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Image: fox1999b.jpg   422x600 63156 bytes 1999.09.13

Image: foxpole.gif   501x896 11894 bytes 1996.09.06

Image: Frederika_KISS-example1.jpg   459x760 35157 bytes 2004.12.28

Now here's something really kinky - Frederika von Braun (a.k.a. Blitz Knockers) actually wearing clothes :)\r\n\r\nThis is an example shot from a Frederika KISS set (a.k.a elecronic doll dress-up) I'm playing around with. Most of the clothes I'm having to draw directly onto the image (in layers) as opposed to drawing and scanning. It's somewhat of a challenge!

Image: Frederika_Swimsuit_Bahamas1.jpg   800x600 98584 bytes 2002.11.03

Frederika von Braun (a.k.a "Blitz Knockers") from "Super Collie Adventures: On the Lamb", posing in a photo shoot taken in the Bahamas. This island in the Exuma group never looked prettier :) \r\n\r\n(This is an interim picture as the original 'scan' of Frederika was a makeshift bodge with a digital camera, owing to my scanner not being compatible with US/Bahamian voltage. Improved version to follow.) \r\n

Image: gnztour1.gif   800x563 65113 bytes 1999.01.08

Image: gnztour2.gif   422x600 39932 bytes 1999.01.08

Image: gnztour3.gif   422x600 46099 bytes 1999.01.08

Image: GoingMyWay.gif   794x556 80441 bytes 2001.11.11

Stardate 2001/09/11: MayFurr is in transit via Los Angeles from London to Wellington. Drawn on September 11 during my enforced stay in Los\r\nAngeles. With the airport closed, May tries alternative transport...

Image: Good_Morning_Dr_Chandra.jpg   602x760 126460 bytes 2008.12.28

"Good Morning Doctor Chandra..."

A vixen gynoid in start-up mode :)

Image: hiretaur.gif   609x839 50423 bytes 1996.08.31

Image: immigrat.gif   422x600 37079 bytes 1999.08.11

Image: iMseverelybehind-1.jpg   760x760 31629 bytes 2003.12.16

Never let it be said that I'm late joining the latest fad. Oh wait... I am. Bugger.

Image: iMseverelybehind-2.jpg   760x760 37782 bytes 2003.12.16

Just for fun, I put "iMseverelybehind-1" through a 'Wind' filter in GIMP for the grey outline layer. Hmmm, not bad at all.

Image: jeepney.gif   425x600 47220 bytes 1999.01.08

Image: Lady_Liberty_vs_Super_Collie01.jpg   516x760 127532 bytes 2008.12.28

Lady Liberty vs. Super Collie

An encounter between Super Collie and TRAIN's Lady Liberty. Given that Lady Liberty is of the equine persuasion, there's rather a size disparity between the two ladies... as in a 5' 8" collie bitch vs. a 6' 11" mare! \r\n\r\nInspired by (but not directly related to) Mojorover's story "The Salesman Always Rings Twice".

Image: Lead-Dog.GIF   417x600 36267 bytes 1999.08.09

Image: leonie.jpg   800x1123 165616 bytes 1998.01.08

Image: lice.jpg   800x1085 156411 bytes 1998.01.08

Image: Lingerie.jpg   445x759 45144 bytes 2002.04.05

A canine lady proudly shows off her latest purchases.

Image: Lingerie_Colour.jpg   445x759 49171 bytes 2002.04.05

A canine lady proudly shows off her latest purchases (colour version of B&W original, coloured with Micrographics Picture Publisher).

Image: Mandy_Fly_Me.jpg   800x505 70509 bytes 2008.12.28

"I'm Mandy - Fly Me"

"I've often heard her jingle\r\nIt's never struck a chord\r\nWith a smile as bright as sunshine\r\nShe called me through the poster\r\nAnd welcomed me aboard..."\r\n- "I'm Mandy, fly me", 10cc\r\n\r\nFinished off in the style of an airline advertising poster from the period where "jet-set" had real meaning, before clear plastic bags for on-board liquids, and when Douglas, Lockheed, Bristol and Vickers still made airliners :-P\r\n\r\nMandy's outfit was inspired by the old Air New Zealand stewardess uniform, and the airliner was produced from manipulating a photo in GIMP to make it sketch-like.

Image: maxine.gif   832x1165 24459 bytes 1996.08.31

Image: mayfurr.gif   609x839 34957 bytes 1996.08.31

Image: mirror.gif   824x1211 31387 bytes 1996.09.04

Image: msnovaya.gif   640x794 23150 bytes 1996.08.31

Image: Ngaio-Bodysuit.jpg   491x760 74201 bytes 2005.06.16

Meet Ngaio (NAI-oh), a canine femme in a leather bodysuit. Background in the style of the-artist-now-known-as Joseph Coyote. Coloured in GIMP.

Image: notagain.gif   605x815 25453 bytes 1997.01.13

Image: Old_Dog_2Turn_Tricks.gif   514x759 67867 bytes 2003.04.05

\r\nFrom the "Melbourne Age" website, 4 March.\r\n"An entrepreneur has applied for a licence to open a brothel in Berlin for sexually frustrated dogs. For 25 ($A45) for half an hour, the establishment would offer patrons a variety of carefully vetted "employees" and rooms for private encounters."\r\n\r\n"The Saprophyte" on a.f.f. suggested the headline and teaser - thanks for the inspiration!

Image: Outcall_to_Babylon_(Part1).jpg   519x760 86778 bytes 2008.12.28

Outcall to Babylon (Part 1)

Delilah, a "lady of negotiable affection", at the hotel room doorway of the client that has booked her "services" for the evening. But it appears that this is not her usual type of booking...\r\n\r\nConcluded in Outcall to Babylon Part 2.

Image: Outcall_to_Babylon_(Part2).jpg   518x760 101696 bytes 2008.12.28

Outcall to Babylon (Part 2)

Following on from "Outcall to Babylon (Part 1)", Delilah, a "lady of negotiable affection", discovers exactly what sort of sordid and depraved services her client intends her to perform this evening. Is this a step too far? :)\r\n\r\nInspired by news reports of a teenager in the US that "liberated" his father's credit card, booked two hookers for the evening, and - not knowing what to really do with them - got them to play video games with him and his mates for the evening. I've since read reports that suggest the story is apocryphal (or at least, wildly inaccurate), but the concept was sufficiently funny to try to illustrate!\r\n

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