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Image: pony.jpg   511x526 86333 bytes 2004.06.11

AHH THE HORROR\r\n.. yeah. This picture has seriously wierded out all the people who know me. It's the Revenge of My Little Pony, only anime styled o_O\r\nRejected picture for Iraq. So.. I still have this laying around my room somewhere. Ohjoy e_e\r\n\r\nPonything is Lauren

Image: poofles.jpg   641x394 103514 bytes 2004.06.11

And his name is.. POOFLES O: In honor of my friend's cat who is named Poofles. Because, come on, isn't Poofles the coolest name ever?\r\nPicture that was sent to Iraq (Yes, this is another one of those XD)\r\n\r\nPoofles is Lauren

Image: poofles2.jpg   595x482 81037 bytes 2004.06.11

Picture that I didn't send to Iraq. Didn't like it enough to send it, so.. I didn't o_o\r\nFirst picture EVER of Poofles. GO POOFLES O:\r\n\r\nPoofles is Lauren

Image: projecthack.jpg   483x521 89500 bytes 2004.05.07

I can't believe I didn't upload this!!11\r\nI really do adore my Hack. Kind of reminds me of Nanaki from FF7 or whatever, though I swear it wasn't intentional o_o But you have to admit, he makes a pretty cool neopet xD\r\nAnd, for those of you who are curious, no, he's not generally RPed as a lupe. I like to think of his as a cross between a Kayorin and some other alien species O:\r\n\r\nProjectHack is Lauren (Burninating to you Neo folk)

Image: pronouns.gif   300x300 9022 bytes 2003.10.04

XD! This was so much fun to do. Some retard who accused me of copying on S-RO reffered to me as 'they' so I just -had- to make fun of her improper useage of pronouns. Yay for me and my desire to be grammatically correct!\r\n\r\nThe Tangis are Me

Image: prophecy.jpg   491x528 101108 bytes 2003.11.14

I... have no idea. It's just a random thing I drew the other day. He's named Tripod now, thanks to a friend in my US History class who said I should call him such o_o;\r\n\r\nTripod the random thing is Me

Image: psycho.gif   400x400 26153 bytes 2004.01.31

~coughs~ Was feeling really stressed out for awhile. So, in honor of that horrid feeling I give you a sketchy-tastic Tangi in the middle of a HUGE SPAZ ATTACK. Heehee.\r\n\r\nTangi is me

Image: psyentificstudy.jpg   550x425 60910 bytes 2008.03.27

Another old oekaki (it's been so long since I oekaki'd), this time of Domon's old design. He's gotten a haircut/done away with his dye job since this pic.\r\nStill liking the outfit design. That paisley design (somewhat inspired by a guitar owned by Hideto Matsumoto) is around quite a bit these days.\r\n\r\nDomon, Our Fearless Leader, Art Tanginello

Tags: Domon Tekuya Ren Kobayashi OFL  
Image: purplemage.jpg   526x574 98386 bytes 2004.07.25

Tenchiiii~!\r\nYeah, it's been awhile since I've drawn him.\r\nThere are a lot of anatomy issues, I know. And the rings in the wings look bad. Again, old art. But I <3s the Tenchi, even if he IS dead o_O\r\n\r\nTenchi is Lauren

Image: Quin.Deathhug.gif   300x300 12873 bytes 2003.07.09

XD! I drew this on OekakiCentral's The Farm awhile back, but I didn't get around to coloring it. That's me giving quin a great big hug, 'cause Quin is one of my favorite lupes, XD!\r\n\r\nQuin & Tanginello are Me

Image: quin.gif   429x516 43595 bytes 2003.06.27

Yay for Quinoren!\r\n\r\nIt's my happy, punky striped lupe, Quin! Heh... his feet look really wierd. Not too proud of this one, but then again most of the art I've uploaded I don't find all that appealing. \r\n\r\nQuin is Me

Image: quinoren.jpg   473x519 98101 bytes 2003.11.22

Aw, it's a cute puppy Quin! Coloring and lineart is rough and sketchy... intentionally so. Blah.\r\n\r\nQuin is Me

Image: radioactivefashion.jpg   300x425 34787 bytes 2004.08.16

Because I know I'll never upload it to dA.\r\nBesides, a little off-topic art won't hurt me.. riiight? ~smiles cutely~\r\nAnyways, my dhampire, Daikun, wearing an imaginary brand of clothing called 'Nuclear Wings'. And a suppichan hat. :3\r\n\r\nDaikun and Nuclear Wings Fashion is Lauren\r\nThe suppichan hat is Genki Gang

Image: rave.jpg   592x504 102715 bytes 2003.11.22

There's nothing that Sierra and Domon like more than to dress in bright colors and go dance to some happy hardcore. Seriously. This picture looked great before I colored it. Now it'ss fjorking ugly. And Domon looks like he's in his fifties e.e\r\n\r\nDomon and Sierra are Me

Image: raveboxes.jpg   300x400 79768 bytes 2004.03.19

I got called an affront to God for this ;~;\r\nApparently one of the ex-mods of SROA is intolerant of homosexuals. He claims that I'm 'promoting a sin'.\r\nBut, anyways, ravey picture of Kapu :3 Because Kapu is fun to draw and stuff.\r\n\r\nKapu is Lauren\r\nAnd for the record, I'm Christian and do not promote sins. Being gay isn't a sin. Damn closedminded people

