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Image: Blujay1.JPG   339x436 22591 bytes 2000.04.09

Yaaaayyyyyyyyyy.........Tis Blujay.Mmmhmm.If you call him that tho he'll bite you.Or something.Yup.........^^;Er....lessee.....Jay's Me.Yay.:P\n

Image: Failures1.JPG   235x283 16168 bytes 2000.04.16

I swear I could've done better on this.......Anyways,here's Failures floating around.This pic is a big moment for me.Why?Well besides the fact that the clouds actually came out good,this is........=Bum bum BUUUUUUUUM= my FIRST trade pic!Yay!^^Wah.........too bad our scanner ain't plugged in.I'm better at drawing on paper than drawing on the comp.^^;Anyhoo....Failures is Izzy-Sama.Art(no matter how much it sucks.^^;)is me.Yay.;)\n

Image: glomp1.JPG   296x507 21117 bytes 2000.08.10

Awww....It's kyuute.^-^Yes,I'm back.Stop screaming.:P Anyways,this is 1 of 3 pics for a a friend o' mine(Hi Sean!*Waves*).It's one of his Beast Machines chars(I don't remember his name...^-^;;;) bein' glomped by one of my Beast Machines chars(a two-tailed fox-lady named Beta.^-^).And,um...stuff.Yeah.^-^;;The glompee is Sean-Sama.The Glomper/Beta is Me.Yay.:P\n

Image: glomp2.JPG   329x738 28122 bytes 2000.08.10

2 of 3!^-^;;This was inspired by idle conversation.Me & Sean were chattin' and he was showin' me pics o' some of his chars(such as the glompee in the last pic) and when he showed(shew?) me a pic of ProtoY,me & two of my chars squealed(our chars pop up alot in our conversations...^-^;;)and one of the(Maxima Raptor,the one in the pic) pounced upon & glomped him.^-^;;Ah,yes.Anyways I asked Sean if I could draw the character and he said only if I drew Maxie glomping him,so...well,here it is!^-^;;..I think it's rather cute myself..Anyways,here's Maxie having glomped an unsuspecting ProtoY,and is now hitching a ride...^-^;;Silly raptoress...ProtoY is Sean-Sama.Maxima's me,no matter how much she denies it.:3\n

Image: Group2.JPG   989x535 107633 bytes 2000.08.10

Ignore the '2'....3 of 3!^-^One of the pics Sean wanted was one of some of my old characters that he'd seen with their new looks so he could draw 'em or something...*BlinkBlink*Anyways,here's a pic with,from your left to your right,Maxima's Jet Stingray plushie,Maxima Raptor,Felina,JazzStar,and SeraphBlade.Some quickie notes,Maxie's wearin' a backpack,Jazzy's not gonna shoot herself,Seraph's wearin' a vest & was originally called AngelBlade & Felina's a tigress.^-^;;Oh yeah,Maxie's a sweet,hyper Maverick who isn't fond o' humans.Loves robot guys tho...Oo;Felina's JazzStar's guardian n' partner n' stuff & transforms into several things..JazzStar's a space pirate/bounty hunter Maverick lady...And SeraphBlade's just cool.;P I need to figure out what I'll do with him....And the Jet Stingray plushie is kyuute.^-^;;Anyways...Jet Stingray's Capcom,but his plushie & the characters in the pic are Me.I'm the mentally ill dunebuggy in Cell block D....Or not.*BlinkBlink*..Did I say something?*BlinkBlink*\n

Image: Keshant1.JPG   293x360 15169 bytes 2000.04.10

Yeeee!!!!Tis Prince Keshant Ateru!^^Aw......He's so cute it makes me SICK.:P He's a Merdude.Mmmhmm.Yup.His hair's extremely pale!^^;Yee..........Hm....Lessee...I guess that's it......Oh yeah!He's onna de main characters of a comic I haven't quite started on yet.^^;Yay....Anyhoo,Keshy-Chan's Memememememememememememememememememe!Eheh.Wheeeeee.......^^;\n

