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Image: MoreKapu.gif   298x560 61047 bytes 2003.10.16

Kapu, yay! This isn't that old, acctually. But his face looks really messed up and I sort of did a bad job coloring. Yay me!\r\n\r\nKapu is Me

Image: sandstorm.gif   398x491 93831 bytes 2003.10.16

Your current upload allowance is: 6 bad scans\r\nWell... that fits this image. It's a good few months old or so. \r\nAnyways, this is Sandstorm, a might-be character from a novel I'm writing. He's a jackal. And he has a lovely spirit bird in his hand. YAY.\r\n\r\nSandstorm is Me

Image: Sierra2.gif   275x491 64589 bytes 2003.10.16

This picture is acctually very recent. OMG! :O I was practicing with folds in clothes, coloring, and poses. There was a portion of the lyrics to 'Crawling' by Linkin Park there, but my hand writing is ick so I erased them and cropped the image a bit.\r\n\r\nSierra is Me

Image: sierra.gif   433x519 82362 bytes 2003.10.16

Wow, this is old too. But, I hardly draw Sierra so I uploaded it anyways. Yay! She's got her mallet now... and she's probably going to hit someone with it. RUN! xD\r\n\r\nSierra is Me

Image: sierradomon.gif   454x633 163409 bytes 2003.10.16

OMG! It's a million years old! I scanned this at least a month ago and just now got around to uploading it. How lazy is that? xP\r\n\r\nThis is ugly and old. Ph33r it.\r\n\r\nSierra and Domon are Me

Image: berserk_fury.gif   356x535 70548 bytes 2003.10.15

Uh-oh... it looks like Vaun used his Beserk Fury card! Either that or I found some Sharpies. Or I was really bored. Or both. x)\r\n\r\nVaun is Me

Image: mephi.jpg   501x618 100504 bytes 2003.10.14

Well, it was originally supposed to be my rendition of Mephi Faster-Than-Death from the Werewolf: The Apocolypse series, but I couldn't find my black colored pencil so it's now a random jackal. JACKAL POWER! WHOO! xD\r\n\r\nRandom Jackal Me

Image: markers.gif   471x514 69340 bytes 2003.10.14

This looked great on paper ;~; My scanner totally ate the colors and stuff.\r\n\r\nThis is what happens when you are bored during band and you have a green sharpie. You get a floaty thing. Yay floaty thing!\r\n\r\nThe Floaty Thing is Me

Image: OMGMARKERS.gif   467x546 96219 bytes 2003.10.14

Well, I got bored during Language and this is sort of what happened. I doodled up (for a change) Snow and then colored her with crappy makers x)I need more practice with the real meduim and stuff. And more practice uploadin things earlier. This is like, a million years old.\r\n\r\nSnow is <e

Image: ker.jpg   400x400 66854 bytes 2003.10.14

Yeup, my lion/wolf centaur is back. Ker lives again! His front legs really bug me though. I think they broke or something o-O;\r\n\r\nKer is Me

Image: sierra.jpg   300x400 51482 bytes 2003.10.14

Her hands look sooo wierd...\r\n\r\nAnyways, Sierra is eyeing someone... probably the Domon. But, whatever. I had fun with this picture, though I got lazy and stuck up a slacker BG. Can you tell? XD\r\n\r\nSierra is Me

Image: solo.jpg   400x400 59444 bytes 2003.10.14

Say hello to Solo Fursito, one of Kapu's (many) siblings!\r\n\r\nThe sky here sucks, and Solo looks more like 17 and less like 10. Icky. His hands are wierded too. Tangi seriously needs s'more practice, yesshedoes.\r\n\r\nSolo is Me\r\nHis colors make me think of NeoGeen x) I need to do some fanart for that girl, she rocks.

Image: 29.jpeg   300x450 22375 bytes 2003.10.14

GRAH! ~claws eyes out~ X_X\r\n\r\nThis sucks so bad. I was experimenting with coloring without lines. And it failed. Not only that, but OC compression murdered it. Die OC, die.\r\n\r\nTai the Tiger/Wolf Guy is Me

Image: enter.jpg   300x400 65302 bytes 2003.10.14

Yes, the temporary enter sign for my webpage. Very temporary.\r\n\r\nPoor me... my face is so ugly here XD!\r\n\r\nTangi is Me

Image: 1027.jpg   300x300 21933 bytes 2003.10.05

Yeah. Another million old picture, this time an experiment with watercolors without lineart. I got a lot of compliments on this one so I'll assume it wasn't a complete failure.\r\n\r\nWierd Line-less Wolf is Me

