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Image: derekkapu.gif   450x450 51759 bytes 2003.09.14

wh00t! A picture that wasn't murdered by .GIF! \r\n\r\nAnyways, it's a picture of Kapu and Derek, just being cute together :D I got chewed out for complaining that I didn't get any comments when I doodled this up on S-RO. It sort of made me angry, because the dorkwad who got all mad wasn't even a freaking mod! Oh well, I'm still really happy with the way this came out, since it took me 3 hours O_O And it still didn't get archived XP I guess i need to practice more... \r\n\r\nDerek is Reversed\r\nKapu is Me

Image: digitalmadness.jpg   450x450 99095 bytes 2004.04.11

Most likely the best oekaki piece I've ever done at the time, and maybe a month later it's still the best of my work.\r\nMy two fan-created Digimon, Furalamon (the blue one) and Fekulamon (the orange one). Those are the rookie stages, the both digivolved from the same baby form :3\r\n\r\nFekulamon and Furalamon are Lauren

Image: disso.jpg   493x477 84749 bytes 2004.06.07

Another one of those pictures that I drew to send to Iraq. I don't like this one as much as some of the others. That BG kind of makes me want to barf o_o;\r\nBTW, this is Dissonance, Blair's little brother.\r\n\r\nDissonance is Lauren

Image: disso2.jpg   469x432 76485 bytes 2004.06.07

A much cuter picture of Disso. I like this one a lot better than the other one :3 Yet another picture I sent to Iraq.\r\n\r\nDissonance is Lauren

Image: Domon.Unfinished.gif   400x400 29311 bytes 2003.06.22

Yes, it's my mercinary and werewolf character, Domon. He looks ready to shoot you in the face. It's not done, as the file name implies, but I figured I'd upload it 'fore I ruin in it with a BG.\r\n\r\nDraw on oekaki, colored in PSP7.\r\n\r\nDomon is Me

Image: domonidol1.gif   300x400 23352 bytes 2004.02.29

OMG. \r\nIt's so old. For the Suta-Raito Idol contest. It's Domon, and he sang "Dream On" by Aerosmith, since that's such a lovely song :3\r\n\r\nDomon is Me

Image: domonidol2.jpg   300x425 63051 bytes 2004.02.29

Rawrl. MORE OLDNESS. It's the picture for round 2 of the Suta-Raito Idol contest, Domon sang "Twilight Zone" by Golden Earing.\r\nThe BG is really.. demented. But that's kinda of what I think of when I hear the song so NYAH :P\r\n\r\nDomon is Me

Image: domoninchains.jpg   452x603 116279 bytes 2003.11.09

A coloring experiment, it's Domon all chained up. With flamepants. I had fun with this. It's irrelevant. Yay.\r\n\r\nDomon is Me

Image: domonprofile.gif   300x300 10701 bytes 2004.05.03

Profile image for Domon's character page on TEW. He's got a mic in one hand a cig in the other. And he apperals somwhat askeep in that square.\r\nProportions and pose are so screwed it's not even funny. Clothing folds could use a bit of work. But I am PROUD of my cellshading, dangit xD I don't cell-shade well or very often.\r\n\r\nDomon is Lauren

Image: dont.mess.jpg   400x400 55913 bytes 2003.10.04

Yup, someone accused Domon (again) of being a copy of one of their charas. I must say that neither I nor Domon were gonna take that crap from some loser who has never drawn a picture of the chara Domon was supposedly a copy of before. And even worse, someone accused me of copying off their NEOPET. Ugh... disgracefull.\r\n\r\nAnyways, this picture is so ugly it's funn. His expression is really retarded X_X\r\n\r\nDomon is Me (and not a copy of your loser charas or neopets)

Image: eagle.jpg   476x557 94526 bytes 2004.05.19

My famous 'eagle chicken', as it has become known by a few of my friends in art class XD\r\nAnother Prisma-marker picture for Iraq. Nothin' spiffy.\r\n\r\nArtthing Lauren

Image: eaglejoy.jpg   570x570 107036 bytes 2004.05.19

Eagle-chicken again xD He looks older this time. And kind of like he's dancing o_o;\r\nThe markers bled. Stupid markers :P\r\n\r\nArtthing Lauren

Image: enter.jpg   300x400 65302 bytes 2003.10.14

Yes, the temporary enter sign for my webpage. Very temporary.\r\n\r\nPoor me... my face is so ugly here XD!\r\n\r\nTangi is Me

Image: Failed_Crosshatching.gif   404x420 33494 bytes 2003.08.12

Another test picture, this time I was experimenting with cross-hatching and my brand new outling pen. It turned out horrid, and lookign remarkably like Documenno O_O\r\n\r\nNno is Me

Image: fallingstar.jpg   400x400 91214 bytes 2004.02.29

Your current upload allowance is: 5 sycophantic hyenas\r\n.. well, that's a new one O___o;\r\n\r\nHowever, this picture is far from new. It's like.. super old xD I was feeling depressed so I drew this and I felt better. \r\n.. her wings are two different sizes O__O;\r\n\r\nTangi is Me

