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Image: DobiesSM-ds.jpg   502x702 79836 bytes 2006.06.12

Random picture of two dobermen. I sort of had the idea that they were related, one a bit bigger than his brother. Also going to Anthrocon06

Image: DoILOOKLikeAPoolToy-ds.gif   593x800 29472 bytes 2003.08.14

Silly idea I had while on vacation. Kassa, my inflatable orca here is getting a little angry about being mistaken for one of those orca/dolphin pool toys with the handles on it. No, no riding on her thank you very much!

Image: Dolphin-DS.jpg   672x807 45726 bytes 1998.05.08

Image: Dolphin2-DS.gif   505x1295 14995 bytes 1999.08.25

Image: domwolf-ds.jpg   616x752 40507 bytes 2000.09.03

Image: DoomedOtter-ds.jpg   845x615 95069 bytes 2005.10.10

Yes, I'm not dead, just been on a posting hiatus....\r\n\r\nThis was something that was drawn late one night at FC2005. My character Terminotter (my liquid metal orcaotter) is trying to be menacing, but Windmist (my victim in this picture) really isn't buying it for a second.

Image: DoubleClef-ds.gif   628x810 32961 bytes 2004.01.13

An idea that came out of a request. Music starts at the clef sign and stretches out behind it. But in that respect the creator is something of a clef herself (hence the pose) as she creates. (yes, SHE. An orca wouldn't be top heavy :) ). The tune is "Ode to Joy" BTW.\r\n\r\nThis'll probably be coloured for sale at a much later date.

Image: EarlyWerewolfTF-ds.jpg   594x775 38357 bytes 2002.08.18

I wanted to do something dofferent for a werewolf pic so I tried doing one in the earlier stages, before the fur, just as some structures are changing and stretching. I need to do more Transformation pictures, but I always find them hard to do.\r\n\r\nSold at AC 2002. Thank you to the person who bought it.

Image: EbonyReflected-ds.jpg   863x585 67451 bytes 2002.09.03

Trade with Ebby. Very nice person indeed. Thanks. :)\r\n\r\nFor my half I didn't want to do a plain 'ole pose or anything like that. So I saw Ebby was drawn as either anthro or non-morphic. So I thought to use a "were" theme and incorporate both form into the same picture looking back at one another. Some of the limbs on the non-morphic tiger could be a bit better though.\r\n\r\nOn a totally unrelated note.... updated my website

Image: ElephantSentry-ds.jpg   422x712 56326 bytes 2002.02.11

Image: equbrd-DS.gif   630x792 19436 bytes 1998.10.11

Image: Equinefem-ds.jpg   828x1110 95003 bytes 2001.06.19

This one was done off a picture (I think it was, I can't recall for sure). Just trying to work on two more problems, breasts and starting to put in a bit more background.

Image: Equinefemc-ds.jpg   329x466 37735 bytes 2002.06.06

Yet another old pic coloured and sold at Anthrocon last year. Again, thanks to the person that bought it. Picture is a combo of pencil crayons and Prismacolor markers.

Image: fadefilly-ds.jpg   737x1122 57220 bytes 2002.07.10

OK, last minute upload of another picture going into the Anthrocon art show this year. A nice anthro horse that fades into (or out of) existance.\r\n\r\nBy the way I love to do trades (hint hint). Every year I get next to no such trades (hint hint). Probably because its hard for me to ask anyone (hint hint). :)

Image: FadeFilly-ds.jpg   365x548 24372 bytes 2002.02.11

Image: FallenPoppy-ds.JPG   626x862 80257 bytes 2002.11.12

The poem should be public domain by now. Its on the back of the Canadian $10 bill. :)\r\n\r\nSometimes life throws symbolism right at you. That happened today. To explain for those in other countries, Rememberence day is a day for honoring those that fought in past wars. In Canada (don't know about elsewhere) most people wear a poppy to commemorate the day. The tradition is based on the poem I think.\r\n\r\nOn the way home from the lab it was snowing lightly and I saw this forgotten poppy sticking out of snow exactly as in the picture, a little snow collecting on top.\r\n\r\nWas it forgotten? I don't know. It should not be buried though.

Image: FallingIntoForm-ds.jpg   1552x675 125661 bytes 2003.07.05

Another pic done around the same time after graduation. A feeling of freedom. I wanted to somehow do it as a transformation-theme so I thought of an swan-dive, the character changing into an otter, the changes starting and advanging the fastest from the leading edge of his fall (chest and stomach)

Image: femcanid-DS.gif   498x713 8152 bytes 1998.10.11

Image: femfur2-DS.gif   430x523 6928 bytes 1998.10.11

Image: FlyswatterSM-ds.jpg   450x658 89888 bytes 2006.06.12

Another one for Anthrocon 06.\r\nsilly little joke. I don't know why I like to draw large minotaurs as so effeminate and flirty. I think its something about this big mass of muscle acting against the stereotypical gruff, overly manly stereotype. Besides, more than a few minotaurs I've seen don't seem to have much interest in females. :)

Image: Foxphin-ds.jpg   684x1000 74018 bytes 2001.06.12

My part of trade with Scottyfox, this being his foxphin form. I really like this character and the colouring didn't turn out too bad. I really thought this was a neat concept too!

Image: foxx-ds.jpg   736x1200 184743 bytes 1997.09.22

Image: ftbat-ds.jpg   719x1185 161309 bytes 1997.09.22

Image: Furfem2-ds.jpg   714x1096 60258 bytes 2001.06.13

This was lying around in my sketchbook. I honestly am not sure what species I was trying to draw here. More I was just trying to go for a long tapered look of the torso and neck.

Image: FuSoYa-DS.jpg   840x1278 201414 bytes 1997.05.26

Image: gentlebullc-ds.jpg   420x576 32617 bytes 2002.06.08

And now to some hooved mammals. This one was just a random thought. Sorta thought about the story of Ferdinand the bull. Most minotaur pics I've seen tend to be lots of virility and testosterone in the pose. Nothing exactly wrong with that, but I thought I'd try something on the more gentle side. (also sold at Anthrocon)

Image: goingsomewhere-ds.jpg   366x521 50358 bytes 2002.06.10

OK, some more recent stuff that I hope to put in this year's art show at Anthrocon. I guess this was just a random idea based on the old story of the minotaur in the maze where our hero uses a line to find his way out. Well, it didn't work this time.\r\nActually, I was thinking of it more as a cheap tourist attraction now (hence the wall plaques). Background isn't quite what I'd hoped for though.

Image: grad-ds.jpg   508x638 23937 bytes 1998.10.11

Image: GraspingAtStructure-ds.jpg   537x745 89287 bytes 2002.08.18

I like this picture very much. It's actually also angst-inspired drawing.\r\n\r\nThe idea I had is that much of out life we grasp for structure to describe things and try and reign in chaos. We construct scientific theories, write descriptions and all manner of things to try and give form to chaos. Make it understandable and comfortable. Much of what we know though is very tenuous and we barely hold onto structure in the face of chaos in many things.

Image: GreetingTheDay-ds.jpg   547x857 218727 bytes 2004.09.16

Picture that sold at Anthrocon this year. Thankfully the person that bought it was nice enough to scan it as I wasn't able to scan the coloured version. Let's face it, a parrot picture without colour in it just misses most of what makes them so interesting.

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