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Image: magpie-ds.jpg   688x467 49212 bytes 2000.09.03

Image: MasterOfNone-ds.jpg   765x1050 129702 bytes 2001.10.29

I went from daily drawing to total drawing paralysis. This is an attempt to come to grips with recent events. I've tried drawing, getting in shape, and am in grad school because I love science. The getting in shape part won't go far. The drawing also isn't really going anywhere either. That left the science part as where I may actually do something with some meaning. At least that was the plan until a month ago when I was denied getting my PhD. It wasn't technically denied, just effectively so, due to money, time, and other confines of reality. Not much, a 16 year dream up in smoke. The one area where I thought I might be able to make some sort of difference, big or small, now denied, as only those with those three magic letters get any say in what experiments get done.\r\n\r\n I mention this as a warning and explanation to those that I talk to, and those that might want to. I'm not in a particularly "chatty" mood. Its also not some cheap play for sympathy as I don't want it.

Image: Mino1-DS.jpg   836x785 92482 bytes 1997.05.26

Image: mino2-ds.jpg   506x841 36533 bytes 2000.09.03

Image: minoR2-ds.jpg   420x870 33047 bytes 2000.09.03

Image: Minoshorts-DS.gif   560x822 13040 bytes 1999.09.26

Image: Minoshorts2-ds.jpg   430x634 32582 bytes 2000.09.03

Image: Minotaur20041-ds.jpg   606x771 82508 bytes 2004.09.16

Its been quite a while since I drew a minotaur so I wanted to take another crack at it, but take some more time getting the features right. I'm pretty happy with the result, but the legs will need re-working as the proportion is off.

Image: MinoTF-DS.gif   445x648 268429 bytes 1999.08.25

Image: MoonbathingSM-ds.jpg   530x415 85707 bytes 2006.06.12

Another little werewolf joke I'm taking to Anthrocon 06. I was just wondering what would happen if the rules of sunbathing applied to werewolves.

Image: MooseTF-DS.gif   560x797 309297 bytes 1998.10.11

Image: Mooya-ds.jpg   600x774 41076 bytes 2000.09.03

Image: Mouse1-DS.jpg   620x1087 71690 bytes 1997.05.26

Image: Mouse2-DS.jpg   532x1210 98294 bytes 1997.05.26

Image: Musclewolf-ds.jpg   890x814 104097 bytes 2000.12.26

A picture done for a trade with MuscleWolf. A bit more developed than I would draw normally, but then again that IS his character.\n

Image: Nauta-ds.jpg   549x807 67900 bytes 2005.10.10

Request picture for Nauta of his dolphin form. The pose is a little bit awkward. I was going for someone turning in the water.\r\n\r\nNauta copyright his player and all that legal stuff. :)

Image: NetInspector-ds.jpg   812x1142 126513 bytes 2000.12.29

Second in the series of aquatic morphs, this Orca I'm quite happy with. I really really like orca! The number of potentially cheezy things to say about this one are many. The one that came to mind first was that the net must not be dolphin-safe as they netted this guy (and a killer whale is a type of dolphin!). This one will also be coloured. Y'know I don't know, I've pondered trying to auction or sell prints of some of these. But I honestly don't know if its just ego on my part, and if anyone would every spend money on one of these.\n

Image: netinspectorc-ds.jpg   406x574 36040 bytes 2002.06.08

....and now an orca. Also an older pic that went at Anthrocon. The pose was from a picture, but didn't quite work out here as well as I'd hoped. The hatching on the skin though turned out better than I'd expected.

Image: newt-ds.jpg   480x591 28667 bytes 2000.09.03

Image: Nicodmus-DS.gif   468x688 267007 bytes 1999.08.25

Image: ObsidianPanther-DS.jpg   732x933 93390 bytes 1997.05.26

Image: Oncilla-DS.gif   370x620 203675 bytes 1999.08.25

Image: orca1-ds.gif   435x813 215769 bytes 1999.10.12

Image: Orcahealer-DS.gif   500x750 18173 bytes 1998.05.08

Image: Orcaotters-ds.jpg   628x662 95630 bytes 2004.09.16

Gift art for Gryf. I found out he'd also thought of the concept of an orcaotter, but going more for the orca side. I love his version so I HAD to do a picture of him with Terminotter.

Image: OrcaRecline-ds.jpg   877x619 86248 bytes 2005.10.10

Commission picture for a friend. Just a generic reclining orca.

Image: ottback-ds.jpg   686x647 50202 bytes 2000.09.03

Image: otter-ds.jpg   1004x489 37888 bytes 1997.05.26

Image: otterdancer-ds.jpg   404x851 34859 bytes 2000.09.03

Image: otterfem2c-ds.jpg   396x567 31478 bytes 2002.06.08

And keeping with the aquatic mammals, an otter. Also sold at Anthrocon. This was my favorite of all the ones I took there and ironically sold for the least I think.

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