Image: fekulamon.jpg   552x500 88113 bytes 2008.03.29

VCL's own Magnus held a digimon fan-character contest over on dA a year or two ago. It seemed like a good excuse to do a new picture of my Fekulamon soo.. I did.\r\nI used prismas pencils, watercolor pencils, and prisma markers on this thing. It was a beast.\r\nI used it in the portfolio I sent to USC, actually. I still kinda like this one.\r\n\r\nFekulamon & Art Tanginello

Tags: Fekulamon  
Image: final-kiss.jpg   450x450 84245 bytes 2003.09.13

Yaaay! I used PaintBBS to do this, so I'm pretty content with the way it came out. Tenchi is dead now o-O He was killed in battle by another dark mage and Kapu managed to find the poor purple wolfie when it was too late... \r\n\r\nKapu & Tenchi are Me

Image: fluffa.jpg   356x568 73528 bytes 2003.11.22

Just a little doodle of Fluffa with her glasses on. I hadn't drawn her in forever either.\r\n\r\nAnyways, I realize I haven't uploaded here, though I doubt anyone cares. I've been leaning more towards DevArt because the people there obviously like me. So, yeah. I don't think you guys like me therefore updates got postponed. But I'm still uploading here so HAH to all you people who were hoping I left >3\r\n... oh, and I'll be in the middle of nowhere from the 23 'till the Saturday after Thanksgiving so... like... don't expect any major uploads 'till then.\r\n\r\nFluffa is Me

Image: Fluffa_Kickyodingobutt.gif   394x454 61431 bytes 2003.08.12

I drew this like... a million years ago. I was playing with poses and such, and I ended up doodling out my kangaroo character, Fluffa.\r\n\r\nFluffa is Me

Image: Fluffie.gif   328x514 79532 bytes 2003.08.12

Well, I got bored yesterday so I doodled up a wuick picture of Fluffie posing with some old skool revolvers, XD This scanned horibly and it makes me sad e.e;;\r\n\r\nFluffie is Me

Image: Fluffie_Domon.gif   585x418 110626 bytes 2003.08.12

I was REALLY bored yesterday so I decided to draw a stupid picture with Fluffie and Domon is it x3 Compression killed it XP\r\n\r\nFluffie & Domon are Me

Image: Fluffie_Furry.gif   393x539 86135 bytes 2003.08.12

Uhm... I don't know... \r\n\r\nIt's ferral Fluffie in her demon form, just... sitting there. I was testing out a new and highly stupid coloring style in an attempt to make her look furry. I failed miserably-- go figure XP\r\n\r\nDemon Fluffie is Me

Image: flyaway.jpg   550x400 36226 bytes 2004.03.06

Drawn on oC 1.1, it's a random wolf with random colors randomly flyinf across a random sky.\r\nI needed practice with wings. So I did. And he has no eyes.\r\n\r\nRandom Wolf thing is Lauren :P

Image: followthesun.gif   400x400 62323 bytes 2003.09.17

.GIF IS EVIL! YAAUGH!\r\n\r\nUhm, yeah. Another picture inspired by the awesome song 'Follow the Sun'. This was my first pic on ~The Canvas~, and oekaki belonging to my friend Chrome :D\r\n\r\nTangi is Me

Image: Freak,Out.gif   300x300 30593 bytes 2003.06.21

Ahaha! Yes, more art of ME in all my lovely wolf-bat-ness. This was the second selection used to get me into VCL, and it's not even very good >.>\r\n\r\n'Twas done on my own personal oekaki, if you didn't know.\r\n\r\nTanginello is Me

Image: fural.jpg   501x592 89874 bytes 2004.06.08

Because my digimon, Furalamon, doesn't get drawn enough O: I finished this awhile ago, before I realized the glory that is my colorless blender. So, coloring is not very smooth. But.. it makes him look kinda furry. Which is cool, I guess. But.. gads.. that BG makes me wanna barf e_e;\r\n\r\nFuralamon is Lauren

Image: GODSPEED.jpg   600x450 83080 bytes 2005.02.12

I'm still really out of practice with oekaki.\r\nBut on the left it's younger Kapu, from his days as a pirate. On the right it's the current Kapu. I was going to draw the Flamme Falke (Kapu's ship, but then I decided I liked the space without the ship better.\r\nYeah. .. I think the coloring is pretty.\r\n\r\nBoth Kapus and the art are Tanginello

Image: going.jpg   400x400 61987 bytes 2003.09.28

A nice bloody picture of Domon, oekaki-drawn as usual.\r\n\r\nHe's a partially cybernetic killing machine and that's all he'll ever amount to.\r\n\r\nAnd that's a staircase leading on into forever so don't you forget it XP\r\n\r\nDomon is Me

Image: gryph.jpg   498x558 102500 bytes 2004.06.07

Another Iraq picture. I really like this one. Just a random cute gryphon-like-thing O:\r\n.. I think his eyes were green on paper o_O\r\n\r\nArt is Lauren

Image: GYAH.jpg   450x450 71429 bytes 2003.09.28

XD! Just a silly PBBS water color picture of Sierra (Fluffie) and Domon. Domon is getting hugged to death. It makes me snicker :3\r\n\r\nDomon and Sierra are Me

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