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Image: t-nell.jpg   400x400 41442 bytes 2003.07.07

14 scans my mother warned me about...? Hmm..\r\n\r\nAnyways, it's the current lookup picture on my neopets lookup, it's me, in anthro and ferral form. RAR! Compression killed the solids, though >.>\r\n\r\nI am still Myself

Image: back.gif   400x400 28305 bytes 2003.07.07

Ahahaha! I'm back, back fomr vacation. (LIke you care ~cough~) Anyways, more oekaki-drawn madness, of me in a T-Shirt advertising my soon-to-be-coming webpage and I've, as always, got my striped arm-socks.\r\n\r\nI am Myself, as always, idiots XP

Image: kapu.gif   359x508 48918 bytes 2003.06.28

Fweee! It's Kapu, my fruity, loony, hair-dresser dood! \r\nThis'll probably be my last upload (like you care ~cough~) until 7/5/03, but feel free to email me and request that we do an art trade when I get back, I'll be bored from then on out 'cause all my vacationing will be done XP\r\n\r\nKapu & Art Me

Image: quin.gif   429x516 43595 bytes 2003.06.27

Yay for Quinoren!\r\n\r\nIt's my happy, punky striped lupe, Quin! Heh... his feet look really wierd. Not too proud of this one, but then again most of the art I've uploaded I don't find all that appealing. \r\n\r\nQuin is Me

Image: amazing.jpg   535x602 67946 bytes 2003.06.27

Wow... this took me, say, THREE DAYS?! Yup. And then it went to .jpeg and murdered itself.\r\n\r\nAnyways, I need to explain, for you mortals wouldn't understad XP The silver wolf there would be Domon, and the fox is his girlfriend, Fluffie. Generally, when I draw Domon, he's depicted with a shattered halo and a broken wing, 'cause he's not the exactly most 'pure in soul' guy you could run into. As for why his wings are being healed and halo being mended, it's 'cause of Fluffie, who's able to make him whole again. \r\n\r\nVCL, please forgive me for the lyrics in the background that you can hardly see. They're part of the song 'Amazing' by Aerosmith, which was my inspiration to do this o_O\r\n\r\nDomon, Fluffie, & Art Me\r\nLyrics Aerosmith

Image: Domon.Unfinished.gif   400x400 29311 bytes 2003.06.22

Yes, it's my mercinary and werewolf character, Domon. He looks ready to shoot you in the face. It's not done, as the file name implies, but I figured I'd upload it 'fore I ruin in it with a BG.\r\n\r\nDraw on oekaki, colored in PSP7.\r\n\r\nDomon is Me
Image:   300x300 38768 bytes 2003.06.21

13 most excelent scans? I guess I'm a good artist then... or... my scanner is lovely... o__O;\r\n\r\nAnyways, my sister has two gerbils and I hate them so I figured I'd draw a picture of myself eating one. RAR!\r\n\r\nTanginello is Me

Image: koiyo.jpeg   300x300 39844 bytes 2003.06.21

The mascot, or, current mascot, of my webpage, which is under SERIOUS construction. He has glowly green eyes n_n And, this was done on oekaki. Yay.\r\n\r\nKoiyo is Me

Image: Old.Tiger.gif   500x500 56628 bytes 2003.06.21

Wow... this is really old. It's the design of my kougra, Kougra_Tiger_2016, back when he was evil and insane. This is old but for some unexplainable reason, I like it. I think I might use this design for another kougra or a lupe or an aisha or something... o___O\r\n\r\nThe old Tiger is Me\r\nKougras are Neopets

Image: d_BANNER.GIF   735x353 81344 bytes 2003.06.21

It's Documenno!\r\n\r\nAnd, it's about time I use PSP to color something... ~scowl~\r\n\r\nNno is Me

Image: Yammy-kins.gif   300x300 8300 bytes 2003.06.21

Yes, the third piece to get in to this site. Also done on oekaki, it's Yamatto the oddly colored wolf. Love him!\r\n\r\nMatt is Me

Image: Freak,Out.gif   300x300 30593 bytes 2003.06.21

Ahaha! Yes, more art of ME in all my lovely wolf-bat-ness. This was the second selection used to get me into VCL, and it's not even very good >.>\r\n\r\n'Twas done on my own personal oekaki, if you didn't know.\r\n\r\nTanginello is Me

Image: vcl1.jpg   400x400 46467 bytes 2003.06.21

Ah, yes, one of the samples that got me into VCL. Not very impressive, is it?\r\n\r\nWell, for those of you who're wondering, that's my fursona, looking angry. No, I'm not angry. I was listening to Eminem, and he's angry... so... yeah... XD\r\n\r\nTanginello is Me

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