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Image: Dragons.jpg   400x658 75572 bytes 2000.05.20

Frayeth and his mate Imbrith, cavorting through the skies above Furtoonia.\r\nFrayeth (c) me, Imbrith (c) her player\n

Image: Drag&vix.jpg   529x400 29459 bytes 2000.05.20

A pick from a bedtime story I came up with on the spur of the moment. I'm in the\r\nprocess of coloring this, so keep looking. Both characters are (c) me\n

Image: Devon.jpg   400x529 16152 bytes 2000.05.20

Devon the coyote from FluffMuck. A really quick sketch I did for him. He's (c) his player\n

Image: comp_edge.JPG   634x778 62872 bytes 2000.05.20

ComputerEdge is a local free press magazine covering our computing and online\r\ncommunity. The cover artwork is done by various local artists, and depict the\r\nmain subject for that weeks issue. A friend is working on an article for online\r\nRPGs, mu*s, and IRC chatrooms. This is the sketch for the cover art, a furry\r\nfemale feline inviting you into her world. She's (c) me\n

Image: buran_port.JPG   500x703 88228 bytes 2000.05.20

Buran from FluffMuck, in one of her forms, a winged snow leopard. I've been \r\nthinking about coloring this, so stay tuned. Buran is (c) her player\n

Image: buffy_bat_slayer.JPG   460x600 108666 bytes 2000.05.20

This is a work done for a friend to give to another friend. Combine a black cat\r\nwith a certain famous vampire hunter, and you get this little gem. Only, she doesn't\r\nkill vampies, she goes after the bats!\n

Image: Bryce.jpg   375x591 81362 bytes 2000.05.20

A very good friend has this character, but I don't think it's on any of the\r\nmucks. I drew this for him as he watched. Kinda reminds me of Clint Eastwood. ;)\r\nHe's (c) his creator\n

Image: brightie.JPG   427x600 55926 bytes 2000.05.20

Brightie from FluffMuck. I like the way her hair turned out. Not bad for prisma\r\nmarkers. She's (c) her player, BTW\n

Image: black_bunny.JPG   453x600 70946 bytes 2000.05.20

I just started drawing and this little black bunny came out of my pencil. I don't\r\nknow who she is, but she's (c) me\n

Image: autumn_fun_neb.JPG   440x600 91717 bytes 2000.05.20

It's Neb from FluffMuck, playing in the autumn leaves! Neb is (c) her player\n

Image: Alaria.jpg   350x463 19244 bytes 2000.05.20

A quick sketch of Alaria from FluffMuck. Alaria (c) her player\n

Image: warvixen.JPG   463x600 95028 bytes 2000.05.19

As I was doing this, I had a thought of a wolf warrior at the pearly\r\ngates, rather confused as to how he got there. A sheep angel asks, \r\n'What was the last thing you saw?'...\r\n\r\nPenciled and inked on 90# index stock. Colored with Prisma Markers\r\nand pencils.\n

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