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Image: sakurapoint.jpg   877x575 87551 bytes 2003.02.08

My character, Sakura, posing (or something) in front of a graffiti tag which took longer to do than the character. ^_^\r\nIt has a subliminal message which nobody should understand unless you have my brain. n.n\r\nArtwork 2003 Teddy Taylor \r\nSakura belongs to my MIND... \r\n

Image: janex.jpg   558x841 127576 bytes 2003.01.24

Janis.. chillin'. Ya know. ^_~\r\nMy first tablet colored pic! Yay.\r\nArtwork 2003 Teddy Taylor \r\nJanis belongs to my MIND...

Image: sebday.jpg   751x608 143135 bytes 2003.01.24

My Bday present for my frrrrrrriend, SonicElectronic. Yay. ^.o\r\nArtwork 2003 Teddy Taylor \r\nAyotte belongs to SonicElectronic's MIND... \r\nJet Set Radio belongs to Sega's MIND...

Image: toralife.jpg   528x705 68622 bytes 2003.01.24

My first drawing of 2K3. ^.^ Tis Tora... I like it.\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor \r\nTora belongs to my MIND...

Image: vanilla2.jpg   614x859 155993 bytes 2002.12.09

Pic for SonicElectronic. ^_^ Ament & Vanilla in a CD store.. Doing stuff.. Indeed!\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor \r\nVanilla belongs to SonicElectronic's MIND...\r\nAment belongs to my MIND...

Image: newgroup.jpg   908x697 149322 bytes 2002.12.09

Ongaku and a new character named Khaki! I like him, but I might change him some more, so there's not confusion... Yes. ^_^ BLAZING ARROWS.\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor \r\nKhaki & Ongaku belong to my MIND...

Image: never.jpg   800x600 130548 bytes 2002.12.09

A picture of Ongaku that I never finished.. But I really like the turntables.. Soo... o_o\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor \r\nOngaku belongs to my MIND...

Image: singer.jpg   585x896 74472 bytes 2002.12.09

Listening to too much Eryka Badu... Yup.\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor \r\nRandom Singing Lioness belongs to my MIND...

Image: freeducka.jpg   757x651 86270 bytes 2002.12.09

Fight the power! Duck style. LOL o_O;;\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor \r\nAfro Duck belongs to my MIND...

Image: tedikuma7.jpg   571x554 77405 bytes 2002.11.11

It's my head! WHOA!... >_>\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor \r\nTedikuma belongs to my MIND...

Image: amelick2.jpg   703x800 238723 bytes 2002.11.10

Yeah! Lolli pops! YEAH!... WHOO! BLAH BLAH...\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor \r\nTedikuma belongs to my MIND...

Image: teddies.jpg   782x648 79203 bytes 2002.10.05

This is a joke that my friend Grace found... Do you get it!?! I do.. ^_~... ^o^...\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor \r\nGraraii belongs to my MIND...

Image: Keth.jpg   693x967 62938 bytes 2002.09.30

This was done for a request I got from someone on VCL. I really like how it came out. ^__^\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor \r\nKeth belongs to my Misu's MIND...

Image: theorist.jpg   670x951 129371 bytes 2002.09.30

This is an experiment trying to explore my style.. I think it's very interesting, and it's helped a lot. ^__^\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor \r\nTedikuma belongs to my MIND...

Image: sick.jpg   814x635 78660 bytes 2002.09.30

I drew this at lunch after seeing somethin' scary.. o___O\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor \r\nTedikuma belongs to my MIND...

Image: cogra.jpg   605x693 169112 bytes 2002.09.30

A pic I did for my friend Grace's b-day.. ^_^..\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor \r\nGrace and Cody belong to my MIND...?

Image: falling.jpg   518x888 105197 bytes 2002.09.15

^_^......\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor \r\nAbareru belongs to my MIND...

Image: katie.jpg   693x881 99823 bytes 2002.09.15

A b-day present for my friend, Katie.. ^_^\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor \r\nKatie belongs to her MIND...?

Image: cookie.jpg   869x680 82165 bytes 2002.09.15

HAIL LORD COOKIE!!!\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor\r\nDeiji belongs to Maggie's MIND...\r\nTedikuma belongs to my MIND...

Image: nihilism.jpg   566x842 80278 bytes 2002.09.15

The Nihilism Bear!\r\nAnother product of "in the shower" inspiration....\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor \r\nNihilism Bear belongs to my MIND...

Image: jock.jpg   538x908 78869 bytes 2002.09.15

A pic of Ament with headphones... o.O\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor \r\nAment belongs to my MIND...

Image: graffitisky.jpg   984x682 105550 bytes 2002.09.04

Sakura... Sitting... Doin' stuff...\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor \r\nSakura belongs to my MIND...

Image: straw.jpg   729x909 206743 bytes 2002.09.04

Yeah... This is one of my favs. ^_^\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor \r\nTedikuma belongs to my MIND...

Image: tora7.jpg   554x765 62525 bytes 2002.08.28

I keep forgetting about Tora.. So yeah.. He's back again! ^__^.. back with style...\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor\r\nTora belongs to my MIND...

Image: luv.jpg   593x804 69579 bytes 2002.08.28

This is Graf... Against my first photo background.. ^__^.. Photo by me...\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor\r\nGraf belongs to my MIND...

Image: ambern.jpg   574x740 61939 bytes 2002.08.19

My best online friend wanted a drwaing of her, so I did one. ^_^\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor\r\nAmber... belongs to Amber!...

Image: juli.jpg   600x675 91626 bytes 2002.08.19

A punkish bunny requested by my friend Carly... n.n\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor\r\nJuli belongs to my MIND...

Image: babir.jpg   818x1164 119933 bytes 2002.08.16

I'm very proud of this picture.. ^_^ I was listening to DJ Shadow's Number Song remixed by Cut Chemist.. And felt the need to draw some turntables. n.n\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor\r\nBabi belongs to my MIND...

Image: yasaig.jpg   557x838 90956 bytes 2002.08.16

A pic of Yasai I did in my mom's car... Woo.\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor\r\nYasai belongs to my MIND...

Image: purple.jpg   458x682 65945 bytes 2002.08.16

This is what happens when I try to take a nap in my mom's office.\r\nArtwork 2002 Teddy Taylor\r\nIwa belongs to my MIND...

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