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Image: Ohcrap.jpg   700x721 127482 bytes 2007.08.23

ooh crap

Endee.. falling? I left the sketchbook in the background, just because I liked it better than any backgrounds I was going to try.\r\n(I am also lazy.)\r\nAnatomy is wonky along with the coloring (first colored picture in painter IX.. I WANT PAINTER 7 BACK D: )\r\nanyway, something that I actually put effort into.\r\n\r\nEndee (c) Austen Kingsbury (aka, me :) )

Image: She_wants_you_so_by_Imadork.jpg   500x813 79007 bytes 2007.08.22

Endee summer

An older illustration I did of my fursona Endee\r\nEndee (c) Austen Kingsbury

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Image: She_was_looking_kinda_dumb_.jpg   997x425 69005 bytes 2007.08.23


My OC character Krystal, Just.. crawling? Haha. \r\nClick my comments link to learn more~

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