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Image: Alca-Bday-pic2.JPG   400x555 54031 bytes 2006.04.26

Here is a birthday present i made for my good bud alca ^_^\r\n

Image: butt.jpg   900x571 44614 bytes 2006.11.22

my butt <3

Image: dalyth.gif   338x450 29980 bytes 2006.02.26

picture for my friend dalyth, shi said this was on hir mind so i drew it for hir ^^\r\n\r\nTiel © Tiel\r\ndalyth © hir player

Image: draphin-dion.jpg   600x807 86929 bytes 2006.11.22

A little gift i conjoured up fro a wise dragon named draphin, one of the first people i met when i came to sl and he helped me out alot.

Image: kitsune-sketch.jpg   350x435 19745 bytes 2006.02.28

Just a little sketch i did of my freind sian, she isnt a furry but i drew her this anyway :)

Image: maw-shot.jpg   700x576 47759 bytes 2006.11.22

my mouth :3 just a practice piece

Image: rix.jpg   500x643 32503 bytes 2006.05.10

An old character of mine named rix, i had a big thing for yoshis at one point bur preferd something a little more realistic ao i developed my own style of yoshi and here is the yoshi me ^_^\r\n\r\nRix©Tiel2006

Image: Sela-Geira.jpg   500x537 47665 bytes 2006.03.07

A picture of sela giera and one of the first requests i really started although i'll admit shi didnt ask me to draw her in the first place ^_^; but she was happy for me to go on, made frinds ^^ and yes she is a yoshi, drawn in my own spcial anthro yoshi style :)

Image: sela-marine-1.jpg   250x483 17872 bytes 2006.03.25

Sela giera modeling a suit of space marine armour, (c)gamesworkshop.\r\n\r\nI wasnt gonna put this one up seeing as it's modtly a concept sketch but who am i to argue with a yoshi :)

Image: sela-marine-2.jpg   270x487 19983 bytes 2006.03.25

The second of my sela in space marine armour (c)gamesworkshop \r\n\r\nshi has a thing for the gamesworkshop universe and i do so love getting a chance to draw that armour ^^

Image: tiel-+-zegun-cuddle.jpg   600x339 21008 bytes 2006.03.21

This ones for zegun ^,=,^ Tiels furcadian sister!\r\nim sorry it took so long zeeg *hugs*

Image: Tiel-and-phoenix-guns.jpg   600x577 96948 bytes 2006.04.30

^,=,^ heres a joint work between myself and PhoenixGhost, he drew the origional picture and i thought... why not have some fun and i color it, so i did ^^ and here we are with our guns :D

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