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Image: Bronwyn-Dark_Collie_Reimagining.jpg   636x900 112403 bytes 2011.07.24

Dar Collie (2011 reimagining)

A rework of Super Collie's foe "Dark Collie" (a.k.a Bronwyn Morgan-Jones) with respect to her super-villain costume - as in the words of Dr Evil, her original costume is "just not evil enough".

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Image: SC_Avenging_Angel.jpg   636x900 132310 bytes 2011.06.26

Avenging Angel

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Image: Delilah-catsuit_and_black_boots.jpg   1200x729 249202 bytes 2011.06.26

Want to play?

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Image: Psyker_vs_SuperCollie.jpg   1024x724 115026 bytes 2011.06.26

Alleyway Encounter - Psyker vs. Super Collie

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Image: Super_Collie_on_a_rope.jpg   800x1149 107781 bytes 2011.06.26

Collie on a rope

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Image: SC_Alley_Confrontation.jpg   615x900 71560 bytes 2011.06.26

"Got you!"

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Image: Xmas_2008.jpg   565x800 87737 bytes 2008.12.28

Merry Christmas from Super Collie

Image: Lady_Liberty_vs_Super_Collie01.jpg   516x760 127532 bytes 2008.12.28

Lady Liberty vs. Super Collie

An encounter between Super Collie and TRAIN's Lady Liberty. Given that Lady Liberty is of the equine persuasion, there's rather a size disparity between the two ladies... as in a 5' 8" collie bitch vs. a 6' 11" mare! \r\n\r\nInspired by (but not directly related to) Mojorover's story "The Salesman Always Rings Twice".

Image: Outcall_to_Babylon_(Part2).jpg   518x760 101696 bytes 2008.12.28

Outcall to Babylon (Part 2)

Following on from "Outcall to Babylon (Part 1)", Delilah, a "lady of negotiable affection", discovers exactly what sort of sordid and depraved services her client intends her to perform this evening. Is this a step too far? :)\r\n\r\nInspired by news reports of a teenager in the US that "liberated" his father's credit card, booked two hookers for the evening, and - not knowing what to really do with them - got them to play video games with him and his mates for the evening. I've since read reports that suggest the story is apocryphal (or at least, wildly inaccurate), but the concept was sufficiently funny to try to illustrate!\r\n

Image: Outcall_to_Babylon_(Part1).jpg   519x760 86778 bytes 2008.12.28

Outcall to Babylon (Part 1)

Delilah, a "lady of negotiable affection", at the hotel room doorway of the client that has booked her "services" for the evening. But it appears that this is not her usual type of booking...\r\n\r\nConcluded in Outcall to Babylon Part 2.

Image: Mandy_Fly_Me.jpg   800x505 70509 bytes 2008.12.28

"I'm Mandy - Fly Me"

"I've often heard her jingle\r\nIt's never struck a chord\r\nWith a smile as bright as sunshine\r\nShe called me through the poster\r\nAnd welcomed me aboard..."\r\n- "I'm Mandy, fly me", 10cc\r\n\r\nFinished off in the style of an airline advertising poster from the period where "jet-set" had real meaning, before clear plastic bags for on-board liquids, and when Douglas, Lockheed, Bristol and Vickers still made airliners :-P\r\n\r\nMandy's outfit was inspired by the old Air New Zealand stewardess uniform, and the airliner was produced from manipulating a photo in GIMP to make it sketch-like.

Image: Good_Morning_Dr_Chandra.jpg   602x760 126460 bytes 2008.12.28

"Good Morning Doctor Chandra..."

A vixen gynoid in start-up mode :)

Image: Batcur_for_MojoRover.jpg   533x760 116868 bytes 2008.12.28

"Batcur" for MojoRover

"Batcur" is the creation of MojoRover.

Image: Suzies_Photo.jpg   547x760 92349 bytes 2008.12.28

Suzie's Photo

Ah, holiday memories...\r\n\r\n(Background is a cartoonised photo.)

Image: Delilahs_Coat.jpg   510x760 114221 bytes 2008.07.12

Delilah's Coat

Image: SC_New-Outfit.jpg   501x760 66505 bytes 2007.01.13

A new outfit for Super Collie?

Super Collie contemplates a less revealing one-piece superheroine outfit, though she doesn't seem quite so comfortable with it. However, this costume might be slightly more suitable for cold winters...\r\n\r\nDrawn after watching a few too many episodes of "Justice League Unlimited" on Cartoon Network and realising that most super-heroines are showing *far* less flesh than Super Collie. So I wondered, what would a more typical outfit look like?\r\nThink I'll stick with her bikini costume though as she's obviously got used to it, though this one might be useful if she has to traverse more conservative places (like Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and the American 'Bible Belt') in her travels!\r\n\r\nInked with a combination of technical pen and brush-pen.

