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Image: Gunbunnies-ds.jpg   592x734 55267 bytes 2000.09.03

Image: HackReality-ds.jpg   635x849 68344 bytes 2003.07.05

Its days like this I wish I knew Photoshop so I could do a good ripple-effect. I'd really like to do it like what you see in The Matrix.\r\n\r\nOK, I really liked The Matrix Reloaded. What I liked more though was the idea of reality being unreal, and mutable. What may be the way out, or an answer to a problem may in fact not be. Maybe one has to look beyond what is in front of us and try to alter the landscape. Make your own answers.\r\n\r\nAt least I didn't just put Terminotter in front of a bunch of vertical green symbols. I think its been done by a few people now. :)\r\n\r\nOh, it also shows off TermieOtter's full form. You can better see how he's something of an otter-orca hybrid.

Image: HanginOut-ds.jpg   857x622 272265 bytes 2004.09.16

Another one sold at Anthrocon, and one of my favorite pics to date. Just an idea I had for a Jaguar and a snake hangin' out, puttin' back a few snacks....

Image: Holdon-ds.jpg   1064x812 120571 bytes 2001.06.20

Not a particularly happy image. It was done shortly after a 16hr day in the lab where everything screwed up. At the end of that time I remembered wishing for a pair of horns that I could hold onto.

Image: jb-ds.jpg   840x1151 200060 bytes 1997.09.22

Image: JellaR-ds.jpg   572x889 72811 bytes 1998.05.08

Image: jerwave-ds.gif   906x429 10624 bytes 1998.10.11

Image: Jey1-DS.jpg   563x1310 151965 bytes 1997.05.26

Image: Kassa-ds.jpg   517x764 55509 bytes 2003.02.24

So, I was talking with a friend that really likes inflated characters, and he suggests a picture with an inflated orca and wolf. I kind of liked the orca so I think I'll develop her a bit more over time, possibly a recurring character.\r\n\r\nThe name is based off Russian for orca (according to one site), but with several modifications.

Image: kedriBW-ds.jpg   522x900 31969 bytes 1998.10.11

Image: Keet_D-ds.jpg   595x850 77468 bytes 2003.02.24

Comisssion/request for a friend of his character. I'm not too taken with how the legs came out but the face and upper body came out pretty good. Hopefully Keet likes it. He's a nice collie.

Image: KinkyStuff-ds.jpg   873x621 137555 bytes 2004.09.16

I came up with this idea when visiting the Vancouver Aquarium, watching how a dolphin would jump up to touch a ball. So, what would be a kinky night for a cetacean-morph? ;)\r\n\r\nThe characters in this are Toby and Sam, a couple that I'm still hoping to basic a comic around someday.

Image: kitty1-DS.jpg   168x253 10696 bytes 1997.05.26

Image: Klix-ds.jpg   542x880 58202 bytes 2000.12.12

A picture of Klix in his catphin form. What can I say, I like trying to draw delphine morphs. :)\n

Image: Krolain-DS.gif   420x625 10204 bytes 1998.10.11

Image: Kylee1-DS.gif   435x804 303356 bytes 1999.09.26

Image: LabUnpracticalJokes-ds.jpg   499x398 28612 bytes 2002.08.18

Idea I had while in the lab. What would be one of the dumber jokes for a fur to do in such a situation. This is pretty far up the list.\r\n\r\nSold at AC 2002. Thank you to the person who bought it.

Image: LastDateSM-ds.jpg   419x527 91530 bytes 2006.06.12

Old joke I had made that I wanted to re-do. Also taking this one to Anthrocon 06.\r\n\r\nSimply put, if you're going to ask someone to "be themselves" you'd better be prepared for all outcomes. though I'm guessing most don't prepare for the other person being a werewolf. :)

Image: LazyDay-ds.gif   800x593 27487 bytes 2003.08.14

Another picture for the same trade as the ‘roo. I got to see several pictures of someone’s otter and ‘roo couple and decided I wanted to try and draw them. What I was trying to go for here is a sort of lazy day with each other, getting a little frisky. Another picture I was trying to put in extra effort on.

Image: leatherotter-ds.jpg   672x596 47803 bytes 2000.11.29

Dade had a form that was an all leather otter. It was a really interesting concept and mental image so I tried to render it here. The scan is a little light unfortunately. I don't know if the shine effects are overdone, but I think it still looks neat.\n

Image: Leopard1-ds.jpg   421x565 66870 bytes 2002.02.11

Image: Leopard1c-ds.jpg   370x520 48826 bytes 2002.06.10

OK, this one turned out a bit better. Sort of loosely based on a suggestion from someone. This one's also going for sale at Anthrocon.\r\nNo comments other than that. Its just a plain 'ole pose after all.

Image: lionR2-ds.jpg   415x766 32386 bytes 2000.09.03

Image: lionTFsketch-ds.jpg   410x613 26495 bytes 2000.09.03

Image: Liquidmotion-ds.jpg   396x540 38559 bytes 2002.02.11

Image: Lobster1-DS.jpg   840x1332 286326 bytes 1997.05.26

Image: Lockjaw1-ds.jpg   668x480 54401 bytes 2002.08.18

My attempt at drawing one of Allison Theus' lockjaw creatures for an art trade (thank you VERY much). This one looks over a cliff possibly sizing up some soon to be prey.\r\nActually, I really really liked drawing this guy. Very neat creatures. Though for some reason I still tend to think of them as demonic looking bunnies. :) I hope to draw another one soon.

Image: lonehunter-ds.jpg   722x1031 109768 bytes 2001.10.22

Just another random idea of a lone outcast lion hunter. The fact that he's doing the hunting is something of a clue to the fact that he's on his own as the females tend to do more of the work in the pride structure of his species.

Image: lonehunterc-ds.jpg   361x502 32766 bytes 2002.06.10

Mayhap the contrast was a bit high on this one. Also hopefully for sale at Anthrocon this year. A lone male lion bringing home the prey. I say lone hunter because if he were part of a pride it'd probably be the lionesses doing this.

Image: lutra-ds.jpg   840x1204 182709 bytes 1997.09.22

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