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Image: eat-or-be-eaten.jpg   1000x707 105948 bytes 2011.11.20

Eat or be eaten

I did this sketch for Halloween 2010.\r\nJust a random silly picture idea, nothing more. :]\r\n\r\nDone with Photoshop.

Image: knowthatyoullbeprotected.jpg   512x731 64316 bytes 2011.11.20

Know that you'll be protected

\r\nSnow leopard in body, wolf in spirit...\r\n\r\nI have a little magnet about the totem animal wolf, which contains that phrase "Wolf - Know that you will be protected". I always wanted to do a picture dedicated to my wolf totem, so I finally did it (the characters in the picture are just a snow leopard and a wolf, representing their species, they're no special characters).\r\n\r\nYou can say, I chose the snow leopard as my furry character,\r\nbut the wolf chose me, and will always be there.\r\nIt has always been guiding me.\r\n\r\nThere's quite a lot of details in the picture as it's quite big (which is of course not visible in that little jpg).\r\n\r\nArtwork done with Photoshop and Wacom Cintiq.

Image: howareyoutoday_snow.jpg   1200x848 124549 bytes 2008.02.09

How are you today - snow leopards

And finally... a new version of the "How are you today" series. Have some snow leopards.\r\n\r\n20 limited Jumbo Prints are available.\r\n5 posters (DIN A1) available only at art shows. :)

Image: bentleyandsavoys_lair.jpg   651x616 60820 bytes 2008.02.09

Bentley and Savoy's Lair

Bentley and Savoy's Lair - a picture for a flag for our house in SecondLife.\r\n\r\nSavoy (c) me\r\nBentley (c) Nightfox

Image: fromdusktilldawn.jpg   550x781 96068 bytes 2008.02.09

Eurofurence 14 - From Dusk Till Dawn

Flyer for Eurofurence 14 :)\r\nHorrorfurence - From Dusk Till Dawn\r\n\r\

Image: talktothetongue.jpg   600x658 40284 bytes 2008.02.09

Talk to the tongue

Savoy! :)\r\n\r\nSavoy (c) myself

Image: rememberthedance.jpg   900x757 70342 bytes 2008.02.09

Remember the dance?

Savoy: Remember the dance...?\r\nVincent: !O.O!\r\n\r\nLittle surprise for Vincent / Banshee. ;)

Image: snowwolfmeeting.jpg   900x579 82322 bytes 2008.02.09

Snow wolf meeting

Several snow leopard - wolf hybrid characters from DeviantART. All characters are (c) their creators.\r\n\r\nTani (c) me.

Image: awaitingthefuture.jpg   700x608 55234 bytes 2008.02.09

Awaiting the future

New Year's picture for 2008.\r\nTani & Savoy (c) myself.

Image: tripple_bark.jpg   550x751 122623 bytes 2008.02.09

A-Ho's Tripple Bark

Another illustration based on the book "Hunter's Moon".\r\nDone with Photoshop.

Image: how.jpg   700x662 59612 bytes 2008.02.09


... how did that happen?\r\nShe obviously doesn't know. ;)\r\n\r\nMarker and colored pencils.

Image: thanksforshowingthem.jpg   900x612 90870 bytes 2008.02.09

Thanks for showing them...

Snow leopard Mum: "Thanks for showing them..." -.-\r\nPossum Mum: ^.^\r\n\r\nLarge original (DIN A2), done with marker and colored pencils.\r\nSold at Further Confusion 2008.

Image: kingsdontcry.jpg   800x580 109689 bytes 2008.02.08

Kings don't cry

Artwork done with Aquarell colors (water colors).\r\nSold at Eurofurence 13.

Image: evilfirstsnow.jpg   600x840 93697 bytes 2008.02.08

Evil first snow

A snow leopard wolf hybrid fearing the evil flake...\r\n\r\nDone with marker and colored pencils.

Image: whytherearenospiders.jpg   1300x674 129556 bytes 2008.02.08

Why there are no spiders in Alaska...