Image: 1030.jpg   400x400 55316 bytes 2003.10.05

I drew this, like, a million years ago. I wanted to do an experiment with watercolors so I used TakaiYuusha, or Heero, my former Neopet.\r\n\r\nI hate Neopets, for those of you who are curious. I've quit and I may not be going back XP\r\n\r\nHeero is Me

Image: 1040.jpg   300x400 40073 bytes 2003.10.05

Whooo... I had to fight a losing battle with compression. I mean, it completely killed it on my oekaki board, and then I had to go back and fix it, and then I compressed it horriblt and uploaded it here o_O;\r\n\r\nDomon is Me

Image: becauseisuck.gif   300x300 23003 bytes 2003.10.05

Re-Upload!\r\n\r\nUh, yeah. Another angst issue picture. This is very ugly and cell shaded, though. Yay for the ugly!\r\n\r\nDomon is Me

Image: tones_of_stupidty.gif   450x400 14534 bytes 2003.10.04

Another fun picture that got he a lot of comments was this one. Seirra seems to be mad at Domon for something, and she's got her croquet mallet! Domon better run... or crawl, for his life!\r\n"Something tells me that Seirra and a mallet are a baaaaaad combo"-- SeanPhilip \r\n\r\nSierra and Domon are Me

Image: pronouns.gif   300x300 9022 bytes 2003.10.04

XD! This was so much fun to do. Some retard who accused me of copying on S-RO reffered to me as 'they' so I just -had- to make fun of her improper useage of pronouns. Yay for me and my desire to be grammatically correct!\r\n\r\nThe Tangis are Me

Image: lanciekins.jpg   300x400 65241 bytes 2003.10.04

Yup, Lance. I never draw my poor British wolfie enough, so here he is again, with a cup of coffee and a pencil. And he has a caffiene addiction. Yay. XD\r\n\r\nLance is Me
Image:   350x450 63686 bytes 2003.10.04

A cute little picture of Sierra and Domon that I drew one day on S-RO. I got a lot of positive responses to this and I think I broke my record for getting comments. Made me feel uber-spiff. \r\n\r\nSierra and Domon are Me

Image: patchwork.wings.jpg   300x450 51182 bytes 2003.10.04

Well, I was feeling icky so I had to draw Domon being all sad. He's crying blood, the poor guy. And he has some very ugly patchwork wings. Huzzah!\r\n\r\nDidj00 know that this picture inspired someone on S-RO to write an amazingly beautifull poem? Made me feel spiff... :3\r\n\r\nDomon is Me

Image: dont.mess.jpg   400x400 55913 bytes 2003.10.04

Yup, someone accused Domon (again) of being a copy of one of their charas. I must say that neither I nor Domon were gonna take that crap from some loser who has never drawn a picture of the chara Domon was supposedly a copy of before. And even worse, someone accused me of copying off their NEOPET. Ugh... disgracefull.\r\n\r\nAnyways, this picture is so ugly it's funn. His expression is really retarded X_X\r\n\r\nDomon is Me (and not a copy of your loser charas or neopets)

Image: collab3.jpg   300x300 36517 bytes 2003.09.28

A collab between me and Revie, XDD She drew Simon the racoon and his rainbow fish of doom and I colored them. If there's anythign wrong with this picture, blame my crappy coloring X_X\r\n\r\nSimon the racoon & lineart Revie\r\nRainbow fish of doom and coloring Me

Image: collab_done.gif   450x450 53289 bytes 2003.09.28

A collab with Tin on S-RO. I drew the lineart (which took me FOREVER) and she colored him :3 It's just a random flying, male canid. I might slap a BG on this someday if I get bored.\r\n\r\nRandom flying male canid & lineart Me\r\nColoring Tin

Image: deliciously.evil.jpg   300x450 44503 bytes 2003.09.28

Iiiit's Domon! Looks like he's stretching and eyeing someone at the same time. Another oekaki-done piece, and I'm pretty happy with the way this came out.\r\n\r\nDomon has a stalker on S-RO. Spooky loves him xD\r\n\r\nDomon is Me

Image: going.jpg   400x400 61987 bytes 2003.09.28

A nice bloody picture of Domon, oekaki-drawn as usual.\r\n\r\nHe's a partially cybernetic killing machine and that's all he'll ever amount to.\r\n\r\nAnd that's a staircase leading on into forever so don't you forget it XP\r\n\r\nDomon is Me

Image: GYAH.jpg   450x450 71429 bytes 2003.09.28

XD! Just a silly PBBS water color picture of Sierra (Fluffie) and Domon. Domon is getting hugged to death. It makes me snicker :3\r\n\r\nDomon and Sierra are Me

Image: letsrave.jpg   300x450 41278 bytes 2003.09.28

Another random filename, drawn because I just love that emoticon shirt, dangit, XD\r\n\r\ wings fell off.\r\n\r\nTangi is Me

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