Image: Maxie1.JPG   340x380 16244 bytes 2000.09.03

GAH!!Mouse art!Run fer ye lives!:P Anyways,Tis a pic of my character Maxie,anthropomorphic raptor cyborg reploid bitch from HELL.;PDrawn while downloading music & listening to 'Oh Life(There Must Be More)' by*checks*Alan Parsons.Tis a pretty song.Depressing though.^_^;;Anyways,here's Maxima 'Maxie' Raptor,wearing a pretty cream colored dress & pretty wings.I have no idea where she got the wings.I think she's s'pposed to be an angel in this pic.Dunno why.Can cyborg-esque things become angels?O_o;;Er..Maxie's me.Don't know why anyone'd wanna steal her tho.^_^;;\n

Image: NPgroup1.JPG   440x240 28261 bytes 2000.04.09

My Neopets as 'NPmorphs'.Yup.Mmhmm.Left to Right:Larrin the Uni,Ergheiz the Korbat,& ShadedFinale the Lupe.Larrin's the calm(usually.:P) artist dude,Korbat's the kyuute iddle kid-like dude whom likes peace n' stuph,and SF's the bitchy gal who's used to traveling alone.^^;SF's cool.Mmhmm.Yup.....Anyhoo, Neopets are whomever & the art & these three psycopaths are me.Maxie The Psychotic raptor.Yeah.Mmhmm. ............?What're we talkin' 'bout 'gain?^^;\n

Image: psykik1.JPG   370x361 27306 bytes 2000.04.10

Whee.............Tis Psikyk!She's =ahem="Blujay"=snicker='s galfriend.Mmhmm.Yup.^^She's sweet n' calm n' stuff.Plus she can whup boot-tay wit the best of em!Hee.^^;As usual,she's me.Yay.;P I need to stop with the things.They're getting annoying...........Anyone wanna request?Art trade?Marshmallow Peep?Waitasec,scratch that last one.My marshmallow peeps are MINE!Keep away from em!*Roars*........^^;Sorry.\n

Image: Shadow2.JPG   340x480 33070 bytes 2000.04.09

There was a Shadow1.JPG but it sucked,so you get to look at this one.Which doesn't suck.Quite as much.:P Anyhoo,here's my char Shadow JetStream,in his crap-happy Angel of Death mode.Everybody cheer!;P Shadow-chan's Me.Yay.:P\n

Image: To1.JPG   340x480 33370 bytes 2000.04.09

Tis To-Chan!^^She's an Ivysaur morph.And I fergot the flower thang on her back.Whups.^^;Ah well.....To's cool.She's actually SANE.^^;hm....Guess that's it.To's Me.Maxie.There.:P\n

Image: Wareta1.JPG   150x398 8689 bytes 2000.04.10

Waaahooo!Tis Wa-Chan,The Slap Happy Chansey!^^;She luvs her Double Slap technique.Mmhmm.Yup.Er......Anyhoo,as usual,she's ME!ME,SPAMMIT!BWAHAHAHAHA=HACK!=.........Sorry!^^;\n

Image: Wareta2.JPG   339x458 19526 bytes 2000.09.07

Chaaa....Is Wareta!'s a hapinasu morph now!^_^I made her into one a few months ago when I got me a G&S translation guide.^_^This pic is wierd...why?Cuz I drew it & actually LIKE it.O_o;;;And look!*points*The airbrushed clouds from that pic of Failures from long ago are back!That reminds me...I need to redo that pic.It crapped.>_<;;Kya....Anyhoo,Wareta's me,no matter what she is at the moment.^_^;;\n

Image: YNKinsp1.JPG   340x320 28513 bytes 2000.04.11

Wahaaaa..........I'm not too hap-happy wid this pic.Ah well.I never named the char in this pic.I think I'll call her..........Cregga.....Yeah...I'll name her after Lady Cregga Rose Eyes from the book 'The Long Patrol' from Brian Jacques.Hee.^^Anyhoo,Lady CRE & 'The Long Patrol' are Brian Jacques.THIS Cregga,the art & the poem are me.Yeah.Mmhmm.Anyhoo........Bai now!^^\n

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