonna have to start putting my real name here. This whole ' Tanginello' thing is bugging the living daylights outta me O_O

Image: tangiantiotaku.jpg   300x400 63357 bytes 2004.03.06

I really do want that outfit o_o;\r\nThe wings and her right hand (the one on our left) look funky. Not only that, but my shading is inconsitant. But all things aside, this is probably one of my better oekaki pieces o_o\r\n\r\nThe Tanginello AND THAT OUTFIT are .. the Tanginello O_o

Image: lunatic.jpg   300x400 67977 bytes 2004.03.06

The third picture for the S-R Idol contest, Domon decided to sing 'Brain Damage' by Pink Floyd because we're both big time Floyd fans x)\r\nI acctually kind of like this one, though I wouldn't be suprised it I didn't make the fourth round.\r\n\r\nDomon is Tanginello (That'd be me, you dork :P)\r\nLyrics are Pink Floyd, of course :P

Image: spellbinder.gif   300x300 21429 bytes 2004.02.29

Nyarr.. more Lance-y goodness.. but only 'cause his not-really-blue hair is sexy.\r\nThis was really meant to be a pointless doodle testing that wierd shading style and just a practice with hands and it became.. something I'm almost proud of O_O;\r\n\r\nLance is Me

Image: snowy.jpg   300x400 58820 bytes 2004.02.29

This got be a lot of favs on DA, and I dunno why. It's.. ugly. Just an ugly picture of Lance out in the snow. His outfit isn't even all that exciting, and his pose is boring too :P\r\n\r\nLance is Me

Image: music.jpg   300x350 83632 bytes 2004.02.29

Aww. It's Kapu.. with glowy bracelets, an unnatural pose, a BG that burns my eyes, and a CD player. And a fag shirt xDD\r\n\r\nKapu is Me

Image: pinkandorange.jpg   300x300 57708 bytes 2004.02.29

Hehe. OLD STUFF.\r\nFrom the Super Bowl. I drew this right before I went to an anti-Super Bowl coffee with my friends xD\r\nI like geometric shapes. They to indeed make me smile :3\r\n\r\nTangi is Me

Image: fallingstar.jpg   400x400 91214 bytes 2004.02.29

Your current upload allowance is: 5 sycophantic hyenas\r\n.. well, that's a new one O___o;\r\n\r\nHowever, this picture is far from new. It's like.. super old xD I was feeling depressed so I drew this and I felt better. \r\n.. her wings are two different sizes O__O;\r\n\r\nTangi is Me

Image: domonidol2.jpg   300x425 63051 bytes 2004.02.29

Rawrl. MORE OLDNESS. It's the picture for round 2 of the Suta-Raito Idol contest, Domon sang "Twilight Zone" by Golden Earing.\r\nThe BG is really.. demented. But that's kinda of what I think of when I hear the song so NYAH :P\r\n\r\nDomon is Me

Image: domonidol1.gif   300x400 23352 bytes 2004.02.29

OMG. \r\nIt's so old. For the Suta-Raito Idol contest. It's Domon, and he sang "Dream On" by Aerosmith, since that's such a lovely song :3\r\n\r\nDomon is Me

Image: 123.jpg   300x300 50280 bytes 2004.01.31

Heehee. It's Vaun. Pose is boring. But Vaun is cuddly. Gotta love his teeny ears :3\r\n\r\nVaun is me

Image: 73.gif   300x400 19728 bytes 2004.01.31

Heehee. Kapu. He has spikey hair. (Not a mohawk, just hair that sticks up :P) I had frun with this. It had been the first time in a long time that I had draw him O:\r\n\r\nKapu is Me

Image: psycho.gif   400x400 26153 bytes 2004.01.31

~coughs~ Was feeling really stressed out for awhile. So, in honor of that horrid feeling I give you a sketchy-tastic Tangi in the middle of a HUGE SPAZ ATTACK. Heehee.\r\n\r\nTangi is me

Image: acid.jpg   400x400 80404 bytes 2004.01.31

Argh. I'm back on neopets (to an extent) and this happens to be my lupe, AcidFeathers, from my account, Burninating. \r\nI like his design. I really do. I think it's too spiffy for a frigging smelly lupe :P\r\nLook for him in the BC sometime.\r\n\r\nAcid is me

Image: 315.jpg   400x400 48173 bytes 2004.01.31

Mindless Sierra and Domon with a wierd coloring style, a demented background, and an ambiguous meaning. Yesindeed.\r\n\r\nDomon and Sierra are me

Image: 167.jpg   450x450 67449 bytes 2004.01.31

Tanginello and her unnamed Guardian.\r\nI haven't the slightest clue what this image means. It just.. fell out of my head and into the oekaki palette. Yesindeed.\r\n.. the more I look at this, the more I hate it. I may redraw it :P\r\n\r\nTangi and her Guardian are me

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