Please help Tania get to AnthroCon 2005!

I've always wanted to attend a furry con, but being way out here in Australia tends to get in the way of that plan. I'm hoping to save and raise enough money so that I can fly to America in July 2005 and attend AnthroCon as a dealer. For the first time I'd be able to sell originals, prints and commissions in person, and meet a lot of the people I've grown to know and like face-to-face.

Help would be greatly appreciated! If you're going too and you want to see me there; or if you saw a picture of mine that gave you a grin or a few minutes worth of eye-candy, please donate just a couple of dollars to show your appreciation. Every little bit helps, and I have a year to try to raise as much as possible to fund the trip.

Thank you.

AnthroCon Fund

$625 / $2500

12 have donated. Thank you!