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Image: Acwarp.jpg   626x710 35609 bytes 1999.09.30

This is Amerz' char Matariel! Pretty but Deadly! Whew! Anyway, she's (c) my best buddy, the wonderful Tara Madison!\n

Image: Afraid.jpg   602x633 44709 bytes 1999.10.02

Blah....Matt's parents are trying to break us up..AGAIN...So, here's a pic for them. =P ot a very good\n

Image: Grrl.jpg   327x768 27129 bytes 1999.10.02

Just some anime girl and Nooklefluff. I hate school dress code! Waii!!! Nooklefluff and the unknown anime grrl(c)moi.\n

Image: Paraclr.jpg   534x528 31933 bytes 1999.10.02's Parad0x again! Blah...I'll put him in one of my fanfics one of these days. Anyway, this was my first pic of him that I =P\n

Image: Paracute.jpg   284x307 11289 bytes 1999.10.02

Just a liddle sketch of Para. Heh...he needs a gun..reallie, reallie bad...o.o;; Parad0x ish (c) moi.\n

Image: Sammy.jpg   506x537 28358 bytes 1999.10.02

Here's Sammy's pic! Heh....Sam, yer a great friend and thanx for helping me get into Tenchi Muyo summore! Sam ish (c) Zohra.\n

Image: Sasha.jpg   399x379 17963 bytes 1999.09.30's Sasha! Da kewlest mink person in da world! Thanx fer tha nice pic, ShaSha! Sasha(c) Yvie!\n

Image: Sleepie.jpg   456x516 28186 bytes 1999.09.29

Aww...heh. First pic be tha RL pic. There's moi..and my b/f: Matt Page! A.k.a. Fallout! Heh...just thought you ppl might as well see me. =P \n

Image: Staff.jpg   501x456 30938 bytes 1999.09.29

Yay! It's Parad0x! He's my favorite main character...but...does he hafta always hit people with that darned staff of his???Anyway...Parad0x ish (c) Me and my Matthew...cause he sorta helped me come up with the idea..\n

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