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Image: otterfem2c-ds.jpg   396x567 31478 bytes 2002.06.08

And keeping with the aquatic mammals, an otter. Also sold at Anthrocon. This was my favorite of all the ones I took there and ironically sold for the least I think.

Image: netinspectorc-ds.jpg   406x574 36040 bytes 2002.06.08

....and now an orca. Also an older pic that went at Anthrocon. The pose was from a picture, but didn't quite work out here as well as I'd hoped. The hatching on the skin though turned out better than I'd expected.

Image: Beachedc-ds.jpg   638x457 38285 bytes 2002.06.08

Re-upload time. Older scan of something sold at Anthrocon. I really like drawing aquatic mammals for some reason. Still have a lot of trouble with dolphin, orca, and seal heads, but they're starting to look more how I want them to (like in this one)

Image: Xaiaz-ds.jpg   626x869 61051 bytes 2002.06.06

OK, I think I got the background noise out of it (been a while since I did this thanks to a busted scanner). Art trade with XaiazQuarie. I relaly like how this one turned out, especially the feet and lower legs. Though, seeing the others that have drawn her this seems pretty unskilled.

Image: otterstartpicc-ds.jpg   863x509 49804 bytes 2002.06.06

Also sold at Anthrocon. As I've said before I really like otters. Very basic pose. My markers were actually drying out on this, but oddly the effect/result looks nice to me.

Image: Equinefemc-ds.jpg   329x466 37735 bytes 2002.06.06

Yet another old pic coloured and sold at Anthrocon last year. Again, thanks to the person that bought it. Picture is a combo of pencil crayons and Prismacolor markers.

Image: VCLcom2-ds.jpg   685x613 150575 bytes 2002.03.11

Okay, this sorta sounds like a good idea. Not my best, but I sketched and inked this at work today between incubation steps. Hopefully I've followed all the rules (we didn't have to mail 'em to you did we?). Couldn't resist going for a cheap pun with Termy. :)\r\n\r\nFor those wondering what's goin' on, refer to C'mon, join in. :)

Image: Werewolfwithflower-ds.jpg   597x370 28915 bytes 2002.02.11

Image: OtterTF-ds.jpg   405x507 24890 bytes 2002.02.11

Image: CowTF-ds.jpg   363x528 25557 bytes 2002.02.11

Image: Zeebsit-ds.JPG   373x590 44708 bytes 2002.02.11

An older picture that I inked.

Image: Softmuzzle-ds.jpg   338x598 38119 bytes 2002.02.11

Image: Siggy-ds.jpg   352x592 39021 bytes 2002.02.11

Image: Sealsit-ds.jpg   411x488 24506 bytes 2002.02.11

Image: Otterrise-ds.jpg   605x302 26379 bytes 2002.02.11

Image: Liquidmotion-ds.jpg   396x540 38559 bytes 2002.02.11

Image: Leopard1-ds.jpg   421x565 66870 bytes 2002.02.11

Image: FadeFilly-ds.jpg   365x548 24372 bytes 2002.02.11

Image: ElephantSentry-ds.jpg   422x712 56326 bytes 2002.02.11

Image: Cutedragon-ds.jpg   344x561 24978 bytes 2002.02.11

Just a random character drawing of a non-descript slightly pudgy dragon. Seeing as I don't have anything else to say on it I'll plug me website at which I finally updated after over a year. The next update is scheduled for a month from now or so.

Image: BALCsee-ds.jpg   392x573 46706 bytes 2002.02.11

Urf, the name got mistyped. It should be BALBsee-ds. There may be one or two science geeks out there that get that. Anyhow, I was thinking about lab mice, and a different kind of lab mouse, one that's researching creating a new protein in a VR bio-lab. I hope to colour and finish off the display screen later.

