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Image: Foxmajik.jpg   552x768 94553 bytes 2002.02.04

A drawing done with nupastels and Crisco cooking oil. It \r\ntook forever to actually dry, with some of the white lines \r\nsuppled by a few well placed brush marks. The drawing is \r\nof Foxmajik. Copyright his player. I think he liked it as \r\nthe drawing has been on their desktop for two months.

Image: hug_the_flag_2.jpg   409x418 56707 bytes 2004.07.09

Just playing around with doing a political style picture for a friend of mine in the same spirte that another friend of mine... windmist... does with his hug the tail drawings. This one is actually for katt... who is like a big white kitty.\r\n\r\nDone with pen. black blue and red.

Image: love_you_coldfyre.jpg   538x621 111282 bytes 2002.02.15

Well, I think that the picture kind of explains itself\r\nreally. I did a v-day drawing for Coldfyre! It is just\r\nusing a light coating of color pencil of my char giving \r\nthem a yummy fish.

Image: scottwolf.jpg   494x683 96438 bytes 2003.01.27

I was playing... the char is silly looking... does not\r\nlook at all bright... but... I was playing with charcoal\r\nand lots of colored pencils. I like how the sky is all\r\nblack... my stars idea just didn't work though.

Image: slurp.jpg   401x500 54467 bytes 2002.02.04

This is from an art trade that I did. A friend of mine\r\nhanded me their 'new' sketch book and opened it up to the\r\nfirst page. So I put this dear little otterish creature\r\nthere. They were kind enough to scan it in for me. I like\r\nthe way the charcoal and that dark purple color worked out.

Image: tarka_n_fenris.jpg   471x643 72790 bytes 2003.06.05

Tarka And Fenris From Spindizzy looking rather pleased with themselves. \r\nDrawing done with whatever was handy next to my drawing book. Mixed.\r\n

Image: two_otter.jpg   518x621 45643 bytes 2003.01.27

I was in the car on the ride home from FC and the other\r\npeople in the car were listening to They Might Be Giants. No\r\none liked my suggestion of putting on elvis and listening\r\nto that. So to keep sane... I drew two otters. With an ebony\r\ndrawing stick nad some colored pencil. It was a 12 hour\r\ndrive.

Image: weasel.jpg   600x326 57702 bytes 2002.02.05

Whiskers! The Ferret of Doom! I was at a furmeet late one\r\nnight and someone just happened to have a Ferret puppet \r\nthere. So I pounced on it and played with them all night\r\nwith my hand up there bun. So, I drew a picture of it in \r\na friends sketch book and they scanned it. So here you go,\r\nferret on a stage! Don't ask why the file is named Weasel.

Image: zander-n-chahala.jpg   768x569 63348 bytes 2002.02.04

I thought this would make a good first picture to upload\r\nas it s just so full of color. The wolf with the Tie dyed\r\nshirt and pants is Zander. Copyright his player on\r\nFurryMUCK. Chahala, on the right, is copyright me. She is a\r\nviking wolf. They are mated on furrymuck. Yippy! For two\r\nyears now.

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