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Image: otdigimon01.jpg   449x578 82126 bytes 1999.11.06

Part of an InsideJoke that happened on a chat yesterday.It has to do with \r\nthe entire Pokemon/Digimon thing. This is the first one in the serie\r\nof 6. And this one is *really* bad,so I'll do a better one of Sora soon.\r\nOh this is Ally,a girl I just met,I dunno if she's a Digimon fan,though. \r\nAnyways,Ally (C)Her sweet player and Digimon (C) her..TV Tokyo? Dont\r\nsue me I'm only 14!!\n

Image: otkasumi.jpg   513x759 83816 bytes 1999.10.31

A pic of Kasumi-chan as Tifa Lockheart from FFVII!!This pic is *HELLA* old\r\nand if you look closer you can spot the '98 on it.I know it's bad but I\r\nhaven't gotten around to scan something better*sighs*Anyway,\r\nKasumi (C) moi and the pose (C) some Aya Brea picture by Shinji(That pic\r\nrulz!!)**Anyone got their copy of Nakayoshi?They're late again. -.-;**\n

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