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Image: BlueBunny.jpg   252x504 26178 bytes 2005.01.20

Though I'm currently a huskydawg, I did carry the nickname of "Benny The Bunny" or "Broken Bunny" for many years. I suppose this drawing is my alter ego with some extra attention to the butt.

Image: chilipepper.gif   473x362 54295 bytes 2005.01.20

Another picture of my dear, sweet coyote whom I love so very much. He likes spicy food and could survive on peppers and coffee. I'm not sure if he'd enjoy a pepper under the tail, but he sure looks happy.

Image: FoxLove.jpg   468x355 42941 bytes 2005.02.20

This is a picture I did way back in 2001 of a moment of pleasure that year. I still really enjoy this one. It started as a pencil sketch, but this is felt tip pen on vellum.

Image: Ghruenvaldt.jpg   432x932 71716 bytes 2005.02.20

Masochism interests me and this drawing is really all about that. It's based on the character of a friend of mine, and influenced by religous paintings. It's twisted and strange, I know, blah. What would be the point if it wasn't?

Image: GraniteBadge.jpg   360x411 43396 bytes 2005.01.20

Here is the badge I made for my mate to be worn at Further Confusion 2004. I have a problem of going a little far with the detail on an image that is going to be printed on a 4 by 5" laminated card, but he's so kyoot. Look at the ears!

Image: Hmmm.jpg   342x374 50548 bytes 2005.02.21

This is a little cartoon image I made while living at my previous appartment with three roomates at one time. I walked into the kitchen to find an open can on the floor. It was confusing, I grumbled, then did as we all did for a week or so, left the can on the floor and walked around it. The mousey in the bunny slippers is definately inspired by one roomate in particular, except he was much cuter when he was angry.

Image: PandaZ.jpg   360x509 98172 bytes 2005.02.20

This was a Father's day card I had made in 2004. I was teaching how to draw seascapes, and my mate had given me a gift of a Japanese robot toy called Panda Z. The result is crazyness.

Image: RoughRide.jpg   576x467 70588 bytes 2005.02.24

Horsey buttsex....ahh how wonderful :) Another picture from 2001 of an experience I had that became a furry drawing. He was athletic, energetic, well hung, and topped like a jackhammer. Me, on the other hand, just had to bite the pillow as the saying goes and wait for him to cum.

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