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Image: Just_listenC.JPG   548x813 81397 bytes 2003.04.23

Hm. I was bored yesterday, and I was looking for pictures that I felt like coloring.. Picture I did back when depression hit. (many years ago) Yeaupp.. I liked this until I colored the bedsheets.. oO İTerriKim

Image: TyzueBookerSS2002.JPG   862x633 107577 bytes 2003.01.17

My secret santa exchage with booker. I like Jim's wings.. they look like they were dipped in caremel.. XD copyrights on the picture. I had fun with this one.

Image: KellyPosed.JPG   482x642 83009 bytes 2002.08.15

Well.. It's Kelly~ ^^() I like this one, coz it's the first colored picture that isn't so plain. uhmm.. i got lazy later, so that's why the backround it like that.. ^^() copyright to me ONLY!!!

Image: Fear.JPG   560x560 39185 bytes 2002.08.08

I'm not gonna deny it. I have family problems. Real bad ones. I drew this on a night when I was feeling scared b/c of my dad. When he came back from a long trip. *The 2 months that he was gone was the best times of my life* He came back and started throwing fits and shit like that. I drew this in my room when I was supposed to be in bed. *w/ the black and white like that* and my ink pen ran out. ~_~ hahaha. so I just did this on PS. ^^() I'm gonna scan my original when I finish it. Not that anyone really cares.. the poem "I Fear", Image and character is copyright to me~ This picture means alot to me, please dont steal it.

Image: DDhugsColored.JPG   498x671 39400 bytes 2002.07.22

my colored picture for Dema!! ^_^ awwww.. cute~!! personally i like the b/w one better~ ^^() oh well~ still cute~ hmmm.. me thinks Dust is in love no?? ^^() Here you go Dema!! feel free to take the b/w one too~ *you can color that one if you wanna, coz my coloring aint' so hot* ^^() welps~ here you go!! *hugs*

Image: NyaniTyzue.JPG   247x559 19268 bytes 2002.07.20

weee!! my buddy colored this for me when i got mad at photoshop. she got lazy, but it's still cute! i love her style of coloring~ it's adorable. but i color totally different so yeah!! cuteee!! CGİNyani ImageİTerriKim\r\ndont touch her!! Can'tcha see the gun behind her back?? she'll shoot you if you try!! ^_^

Image: SelfPortraitColored.JPG   599x670 35247 bytes 2002.07.17

RL me. okay~ well it's me. i was gonne put boxing gloves on me, but i liked the hands so i sed no. ^^() i couldn't deside what to do for the backround, that's why it's all bright blue! ^_^ uhmm.. yes, i'm copyright to meself, please dont steal me, we're all artists here, we know the drill~

Image: PammyDark.JPG   263x669 20842 bytes 2002.07.17

Pammy is usually much smaller than this, but she got turned evil, and her body wasn't mature enough to do any damage, so her body grew over night. even when she turned back normal, her body remained matured. The poor girl lost her childhood... an 11 year old stuck in a 16/17 year old's body.. anways~ she's İme!! Dont you dare steal!!

Image: CaseyColored1.JPG   322x669 36434 bytes 2002.07.17

Casey! she's tabby cat *with a messed up gun*!! NOT a TIGER!!!*and yes, that is a wave in the back* She loves water!! ^^() and she's İTerri/TheresaKim!! no stealing!!

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