Image: MasterOfNone-ds.jpg   765x1050 129702 bytes 2001.10.29

I went from daily drawing to total drawing paralysis. This is an attempt to come to grips with recent events. I've tried drawing, getting in shape, and am in grad school because I love science. The getting in shape part won't go far. The drawing also isn't really going anywhere either. That left the science part as where I may actually do something with some meaning. At least that was the plan until a month ago when I was denied getting my PhD. It wasn't technically denied, just effectively so, due to money, time, and other confines of reality. Not much, a 16 year dream up in smoke. The one area where I thought I might be able to make some sort of difference, big or small, now denied, as only those with those three magic letters get any say in what experiments get done.\r\n\r\n I mention this as a warning and explanation to those that I talk to, and those that might want to. I'm not in a particularly "chatty" mood. Its also not some cheap play for sympathy as I don't want it.

Image: Whyt-ds.jpg   570x742 43492 bytes 2001.10.22

Oookay, this was to be a trade with someone, a picture of their character. Unfortunately I've not heard back from them in a little while. I'm sorta hoping they see this and contact me.

Image: ACotter-ds.jpg   496x722 33129 bytes 2001.10.22

Clearing out and inking some pics that I've had lying around. This was one of the few sketches I did at Anthrocon this year. I think it was about 2AM and nothing much was happening.

Image: raccoondance1-ds.jpg   773x1199 130770 bytes 2001.10.22

OK, some problems with the background before, so hopefully it will work now that the contrast was ramped to maximum. This is probably the last picture in a series idea I had for something like the "dance of the 7 veils", except with raccoons and trash cans. :)

Image: lonehunter-ds.jpg   722x1031 109768 bytes 2001.10.22

Just another random idea of a lone outcast lion hunter. The fact that he's doing the hunting is something of a clue to the fact that he's on his own as the females tend to do more of the work in the pride structure of his species.

Image: Termylinks-ds.jpg   638x704 68714 bytes 2001.10.22

HELP with colouring please! I've been working on learning Adobe GoLive to create my new website, and as such have to wait until I can learn Photoshop too. This is to be the links page graphic. I want to make Termy look somewhat metallic but can't quite do it with traditional media. If anyone has the inclination or time please get hold of me. (don't try to do it on this posted image)

Image: Termymenu-ds.jpg   1050x757 79513 bytes 2001.10.22

HELP with colouring please! I've been working on learning Adobe GoLive to create my new website, and as such have to wait until I can learn Photoshop too. This is to be the front page navigation image. I want to make Termy look somewhat metallic but can't quite do it with traditional media. If anyone has the inclination or time please get hold of me. (don't try to do it on this posted image)

Image: slickpuppy-ds.jpg   456x833 65127 bytes 2001.09.16

At Anthrocon this year I got a chance to talk to Slickpuppy for a while. Really nice time, and I think I learned a few things looking over his shoulder a while. I found out that few people have drawn him, and that really just didn't seem right, so I decided to do it as a gift. :) The pose is really static I know, sorry about that. Hope he likes it.

Image: worldhug-ds.jpg   843x588 75936 bytes 2001.09.14

Right across the boarder is still my backyard, a point further driven home today with the estimate of some 500 Canadians believed dead. Know also that you are not alone and we are here for you in different countries. North Ireland, Rwanda, Isreal, Sierra Leone, and many others know this fear and loss too, and have lived it for years. If its one thing I've learned in the last days is never again to dismiss such things as "oh, some people died over there". This shouldn't happen to anyone, anywhere.\r\n As I sat asking why this happened I heard people talking on TV and radio. As I listened to the few that talked about "nuking" and just how much revenge could be exacted it started to dawn on me. The hatred, that is why and how. It doesn't start and stop at one boarder, religion, organization, ethic group, etc.. Asking for revenge just breeds more revenge, hate, and death. And it plays itself out in other countries, sometimes daily, generation after generation. That's what I fear the most now, that we will head down that path. Root out and bring to justice, to protect more innocents from this, but harm no more innocents, please.\r\n I couldn't bring myself to draw Termy with his normal shine. The poem, in some ways, my fear.

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