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Image: unicorn-ds.jpg   654x928 93665 bytes 2001.07.02

A tasteful nude shot of a male unicorn. Really, the only reason anything's showing is because I didn't want to pose the leg any higher. This sketch came out a lot better than I'd expected so I think I'll be colouring it for hopeful sale at Anthrocon

Image: otterslide-ds.jpg   1007x834 99933 bytes 2001.06.20

Just a practice picture really, trying two things that I have problems with, hands and some level of foreshortning.

Image: Holdon-ds.jpg   1064x812 120571 bytes 2001.06.20

Not a particularly happy image. It was done shortly after a 16hr day in the lab where everything screwed up. At the end of that time I remembered wishing for a pair of horns that I could hold onto.

Image: caninepose1-ds.jpg   737x618 32557 bytes 2001.06.20

Again, more practice pics. Working again on some different posing.

Image: caninefempose2-ds.jpg   566x1104 52020 bytes 2001.06.20

Image: caninefempose-ds.jpg   788x1026 47751 bytes 2001.06.20

Image: Equinefem-ds.jpg   828x1110 95003 bytes 2001.06.19

This one was done off a picture (I think it was, I can't recall for sure). Just trying to work on two more problems, breasts and starting to put in a bit more background.

Image: Furfem2-ds.jpg   714x1096 60258 bytes 2001.06.13

This was lying around in my sketchbook. I honestly am not sure what species I was trying to draw here. More I was just trying to go for a long tapered look of the torso and neck.

Image: wonderfulday-ds.jpg   784x1167 81905 bytes 2001.06.13

One of the things I hate are people that keep reposting the same picture, which I would now like to take back as once again I have to do the same (And re-do all these comments). Simple pic, I just wanted to do a deer looking like he was really happy about something. Simple, nothing complicated. If the inks look washed out its because I've _had_ to remove the background greyness, with this being the result

Image: Foxphin-ds.jpg   684x1000 74018 bytes 2001.06.12

My part of trade with Scottyfox, this being his foxphin form. I really like this character and the colouring didn't turn out too bad. I really thought this was a neat concept too!

Image: Buck-ds.jpg   744x1163 87939 bytes 2001.05.13

Was bored so I inked a couple pics I did a while ago so they're acceptable for posting here. This one really started off as a excercise in drawing an anthro deer face, the rest was an afterthought as I had a lot of paper left over. The rest came out not too bad tho.

Image: TermyTryToDraw-ds.jpg   1097x734 77301 bytes 2001.05.13

Though by all accounts the original passed the criteria for upload, unless it was a judgement call on the material. Well, I inked it now so I could post it withe big boys now (the Sketches section being so popular that nobody I talked to had heard of it). I finished this so I could post the comment I put with the original that was sent back to me......\r\n Well, for those that love to so loudly proclaim their hate of angst you can leave now..... After a while of drawing and posting I've started to wonder if any of its any good. I know I'm told you draw because you want to, but this always seemed a little off the mark. Any art is a personal thing, but it is also an attempt to communicate it as well. Its a very VERY rare occurance to get any feedback from posted material. Rarer still is a request to do a trade, comission, etc. In a vaccuum like that after a while you start to wonder if you're one of the many that are religated to the various kill floors of sieve programs.

Image: sharkbeach-ds.jpg   814x1088 68452 bytes 2001.01.01

Fourth in the aquatic morphs I'm doing (if anyone's paying attention or not) a shark morph going to the beach. The caption says the rest. I hope to colour this one later too.\n

Image: NetInspector-ds.jpg   812x1142 126513 bytes 2000.12.29

Second in the series of aquatic morphs, this Orca I'm quite happy with. I really really like orca! The number of potentially cheezy things to say about this one are many. The one that came to mind first was that the net must not be dolphin-safe as they netted this guy (and a killer whale is a type of dolphin!). This one will also be coloured. Y'know I don't know, I've pondered trying to auction or sell prints of some of these. But I honestly don't know if its just ego on my part, and if anyone would every spend money on one of these.\n

Image: Beached-ds.jpg   1156x814 100194 bytes 2000.12.29

This Christmas I started doing a series of aquatic furs (which I really like). I guess one can say its a dolphin having a little fun with himself by a tub. For the purists out there I know a dolphin's "equipment" doesn't look like that, but then again I don't see many dolphins with legs and arms. I may colour this one too, seeing as he needs to have dark skin along the back with yellowish stripes. \n

Image: Otterstartpic-ds.jpg   964x450 39085 bytes 2000.12.29

An early pose for the leatherotter pic that I posted here. He came out well enough I decided to finish him. The full background pic is likely to be submitted to a 'zine. I may colour this one for a print or auction.\n

Image: Musclewolf-ds.jpg   890x814 104097 bytes 2000.12.26

A picture done for a trade with MuscleWolf. A bit more developed than I would draw normally, but then again that IS his character.\n

Image: Klix-ds.jpg   542x880 58202 bytes 2000.12.12

A picture of Klix in his catphin form. What can I say, I like trying to draw delphine morphs. :)\n

Image: Termy2000-ds.jpg   708x1126 131404 bytes 2000.12.09

After 7 or 8 years Termy finally made a successful attempt at affecting a colour other than his natural silver hue. Naturally he's a little shy with his first attempt.\n

Image: leatherotter-ds.jpg   672x596 47803 bytes 2000.11.29

Dade had a form that was an all leather otter. It was a really interesting concept and mental image so I tried to render it here. The scan is a little light unfortunately. I don't know if the shine effects are overdone, but I think it still looks neat.\n

Image: Djirin-ds.jpg   522x689 35384 bytes 2000.11.29

I need to try drawing more felines, and it so happens I know a snuggly lioness that I thought would look good in a picture. I think the mane still needs some work (yes I know female lions don't have manes, but she does, so there! :) )\n

Image: 2-ds.jpg   776x752 72222 bytes 2000.11.29

A picture done as a trade for 2. This is also one of the few quadrupedal furs I've drawn. I sort of like how it turned out.\n

Image: Platipussmall-ds.jpg   452x551 26718 bytes 2000.09.03

Image: minoR2-ds.jpg   420x870 33047 bytes 2000.09.03

Image: lionR2-ds.jpg   415x766 32386 bytes 2000.09.03

Image: zeebandmoo-ds.jpg   838x608 44707 bytes 2000.09.03

Image: otterdancer-ds.jpg   404x851 34859 bytes 2000.09.03

Image: domwolf-ds.jpg   616x752 40507 bytes 2000.09.03

Image: ottback-ds.jpg   686x647 50202 bytes 2000.09.03

Image: Bovinotaur-ds.jpg   480x647 42953 bytes 2000.09.03

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