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Image: Pamela_Christmas2005(toon).jpg   503x760 95423 bytes 2005.12.25

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...

Image: pecan1.jpg   534x790 181425 bytes 1997.09.26

Image: photosht.gif   816x1135 26865 bytes 1996.09.07

Image: physio.gif   624x824 36421 bytes 1996.10.15

Image: Psyker_vs_SuperCollie.jpg   1024x724 115026 bytes 2011.06.26

Alleyway Encounter - Psyker vs. Super Collie

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Image: remindme.gif   800x565 62178 bytes 1999.03.31

Image: rentour.jpg   559x800 70773 bytes 1998.07.22

Image: robsvxn.jpg   800x1131 138151 bytes 1998.01.08

Image: rosie.gif   609x823 29358 bytes 1996.09.21

Image: roxie-tk.jpg   357x600 53750 bytes 1999.04.09

Image: sacha.gif   609x839 18304 bytes 1996.09.07

Image: sailamy.gif   400x600 40174 bytes 1998.07.22

Image: SC-ANZAC_Day.gif   526x759 79617 bytes 2003.04.24

April 25 in Australia and New Zealand is ANZAC Day, a day of remembrance of those who gave their lives for their country. \r\n\r\n"Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives... You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore rest in peace. There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets to us, where they lie side by side here in this country of ours... You, the mothers, who sent their sons from far away countries, wipe away your tears; Your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace. After having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well."\r\n - Ataturk, founder of modern Turkey, on the ANZAC troops who landed at Gallipoli, Turkey in April, 1915\r\n

Image: SC-CaughtOnCameraColour.jpg   801x562 210095 bytes 2001.11.11

Super Collie caught in a rather unflattering (or flattering, depending upon your point of view :) ) pose by a tabloid reporter, as seen though the camera lens! From John Plunkett's story "Super Collie Adventures: On the Lamb".

Image: SC-Mermaid(colour).jpg   668x760 81935 bytes 2004.12.28

Colour version of Super Collie's nautical transformation. Coloured using GIMP.

Image: SC-Mermaid.jpg   668x760 72625 bytes 2004.11.05

Another Super Collie transformation, this time Our Heroine has been transformed into a mermaid! And by the look of it, she has just realised that in this form, certain private parts of her anatomy were suddenly placed in very public view... :)\r\n\r\nColour version to follow.

Image: SC-Pensive-Pose.jpg   548x760 78505 bytes 2004.10.16

Super Collie in a rather pensive moment - probably after just being told she has to wear traditional Japanese 'seifuku' sailor-suit costume while in Japan (from my story-in-progress "On Her Majesty's Shepherd Service"). Cultural briefings can be a real bitch!\r\n\r\nSuper Collie is the creation of John Plunkett and Terry Knight. Image coloured by The GIMP v2.0

Image: SC-World_Threat.jpg   545x759 73290 bytes 2003.04.05

Drawn before the outbreak of the second Gulf War.

Image: SC-World_Threat2(UN).jpg   643x760 144921 bytes 2005.09.25

More topical political commentary from Super Collie - when a certain superpower is accusing another country of developing nuclear weapons, it's not a good look when the said accusing superpower is trying to develop *more* nukes of its own at the same time...\r\n\r\nThe UN Headquarters background for this is the original concept I had for the first "Super Collie - World Threat?" picture, which I couldn't do at the time due to lack of references. I was thinking of doing a straight photo background, but decided in the end to use the photo as a reference for a more cartoony (and therefore consistent) effect. \r\nThe line about smelling the uranium is based on a quote from David Lange, a former New Zealand Prime Minister who presided over establishing New Zealand's nuclear-free laws in the 1908s.

Image: SC-WorldOfConfusion1.jpg   801x544 164435 bytes 2001.11.16

Latest picture from the old drawing board - inspired by "the war on terror" and the Genesis song "Land of Confusion". While the latter item of inspiration was written in the middle of the Cold War, since September 11 et al it has taken on a similar significance. Even super-heroines like Super Collie must feel swamped sometimes with all the troubles of the world...\r\n

Image: SC_Alley_Confrontation.jpg   615x900 71560 bytes 2011.06.26

"Got you!"

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Image: SC_Avenging_Angel.jpg   636x900 132310 bytes 2011.06.26

Avenging Angel

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Image: SC_New-Outfit.jpg   501x760 66505 bytes 2007.01.13

A new outfit for Super Collie?

Super Collie contemplates a less revealing one-piece superheroine outfit, though she doesn't seem quite so comfortable with it. However, this costume might be slightly more suitable for cold winters...\r\n\r\nDrawn after watching a few too many episodes of "Justice League Unlimited" on Cartoon Network and realising that most super-heroines are showing *far* less flesh than Super Collie. So I wondered, what would a more typical outfit look like?\r\nThink I'll stick with her bikini costume though as she's obviously got used to it, though this one might be useful if she has to traverse more conservative places (like Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and the American 'Bible Belt') in her travels!\r\n\r\nInked with a combination of technical pen and brush-pen.

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Image: SCA-Cymbeline-TePapa.gif   549x759 103248 bytes 2001.05.28

"Cymbeline at Te Papa" ("Super Collie Adventures: Dark Shadows") Dr Cymbeline Lathasar, recently-arrived Egyptologist in residence at Te Papa (the New Zealand National Museum) is about to make a terrifying discovery...

Image: SCA-KremminSamson.gif   507x699 56786 bytes 2001.05.28

"Inspector Samson and Constable Kremmin" \r\nArtist impression of Inspector Samson and Constable Kremmin, two of Wellington's finest from "Super Collie Adventures: Dark Shadows" (written by John Plunkett). \r\n\r\n

Image: SCA-OHMSS_Hentai_Encounter1.jpg   523x759 99649 bytes 2003.04.07

A transformed Super Collie readies herself to battle a Japanese hentai beast - but it looks like the monster might have the drop on her! This is a scene from the in-progress story "Super Collie Adventures: On Her Majesty's Shepherd Service."

Image: SCA-SuperCollieSky-Tower.gif   438x600 98467 bytes 2001.05.28

"Sky Tower" ("Super Collie Adventures: Dark Shadows") \r\nSuper Collie steps out onto the heights of the Auckland Sky Tower to confront the evil Daughter Night.

Image: SCA-ZalikaNews.jpg   801x583 86769 bytes 2001.05.28

"Live from Downtown Wellington!" (from "Super Collie Adventures: Dark Shadows" by John Plunkett) \r\n\r\nZalika, also known as Daughter Night, has a difference of opinion with a television journalist...

Image: SCA_Katana_Strike.jpg   515x759 90788 bytes 2002.09.10

An illustration for John Plunkett's story "Super Collie Adventures: Dark Designs". Super Collie confronts a possessed Japanese guardian statue that is hot on the heels of the resurrected Daughter Night - but the statue isn't too concerned with whatever gets in the way of its mission!

Image: SCA_TAGD-Comic-Cover.jpg   527x759 111541 bytes 2003.04.15

Notional comic book cover for a proposed Super Collie story "Through A Glass Darkly", which will feature the introduction of Bronwyn Morgan-Jones (aka "Dark Collie") as Super Collie's opposite number. But how different ARE Esmerelda and Bronwyn - and who is to say one couldn't be the other?\r\n\r\n"Letteromatic" font is my friend! :)

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