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Image: native_wolf.JPG   463x600 67510 bytes 2000.05.21

It's Christoff dressed as a native american. I swear, his hair gets longer every\r\ntime I draw him. He's (c) me\n

Image: redvixen.jpg   620x800 90288 bytes 2005.10.23

A portrait of a friend I met on LiveJournal.\r\n\r\nRedVixen Terri Horn

Image: ren_chris.JPG   434x600 49110 bytes 2000.05.21

A digitigrade version of Christoff in his retro-threads. ;) I'm an avid\r\nrenaissance faire goer, and I actually have this getup, rapier and all. It's a\r\nblast and I encourage anyone to go to one near you. Christoff (c) me\n

Image: senni_port.jpg   545x700 60245 bytes 2005.10.08

Last try on the upload.\r\n\r\nOne of my characters from Katmandu 'Changes'.\r\n\r\nKatmandu Carol Curtis, Senchai Ted Vollmer

Image: Sierra_were.jpg   645x900 71833 bytes 2005.11.06

This one has been a long time coming. If my timberwolf Sierra were a were-human or an anthro-morph, I figure she'd look something like this.\r\nThe colors are very close, but it's hard to show the detail of all the colors in a single strand of fur.

Image: sophrani.jpg   668x900 101986 bytes 2005.11.01

Another portrait of another friend on LiveJournal.

Image: sultry.jpg   596x800 62885 bytes 2005.10.07

Those eyes!

Image: tickles.jpg   620x700 95365 bytes 2005.10.08

A couple of friends from online.

Image: warvixen.JPG   463x600 95028 bytes 2000.05.19

As I was doing this, I had a thought of a wolf warrior at the pearly\r\ngates, rather confused as to how he got there. A sheep angel asks, \r\n'What was the last thing you saw?'...\r\n\r\nPenciled and inked on 90# index stock. Colored with Prisma Markers\r\nand pencils.\n

Image: wierd_vixen.jpg   630x800 60509 bytes 2005.10.07

Another one of those things that just comes out of my pen.

Image: yote_god.JPG   483x600 107668 bytes 2000.05.21

It's the native american coyote god! (Oooo!) Actually, I did this for our \r\nadministrator for YoteMuck. Coyote (c) his supreme exhaltedness ;)\n

Image: Yyzeff_star.JPG   605x800 81759 bytes 2000.05.21

It's Yyzeff in her dracosai form. (As if I'd draw humans) The little glowing thing\r\nshe's carrying is supposed to be the marble she throws to you so you can teleport\r\nto her, or she can come to you. Somehow we got on the subject of creme wafers, and\r\nhow much she loves them. So, now it's her 'Mystik Creme Wafer'. Go fig. Yyzeff (c)\r\nher player\n

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