... OK, there are spiders as I've been told. ;)\r\nBut see what happens...!!\r\n\r\nDone with water colors.\r\n\r\nJumbo Prints are available ($20) - please send me an email if you're interested. :)

Image: loriana_aerofox.jpg   800x581 80986 bytes 2008.02.08

Foxy Foxes

For Loriana and Aerofox!\r\nDone with water colors.

Image: justalittlecloser.jpg   822x585 102650 bytes 2008.02.08

Just a little closer

A maned wolf hunting.\r\nDone with marker and colored pencils.

Image: family_affair.jpg   800x582 132929 bytes 2008.02.08

Family Affair

A fox couple with their cubs.\r\nDone with water colors.

Image: whatthe.jpg   650x592 42620 bytes 2008.02.08

What the...

Possum is not amused. =)\r\nSold at AnthroCon 2007.

Image: monochromedream.jpg   800x501 49394 bytes 2008.02.08

Monochrome Dream

Acrylic piece, done for Eurofurence 13.

Image: nom_revenge.jpg   426x542 39263 bytes 2007.05.07

... and as PatriX was not happy with an equidae being eaten - I had to do a little revenge. ;) What do you think zebras do when you don't watch them? *g*\r\n\r\nBoth pictures available at MMC.

Image: nom_breakfast.jpg   542x426 53459 bytes 2007.05.07

Some cheetah's having zebra for breakfast...

Image: signsofthezodidawg.jpg   800x840 125512 bytes 2007.05.02

Signs of the Zodidawg

And... the canine version of the Zodiac poster. ^^\r\n\r\nI really had fun doing it. I tried not to use the same poses or ideas I used in the Zodicat picture. I just wanted to make a canine counterpart to the cat picture, this isn't a try to copy the first one!\r\n\r\nThere will be 5 limited poster prints again (only available at art shows / cons).\r\n\r\nAnd there will be a limited number of Jumbo Prints of both the canine and the cat version (30x30cm), available online or at the Dealer's Den. Price and number not sure yet - I will let you know in my journals. ^^

Tags: dog. dogs, zodiac  
Image: birthday_avias.jpg   800x588 45613 bytes 2007.04.11

Happy Birthday, Avias...\r\nFor my Grandmother, whose birthday was on 26th of March... She always loved flowers. She died 5 years ago... :( But she shall always be immortal in our hearts. I will always remember you!\r\n\r\nI did not know the name "Avias" I chose for her in the WeuUkoo pack had a meaning... I just realized this afterwards when I searched a dictionary. "Avia" means Grandmother in Latin... -.- I take this as a sign from something higher.

Tags: weuukoo, wolf, wolves   [More Info]
Image: theycallmewhat.jpg   700x495 52086 bytes 2007.04.03

Yes, Ascar is still female... ;)\r\nThere were so many comments on the last picture (Ascar got wet) calling her "him", that I thought Rohan should give her a little hint. *g*\r\n\r\nRohan & Ascar (WeuUkoo Wolves) (c) me

Tags: weuukoo, wolves, wolf   [More Info]
Image: ascargotwet.jpg   700x658 63185 bytes 2007.03.21

Ascar (daughter of Denver and Sombra) got a little surprise from above... I love rain, she obviously does not. ^^

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Image: showingthewolfways.jpg   800x566 35303 bytes 2007.03.21


New picture of the WeuUkoo Wolves (I just redesigned the website *hint hint* ;P). \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nStory:\r\nSatharo shows and explains his two cubs the wolfways in the night sky, respectful remembering the Wolves of Time and their legends.\r\nHis daughter Tarim, sitting on his back, is fascinated, while Bandura (his son) is still a little scared.

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Image: garlicat.jpg   700x700 50866 bytes 2007.02.17


Fear the revenge of... GARLICAT! ;P

Image: justfat.jpg   800x524 65048 bytes 2007.02.17

He's just fat

Just a fluffy fat snow leopard drawn for the Feline Breeding Center. ^^

Image: WOLVES.jpg   1200x270 33900 bytes 2007.02.17


A wolves picture with letter mat board done for FC'07.\r\nDone with Polychromos (colored pencils) and marker.

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