Tags: collie superheroine  
Image: BuffGal(colour).jpg   452x760 49626 bytes 2007.01.13

Buff Gal

A well-built muscled female canine posing in a black thong. \r\nBecause sometimes you feel the urge to draw a big buff girl who is almost in the buff :)\r\n\r\nDigitally inked and coloured in GIMP.

Tags: muscle bodybuilding canine female  
Image: SuperCollie-Wallpaper2006.jpg   1024x768 109914 bytes 2007.01.13

Super Collie Wallpaper (2006)

A recoloured and updated wallpaper version of my original "Super Collie" picture. Coloured in GIMP.

Tags: wallpaper collie female  
Image: Delilah-Bored_at_work01.jpg   490x760 112804 bytes 2006.11.07

Delilah, a "lady of negotiable affection", plying her trade in a seedy part of town. And she's really enjoying her work. Not.\r\n \r\n(Had great fun doing the graffiti on the wall!)

Image: Super_Collie_I-94W_comment.jpg   800x662 150616 bytes 2006.11.07

US citizens might not be aware of the questions that overseas visitors get asked upon entry into the USA - and as Super Collie explains, some of the questions are somewhat... interesting!\r\n

Image: Victoria(colour).jpg   716x760 91453 bytes 2006.11.07

"Victoria" - a canine lass in old-fashioned lingerie and boots in front of her dressing table. \r\n \r\nThis is the most complex picture I've created to date - *27* layers in GIMP! Whoo-hoo!

Image: Delila-bedroom.jpg   465x760 73007 bytes 2006.04.28

COlour version of "Delila", a somewhat butch generic breed canine femme. Coloured in GIMP.\r\nPhoto background from somewhere or other off the Net.

Image: Super-Collie-Storm(NoTitle).jpg   548x760 66502 bytes 2005.12.31

Super Collie with a stormy background... this pic grew from a casual doodle to an exercise in new techniques for computer colouring. \r\n\r\nMy second-to-last picture for upload in 2005 (11:06pm)!

Image: Pamela_Christmas2005(toon).jpg   503x760 95423 bytes 2005.12.25

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...

Image: SC-World_Threat2(UN).jpg   643x760 144921 bytes 2005.09.25

More topical political commentary from Super Collie - when a certain superpower is accusing another country of developing nuclear weapons, it's not a good look when the said accusing superpower is trying to develop *more* nukes of its own at the same time...\r\n\r\nThe UN Headquarters background for this is the original concept I had for the first "Super Collie - World Threat?" picture, which I couldn't do at the time due to lack of references. I was thinking of doing a straight photo background, but decided in the end to use the photo as a reference for a more cartoony (and therefore consistent) effect. \r\nThe line about smelling the uranium is based on a quote from David Lange, a former New Zealand Prime Minister who presided over establishing New Zealand's nuclear-free laws in the 1908s.

Image: Ngaio-Bodysuit.jpg   491x760 74201 bytes 2005.06.16

Meet Ngaio (NAI-oh), a canine femme in a leather bodysuit. Background in the style of the-artist-now-known-as Joseph Coyote. Coloured in GIMP.

Image: Frederika_KISS-example1.jpg   459x760 35157 bytes 2004.12.28

Now here's something really kinky - Frederika von Braun (a.k.a. Blitz Knockers) actually wearing clothes :)\r\n\r\nThis is an example shot from a Frederika KISS set (a.k.a elecronic doll dress-up) I'm playing around with. Most of the clothes I'm having to draw directly onto the image (in layers) as opposed to drawing and scanning. It's somewhat of a challenge!

Image: ACSG-concept2(inked).jpg   444x760 59243 bytes 2004.12.28

"Advanced Collie Super Girl" concept picture # 2 - the Japanese cyborg version of New Zealand's prettiest super-heroine, Super Collie. \r\n"There is another production of the girl extreme of the high-level collie for rejoicing your viewing, here. Way it is possible to see, as for me many "Sailor Scout" It went to for the sake of; Get near to this time. Mmmmm, short skirt and boots! It is tasty! Desired she is liked! How you think?"\r\n\r\n(You just can't make some of these Babelfish EN-JP-EN translations up... :) )\r\n

Image: SC-Mermaid(colour).jpg   668x760 81935 bytes 2004.12.28

Colour version of Super Collie's nautical transformation. Coloured using GIMP.

Image: SC-Mermaid.jpg   668x760 72625 bytes 2004.11.05

Another Super Collie transformation, this time Our Heroine has been transformed into a mermaid! And by the look of it, she has just realised that in this form, certain private parts of her anatomy were suddenly placed in very public view... :)\r\n\r\nColour version to follow.

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