Image: raveII3.jpg   855x633 248212 bytes 2004.08.09

It's bigger than the usual allowed size.. isn't it? I hope it's okay. I tried scanning it smaller but it just made it kind of ew :\\\r\n\r\nAnyways, picture I entered in Neogeen's dance contest awhile ago. Didn't win, of course. There are lots of things wrong with this and the BG is just.. ew. But you know what I like? The boreder. I dunno what it is about it, but I like it XD\r\nHeavily Kirby-inspired surroundings, as you can see. Ahwell.\r\n\r\nKapu, Domon, Tanginello, and Cloud are all Lauren

Image: RaveOn.jpg   352x448 51779 bytes 2004.08.16

Look how cute I am :3\r\nA drawing I did with my mouse after my Wacom Graphire died and before I bought a cheap used Hyper Pen.\r\nI guess it turned out pretty good for not doing much mouseart..? I really do own a shirt like that IRL. I am wearing it now.\r\nBut I would love to get a rainbow glowstick. Wouldn't that be the best?\r\n\r\nTanginello is Lauren

Image: raveoutloud.gif   300x450 24587 bytes 2003.09.28

Uh, yeah. Random picture of Kapu with a random filename. And, yes, that is a Derek plushie in his pocket there :3 \r\n\r\nKapu is Me \r\n

Image: Reggy_SUPERSHINEY!!.gif   381x456 46629 bytes 2003.08.06

Here's another (bad) cleaned up scan, this time of my lupe, Regome, who was a gift from my buddy Zas! The coloring on this guy is HORRID. It looks MUCH better on paper, trust me >.>\r\n\r\nRegome is Me

Image: rhythmofthenight.jpg   350x450 51775 bytes 2004.10.09

An oekaki thing I did yesterday night that took waaay too long.\r\nBut it's Domon. And he's pretty.\r\nI'm not so sure if I like the lights (or the way the glow on the glowsticks ended up looking), but I think that I do overall like this picture.\r\n\r\nDomon is Tanginello

Image: sameboat2.jpg   769x653 104408 bytes 2008.03.30

For a contest held by wulfofapocalypse, we were given the theme of either sea or air pirates. My love of drawing boring little clouds of course dictated that I draw air pirates.\r\nI picked her character Shard and my character Kapu for the piece because of their similar experiences. I had fun with this.\r\nIt's interesting to see Kapu in non-spacey pirate clothes. He's a pretty bland dresser.\r\n\r\nShard wulfofapocalypse\r\nKapu, Kayorin, Art Tanginello

Tags: pirates kapu kayorin  
Image: sandstorm.gif   398x491 93831 bytes 2003.10.16

Your current upload allowance is: 6 bad scans\r\nWell... that fits this image. It's a good few months old or so. \r\nAnyways, this is Sandstorm, a might-be character from a novel I'm writing. He's a jackal. And he has a lovely spirit bird in his hand. YAY.\r\n\r\nSandstorm is Me

Image: sayhi.jpg   450x500 74874 bytes 2004.07.15

One of those 'hi pay atentoin 2 me' type pictures. First post on M-Tech Silver. Kind of blah.. just me in a colorful outfit showing off my zebra-highlighted hair XD\r\n\r\nTanginello Lauren

Image: schemingtricks.jpg   797x641 124808 bytes 2008.08.24

Finally, some personal art.\r\nFeatured here are two bffs, Artemis and Dytremi, united by their crush on NYC architect Lance Dragonstarr. Also probably their love of posing in front of Victoria's Secret bags, I don't know.\r\nBut they're cute and trendy and go clubbing and I love them, so.\r\n\r\nArtemis design by ~Warreh\r\nDytremi design by ~crocosmile\r\nArt & Characters © Tanginello

Tags: artemis dytremi cat wolf  
Image: sheal.jpg   300x300 28598 bytes 2004.03.20

Ewewew. It's so ugly :3\r\nBut I uploaded it because I haven't got a single picture of my poor Sheal up here, and she really does have such a nice design, which was kindly given to me by Skwinky :3\r\n\r\nSheal belongs to me, but her original design was by Skwinky soo.. \r\nSheal is Lauren & Skwinky :D

Image: shinji_freakout.jpg   482x641 104364 bytes 2004.07.08

I think I like this picture, with Shinji's freaked out expression and the BG's disgustingly loud colors :3\r\nShinji happens to be Shinjikuya Foxz, Sierra's twin brother. O:\r\n\r\nShinjikuya is Lauren

Image: sierra.gif   433x519 82362 bytes 2003.10.16

Wow, this is old too. But, I hardly draw Sierra so I uploaded it anyways. Yay! She's got her mallet now... and she's probably going to hit someone with it. RUN! xD\r\n\r\nSierra is Me

Image: sierra.jpg   300x400 51482 bytes 2003.10.14

Her hands look sooo wierd...\r\n\r\nAnyways, Sierra is eyeing someone... probably the Domon. But, whatever. I had fun with this picture, though I got lazy and stuck up a slacker BG. Can you tell? XD\r\n\r\nSierra is Me

Image: Sierra2.gif   275x491 64589 bytes 2003.10.16

This picture is acctually very recent. OMG! :O I was practicing with folds in clothes, coloring, and poses. There was a portion of the lyrics to 'Crawling' by Linkin Park there, but my hand writing is ick so I erased them and cropped the image a bit.\r\n\r\nSierra is Me

Image: sierra_beachtowel.jpg   417x633 96367 bytes 2004.07.09

Am I the only person who thinks that BG looks like a really tacky beachtowel? XD\r\nMindless doodle of Sierra with a horribly drawn gun. Ye-augh.\r\n\r\nSierra is Lauren

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